Frequently Wondered Questions: Patreon

We just launched a Patreon campaign to fund the Doubleclicks’ new projects! Here is an FAQ for that project!

Don’t you still have stuff to finish for the kickstarter? Why should I crowdfund for you AGAIN?

Yes! Though our rewards are all fulfilled, there are things remaining in our Kickstarter-funded list of projects: a few months of Monthly Song Monday, a few livestream shows, and a brand-new kids EP about strong female characters. Those things are coming! If you feel like we’re double-dipping on our crowdfunding efforts, you can totally chill on backing us on Patreon until April, when all our videos that are technically part of the Kickstarter are over. If you’re a Song Vault backer from the Kickstarter, you’ll still get free downloads of everything that you paid for. The Patreon is a chance for us to open up our behind-the-scenes stuff to more people, and to get more projects’ wheels moving.

The music video you just made was STUPID. I don’t want to pay for it.

We understand! We like putting up lots of things, and some of them are terrible! That is what we do! Thankfully, you actually can cancel a pledge for a specific song/video by managing your pledges in your account. If you cancel by the end of the month, you won’t be charged. We’ll miss you, but we understand!

Please let us know what you’re wondering in comments below or in an email! We want to know how to help you! Thanks!

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