Upcoming Shows

Date Venue City Time Notes Tickets
12/05/15Revolution HallPortland, OR7:30pmLive Wire Radio Show Appearance! Live taping!Buy Tickets
12/08/15The FunhouseSeattle, WA9:00pmBuy Tickets
12/09/15Analog Cafe & TheaterPortland, OR8:00pmBuy Tickets
12/10/15The BorealEugene, OR 7:30pm$8 at the door
12/11/15GX3: Everyone GamesSan Jose, CA8:00pmConvention Performance!Buy Tickets
12/13/15The Crepe PlaceSanta Cruz, CA9:00pm$10 at the doorBuy Tickets
12/14/15Avalon Comics and GamesSanta Barbara, CA7:00pm$10 suggested cover at the door
12/15/15Genghis CohenLos Angeles, CA8:30pmBuy Tickets
12/18/15Star TheaterPortland, OR7:00pmPerformance at PGC3 Winter Formal. $15
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Booking the Doubleclicks:

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Conventions/venues/businesses:  E-mail leftclick@thedoubleclicks.com with information. Our schedule is pretty full right now for the year, but check our calendar (above) and drop us a message, and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Comic/game store owners: We have a whole FAQ page for comic and game store owners interested in hosting concerts! Read that & e-mail us!

Previous shows are listed on the show archive.