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Happy Thanksgiving from the Doubleclicks!

It’s Thanksgiving (or, as we encourage you to celebrate instead, Wizardsgiving, a holiday based on a better history). For us, it’s a time to gather with family, to think about the year, and give thanks for what we have.

This is feeling pretty important this year, as we seem to be losing lots, and we need to focus on giving, listening, and loving one another.

We are thankful for all of you, for our friends who make music with us, for our friends who let us make music, games, comedy, podcasts, and art with them. For the opportunity to play music across the world and on the Internet.  We wrote this thank you song a few years ago and we’re feeling it pretty hard right now:

I’ve got the sun shining today, and I have shades to make the sunlight go away
I have friends near far and wide, and I’ve got internet so I don’t have to go outside
It’s tough, there are lows—there are times when life just blows
But at some point you realize, that it’s ok to compartmentalize
Once in a while and say—
Thank You! Seriously, Thank You!
I never thought that I knew
People who would selflessly support each other
And make life so breezy
I know this is cheesy,
And I’ll go back to being snarky someday
But I wanna say
Thank You
My family and friends
Thank You
For sharing your smiles
And taking awhile
To make a connection that actually counts
Thank You!

We hope you have a wonderful time this day, this week, and always. If you would like for us to join you, please feel free to put on this video of this month’s livestream show! It’s like we’re doing a concert right in your home!

Thank you, loves!