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Photo by Joe Barron of http://liberateddissonance.blogspot.com/
Photo by Joe Barron

The Doubleclicks, also known as Angela and Aubrey Webber, are a pair of sisters from Portland, Oregon who write songs that are snarky, geeky and sweet.

If you’re new to the Doubleclicks, we suggest you start with their first album (stream it for for free!) or by watching some YouTube videos.

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“It’s no secret, we love The Doubleclicks” – i09

“Our favorite nerdrocking cello heroes” – BoingBoing

“Everyone with a heart should find something to love in the Doubleclicks” – Portland Mercury

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doubleclicks-album-art-final web copy The Doubleclicks’ latest album DIMETRODON includes: Wonder Woman, an ode to prehistoric reptiles, a love song about a burrito, and at least 5 minutes worth of music about staying home to binge-watch Netflix with your cat.

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