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New Song: Möbius

The political climate is extremely frustrating right now, and the amount of hate and fear that is in this election, in our country, on the internet, in the world—is hitting us all. It’s a frustrating moment, because a lot of the hate, the partisanship, is coming from a clear place of hurt and fear.

When you think about it, there aren’t really two different sides to the story, there’s just the one—we’ve all been hurt, we all have fears, and we are trying to get by.

Sometimes we carry that hurt along with us for decades, through our lives, and then we hurt someone…. and they want to hurt someone… it’s never-ending. It’s never-changing. And if we don’t try to forgive, to process, and to pass on love instead of hate, hope instead of cynicism, we just get one long line of “paying-it-forward-as-we-got-it.” A Möbius strip of hate.

That is what this song’s about. I try to be hopeful. I believe we can love people, even if we don’t agree. We MUST try to empathize—with everyone.

We love you!

Bonus: learn about the fascinating mathematical properties of the Möbius strip with our own adorable Möbius strip worksheet, created by artist Natalie Metzger and math educator/YouTuber Rich Malena exclusively for us and for Kickstarter Election Issues!