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“Portland is home to the charming and prolific geek-folk duo the Doubleclicks. Made up of of sisters Angela Webber (guitar and ukulele) and Aubrey Webber (cello), the Doubleclicks write songs that will make you laugh without leaning on parody and vulgarity. Songs like “Cats at Parties” will have you beaming while also addressing the real struggle of overcoming social anxiety. Meanwhile, a heartfelt touring song like “Coming Home to You” finds more common ground with the Mountain Goats than it does with Weird Al or Tenacious D, yet it still kicks off with a Dungeons & Dragons reference and manages to sneak in an all-too-relatable reference to dinner at Chipotle. It’s traits like these that make the Doubleclicks undisputable geniuses, and a rare treasure in the world of musical comedy acts.” — Portland Mercury, 2016

Best-Of and Recent:






  • Geekie Nominated (2014, Nothing to Prove)
  • Logan Award Nominated (2014: The Guy Who Yelled Freebird & Nothing to Prove)

This interview/performance video by 4GeeksMedia is pretty excellent: