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Date Venue City Time Notes Tickets
09/21/14Rose City Comic-Con at the Oregon Convention CenterPortland, ORTBDConvention Concert!Buy Tickets
09/25/14The Public House TheaterChicago, IL7:00pm$15 w/CARDS AGAINST HUMANITYBuy Tickets
09/26/1442 LoungeMilwaukee, WI9:00pm$5 at the door
09/27/14Pegasus GamesMadison, WI7:30pm$10 tickets
09/28/14Get Your Game OnAnn Arbor, MI7:00pm$5 suggested, game store show
09/29/14Silver SnailToronto, Ontario7:00pm$5, comic shop show
10/01/14ComicaziSomerville, MA7:00pm$8 Buy Tickets
10/02/14Modern MythsNorthampton, MA7:00pm$5 game store show
10/03/14The Way StationBrooklyn, NY9:00pm$5 suggested donation, bar show
10/04/14Hoffman Auditorium at University of Saint JosephWest Hartford, CT8:00pm$15 tickets available now. Open to the public!Buy Tickets
10/05/14Melodies CafeArdmore, PA7:00pmBuy Tickets
10/06/14Jammin' JavaVienna, VA7:30pmTickets $12, available nowBuy Tickets
10/07/14GeeksboroGreensboro, NC8:30pm
10/09/14Indy Reads BooksIndianapolis, IN7:00pm$8 at the door
10/11/14GeekGirlCon at Washington Convention CenterSeattle, WATBDBuy Tickets
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Booking the Doubleclicks:

Fans: Should we play in your town? Tell us where to go by filling out this form!

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Conventions/venues/businesses:  E-mail with information. Our schedule is pretty full right now for the year, but check our calendar (above) and drop us a message, and we’ll see if we can make it happen!

Comic/game store owners: We have a whole FAQ page for comic and game store owners interested in hosting concerts! Read that & e-mail us!

If you’d like to host a house show: read the House concert FAQ & send us an e-mail: with the name of your city in the subject line.

Previous shows are listed on the show archive.

19 thoughts on “Shows: click on the city for details

  1. Wil (No, not Wheaton, but that is my real name. I have been waiting for a cute geek girl to say, "One L as is Wil Wheaton? Wesley Crusher was cool.") on said:

    I discovered your music thanks to YouTube and I love it. I was abroad (Africa) with a terrible Internet connection and missed so much of Geek culture during those years. I am still abroad (Asia), but thankfully I am able to easy download. Thank you so much for singing our anthems!

  2. Hi Doubleclicks! I just found out from my nerdfighter friend that you guys are doing some shows in Portland, but you’re not doing shows on nights that I’m able to come out and see the shows because I’m in classes or ushering for my university’s plays… you should totally come and do more portland shows and hopefully I can make one or all of them (also, it’s really hard not to make some stalker joke here ever since i heard your song about it)
    your fan,

  3. I say come through Springfield, MO after Lawrence or Kansas City, since it’s on the way to Arkansas. There are plenty of little venues in Springfield to support some of the nerdier bands. Also, yay Doubleclicks!!!

  4. I noticed that you only seem to be touring the States. Have you considered coming to the UK, perhaps for the Edinburgh Fringe? I think that your music would be good match for the Fringe festival and it’s way awesome, we have castles and dungeons, but no dragons unfortunately.

    • Indeed! we’re not quite sure when we will be scheduled, but we are super excited for the orlando nerd fest!

  5. I’m crossing my fingers that you guys’ll be home in PDX in October and playing a show. I’m on vacation there with my bestie and our husbandbeasts and that’d be the most amazing coincidence. So, try to be home second week in Oct, eh? ;) LOL.

  6. It is great that you will be in Phoenix, but the location sucks (for me), and its on a weeknight…. Phoenix is quite big, and one corner of Phoenix can be an hour’s drive from the other corner (In my case, assuming no traffic delays, the Glendale location is just over a 40 min drive each way). Hrmmm.. Ugh.

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