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Lasers and Feelings Is Almost Sold Out!

lasers and feelings

Physical media! Some people love it! Do YOU? Are you collecting our CDs for some reason? Do you have awesome friends and loved ones who appreciate thoughtful presents? We have a suggestion/warning: we are down to our last handful of copies of our 2013 album Lasers and Feelings, and you can buy one now before they’re gone!

We have a lot of feelings about Lasers and Feelings–it has many of our best-loved songs on it, like “Nothing to Prove,” “The Guy Who Yelled Freebird,” and this little ditty, below:

Find The Last Few Copies Of Lasers and Feelings Here:

Of course if physical CDs aren’t your thing, you can always find us on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, and most places where music exists!

Love to you!