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Find the Doubleclicks’ Latest Interviews & Links!

Doubleclicks JoCo Cruise 2017Hello from JoCo Cruise 2017! If you’re wondering how it’s going, we included a pic of us with Molly Lewis, above. Let’s just say it’s been the latest in a series of amazing adventures over the past few weeks–including the launch of the Kickstarter for our latest album, Love Problems, which ends March 13! Make sure to check out our rad rewards!

We’ve had a fantastic time promoting our new album and launching a couple new videos along the way–read all about them:

The Math of You: In Episode 025, Lucas Brown welcomes Aubrey to the show to chat about the Beatles’ Rubber Soul and Sesame Street‘s Telly. Plus: secrets of the banana costume! Plus plus: Lucas created a custom cocktail for Aubrey called The Word, which sounds amazing. Someone please make this and enjoy it at home.

Break the Business: We guested on Episode 75 to talk about our unique and lovely fan base, how to diversify revenue streams (do not cross the streams, jk!), and effective crowdfunding.

The Mary Sue: Jessica Lachenal debuted our latest video, “Now Is the Time,” based on Kayla Cagan’s upcoming YA novel from Chronicle Books, Piper Perish. (PS: check out our podcast, You Should Write a Song About That, in which we interview Kayla!)

Promoting Secular Feminism: Host Ms. Bea Haven featured our other new song, “Women Know Math,” and interviewed us about the evolution of the Doubleclicks, feminism, gender roles, and more!

Bitch Media: Katie Presley wrote that “Women Know Math” is a “sweet celebration of a song” and that we “write and sing songs that are as direct and relatable as a long phone call to your best friend.” Which is pretty rad.

GeekDad: Jonathan H. Liu posted a nice writeup of our Kickstarter!

Antemortem Arts: Artist Amy Crook is offering “I Am Not Here to Please You,” her original piece for “Women Know Math,” for sale!

Thanks again to everyone who backed our Kickstarter and shared our music and videos. We’re so excited to have raised more than $50,000 and are ready to make more cool stuff for you!

Find Doubleclicks Interviews & More–With Drinks!

The Exquisite Dead Guy: tequila, mandarin juice, sweet ’n’ sour, and Cointreau!

The launch of our Kickstarter for our upcoming album, Love Problems, has given us the opportunity to talk with all kinds of rad podcasts–and our newest video, “Women Know Math,” has been featured on a lot of cool sites, too! Here’s where you can find our videos and interviews this month, including two Doubleclicks-themed cocktails!

The Math of You: In Episode 024, Angela and host Lucas Brown discuss They Might Be Giants and American Girl dolls. Plus! Lucas created a signature cocktail for her called the Exquisite Dead Guy. If you make it at your next party send us a picture!

Also: in Episode 025, which will go live March 1, Aubrey joins the fun to talk about the Beatles’ Rubber Soul. Her cocktail? You’ll have to wait and see!

Beyond the Playlist With JHammondC: Host Hammond Chamberlain chats with us about our work, how we got started, our writing process, and more!

MBSing: In Episode 193, we join host Mary Beth Smith to talk about our favorite comedy duos–which include Fozzie and Kermit and R2-D2 and C-3PO, of course.

The Mary Sue: Teresa Jusino did an in-depth interview with Angela about “Women Know Math” and why gender is an “everything problem.”

The Unheard Nerd: Will Harrison wrote a great feature on “Women Know Math” and our Kickstarter–check it out!

Geek & Sundry: Teri Litorco did a wonderful feature on our latest video, “Women Know Math,” and our Kickstarter! She included “Lord of the Rings,” too.

Comicon: Comicon wrote an insightful review of “Women Know Math” and talked about our cool Kickstarter rewards!

FEMMUSIC: We are so excited to see”Women Know Math” featured here!

Thank you to everyone who wrote about us, interviewed us, or shared our video and Kickstarter! We funded Love Problems in just two days (we broke $43,000 yesterday!) and have added some amazing stretch goals: be sure to check it out now.




We Made A Doubleclicks Fiasco Playset!


What is this? The Museum is a FIASCO PLAYSET based on the songs of the Doubleclicks! Now, you can play a fun tabletop role playing game and tell a fun story in the world of Doubleclicks songs–specifically, set in a wacky museum with Dimetrodons, Velociraptors, super villains, and more!

The playset was written by me (Angela) and Richard Malena, co-hosts of the Gosh Darn Fiasco podcast. It was edited by the amazing and brilliant Will Hindmarch (who really nailed this) and art is by the delightful and talented Matthew Bogart!

Download the playset at BULLY PULPIT GAMES for free!

And LISTEN to us play a game using this playset on our podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco!

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New Song: Möbius

The political climate is extremely frustrating right now, and the amount of hate and fear that is in this election, in our country, on the internet, in the world—is hitting us all. It’s a frustrating moment, because a lot of the hate, the partisanship, is coming from a clear place of hurt and fear.

When you think about it, there aren’t really two different sides to the story, there’s just the one—we’ve all been hurt, we all have fears, and we are trying to get by.

Sometimes we carry that hurt along with us for decades, through our lives, and then we hurt someone…. and they want to hurt someone… it’s never-ending. It’s never-changing. And if we don’t try to forgive, to process, and to pass on love instead of hate, hope instead of cynicism, we just get one long line of “paying-it-forward-as-we-got-it.” A Möbius strip of hate.

That is what this song’s about. I try to be hopeful. I believe we can love people, even if we don’t agree. We MUST try to empathize—with everyone.

We love you!

Bonus: learn about the fascinating mathematical properties of the Möbius strip with our own adorable Möbius strip worksheet, created by artist Natalie Metzger and math educator/YouTuber Rich Malena exclusively for us and for Kickstarter Election Issues!


One weird trick for a successful kickstarter project

Here is our big Kickstarter advice and lessons post! I am writing this for two reasons: (1) We get a lot of email requests for Kickstarter advice, so I am writing this piece to have one big article to link to when we get those messages, and (2) I did a lot of research and work on the Kickstarter, and I want to write down the things I learned, because then it feels DOUBLE WORTH IT. This post may not apply to the general Doubleclicks follower, but perhaps some of you are talented musicians and comedians and authors in the early stages of Kickstarter madness and are desperately seeking advice because you feel so alone and stupid and lost—I remember this feeling well. Maybe we can help!

We used photoshop poorly many times during our Kickstarter!
We used photoshop poorly many times during our Kickstarter, and this is an example!

For those who don’t know us: We are a band called the Doubleclicks, and in February of this year we raised $80,000 on Kickstarter to make an album (and thanks for stretch goal insanity, a lot of other things as well.) You can see our Kickstarter project here. Yes, it went very well. People ask us if we were surprised or overwhelmed by the response. We weren’t, really—mostly we are THANKFUL. We are SO VERY INCREDIBLY ENDLESSLY THANKFUL to the people who supported the project, who make it possible for us to pursue music full-time and work on things we’re passionate about. The reception that our fans gave the campaign was amazing and gave us lots of wonderful good feelings. I don’t really know what made people so generous toward us, but I try not to think about it too hard. Mostly we just try to work to deserve the support our amazing listeners give us. We worked real hard and were prepared for the campaign in the abstract, with numbers and plans and orders and timelines, so we weren’t too overwhelmed by the numbers when they happened. But the feeling of “Wow, people want to support us pursuing our dream”—that was something that we couldn’t really prepare for. People are awesome sometimes.

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