Make your own Mad Lib Song!

I sat down with the Very Fun nerd parody band “The Library Bards” the other day and we wrote a song together!

This song is based on a “Mad Lib Song” we wrote (first for Periscope, and then for concerts) and we’ve been playing it around on tour! It’s very fun to write a new song that is infused with the personality of the audience of a show.

And here’s awesome news… you can now make your own! Doubleclicks Patreon backer John May made an interactive google form where you can enter all of the words and generate a song—complete with chords, so you can play it if you know how to play an instrument!

Check out the “Doubleclicks Instant Songwriting” page here, and please share your final song with us!! Send it to us on Twitter (@thedoubleclicks, hashtag #madlibsong), post it in our fan Facebook group, or leave a comment right here on the blog!



Great shows & tour coming up!

We have booked some great live shows coming up at some of our favorite venues, and tickets are now available! Let me tell you about it!

Tuesday, July 18: ONLINE SHOW!

#DoubleclicksLive is a free online show the Doubleclicks host on our youtube channel! Put on your favorite pants, put on your headphones and join the Doubleclicks as they play music, and join in on the fun in the chat! The show is Tuesday, July 18 at 4pm PST/ 7pm EST / 12am London/ 9am Sydney, AUS. Tune in at! RSVP/request songs on the Facebook event page!

Mon, July 17: Portland, OR at Siren Theater w/ Danielle Ate The Sandwich

Danielle helped us produce our latest album Love Problems, and so I am especially excited to do this gig with her! We’ll each be playing solo sets but I’m hoping to do some awesome collaborative stuff as well, since she did some amazing stuff to our new songs. TICKETS $10 | RSVP on Facebook

Friday, Aug 25: Phoenixville, PA (near Philly) at Steel City

This is a lovely, all-ages Philadelphia-area venue with dinner and general delightfulness. We’ll be playing a great evening of music! TICKETS $12 online/$15 at the door | RSVP on Facebook

Sat, Aug 26: Somerville, MA (Boston Area) at Thunder Road

This show was one of our faves last year, AND it sold out, so get on it! TICKETS $12/$15 | RSVP on Facebook

Sun, Aug 27: Vienna, VA (DC area) at Jammin Java

Jammin Java is the best! This show will include an opening set by Danielle Ate The Sandwich, who helped produce our new album—so expect some new and fabulous and unique collaborations! TICKETS $15 | RSVP on Facebook

Mon, Aug 28: Brooklyn, NY at the Bell House

The Bell House is an incredible venue in Brooklyn, and this show will be incredible to match—in addition to a full set from us with songs from the new album, there will be music from Danielle Ate The Sandwich, and a reading from awesome special guest writer/podcaster Jay Edidin!  TICKETS $12/$15 | RSVP on Facebook


We’ll also be at Gen Con (our concert is sold out there, but you can come to our Fiasco show) and PAX West (details to be announced!)

New Wonder Woman Music Video

We love Wonder Woman and she represents a lot for us. When we wrote this song back in 2013, the Wonder Woman movie wasn’t yet on the books. We were seeing lots of the same type of hero on the silver screen, being rebooted over and over again while women were ignored and left to minimal, narrow, flat roles in this ‘geek powerhouse’ genre.

Now that the Wonder Woman movie is coming out, we wanted to celebrate! To us, having a woman director on a woman-led Wonder Woman movie is a small but incredible step towards embracing heroes and representation of all kinds. There isn’t just one way that a hero looks, or a hero acts, or a hero shows strength.

In this video, we asked the Internet to show us all of the different ways that “strength” manifests. It’s not just physical power—it’s perseverance, it’s ingenuity, it’s science, it’s music… it’s so much. We really love how this video turned out!

Watch the video here:

Be in our next video—what makes you a superhero?

What makes you a superhero?

Hello all!

I’ve been feeling pretty negative recently. Personally, politically, anxiety… it’s filling my head and world with negative thoughts. But I’d like to turn that around. There are a million messages we get all the time that say we should be hopeless. That we can’t. Those voices are outside and inside. BUT – they’re wrong. This is a thing I remember when a friend of mine needs help. She’s amazing. She’s wonderful. But the voices in her head tell her that she isn’t.

So let’s get some AFFIRMATIONS going. Talk to yourself like you would to a friend. Tell yourself that you are worth it. That you have a bunch of amazing qualities. That you are your own Wonder Woman. And then use that positive energy to change the world.

We want to make a new video for our song “Wonder” (in part to celebrate the new Wonder Woman movie, yes, but we are not affiliated with/sponsored by them!)—and we’d like YOU to help, with those affirmations! Specifically, we are looking for folks/families/groups of all genders and ages to take a short video of themselves with a sign that tells us what makes you a superhero!

We will select as many as we can of your submissions to put into our official music video for the song!

Here are some examples (NOTE: these are photos. We need VIDEOS, but the same framing as these would be great!)

“I am wonderful” “I am awe-inspiring” “I am brilliant” “I am loved/loving/lovable” “I am powerful”…. stuff like that. “I’m not a quitter.” “I remember my friends’ birthdays” Maybe dig deep and find something that it’s hard to tell yourself. Something that you sometimes forget to appreciate.

DEADLINE: Tuesday, May 23 at midnight. The end.
Step 1: Send video to:
Step 2: Fill out the release/credits form! We can’t use your video unless you fill out the form.


Your video should have:

  • YOU (or your kids, or your friends, or family – but everyone should know what’s happening and be ok with this video being public and on the Internet!)
  • A visible/legible sign with something positive about yourself!”I am wonderful” “I am awe-inspiring” “I am brilliant” “I am loved/loving/lovable” “I am powerful”…. stuff like that.
  • If you have cosplay or relevant props – Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, or anything else… yes, please wear it!
  • The subject/person should be close to the camera, the text should be big, bold, and legible. Use a thick/heavy marker, please!
  • You can move in the video, a little bit! Give us a smile, a thumbs-up, or some other thematically-appropriate gesture. But please keep it short, each video will only be in for a couple of seconds.
  • Please keep it kid-safe! No swears or adult content, this will be shown to young ones!
  • 5-10 seconds of video, with the camera sitting still and pointing toward you. You’ll need to run your camera a little longer than you think.
  • video format: .mov, .mp4, .avi are all good. We can’t use .mpg. You can definitely take the video on your phone, but please don’t compress the video to something tiny and grainy. You should send the biggest file your phone makes. If you film on a DSLR or some other fancy camera, feel free to compress down to 1080p or 720p, we don’t need your giant files!
  • The final video will look like “Nothing to Prove,” so feel free to take inspiration from there for composition!
  • Note: depending on how many people submit, we may not be able to fit everyone in. We’ll be selecting for diversity and easy-to-watch footage.
  • Send your video as an attachment, send as google drive, send a link to a file on Dropbox (please don’t add us to shared folders), or if you know another service, use that!
  • Lastly, PLEASE hold your camera horizontally. We do NOT want vertical videos. Here’s a handy graphic:

Ok loves, thank you so much for considering being a part of this!!

Doubleclicks Records signs the PDX Broadsides!

The PDX Broadsides

Hello everyone—Angela here. I am very excited to announce the newest addition to the Doubleclicks Records family: The PDX Broadsides!

The PDX Broadsides have signed with Doubleclicks Records for their next album project: Trust Issues, and we are thrilled to be able to work with these talented musicians to make their next album their biggest and best ever.

We created Doubleclicks Records as a way to help other bands create successful music careers on the Internet. The Doubleclicks have found great success on Kickstarter, Patreon, and more over the past six years. Not only is our album funding crowdsourced, so is our tour planning, our promotions, and many of our videos! The Internet provides a variety of opportunities for bands to connect directly with their audiences in ways that weren’t possible before, and we have benefited from many of them. Doubleclicks Records is a way to share that knowledge and experience with other artists.

The PDX Broadsides are a Portland-based nerd band whose tight harmonies, inventive and fun song ideas and catchy tunes have made them a huge hit in the Northwest nerd scene over the last few years. Their last album, Something’s Rotten, has some of my favorite tunes—including “Smile,” a song about street harassment, a song so true and so funny that it hurts. The forthcoming album, Trust Issues, is about things that scare the Broadsides, and also invites listeners into the worlds of Westworld, Nightvale, Star Wars, and more. My favorite single is “We Want Rey,” a song about representation in media (based on the “Where’s Rey?” toy controversy!)

The PDX Broadsides album is on Kickstarter right now. We’re managing the campaign, which hit its goal in its first day and is well on its way toward achieving some fantastic stretch goals. The project has already hit the front page of “what’s trending” in Kickstarter music and has been lauded as a “Project We Love” by the platform.  The project will run until May 11!

Doubleclicks Records also manages singer-songwriter Lucia Fasano, whose debut album was funded by a Kickstarter campaign last fall. The Doubleclicks Records-managed campaign raised over 200% of its goal, and allowed Lucia to create a music video and go on tour in addition to releasing her album, Radio Silence!

Welcome to the label, PDX Broadsides! We are thrilled to have you. And everyone else: check out the campaign!

If you’d like to contact Doubleclicks Records (for media or consulting): please get in touch with me!

Find the Doubleclicks’ Latest Interviews & Links!

Doubleclicks JoCo Cruise 2017Hello from JoCo Cruise 2017! If you’re wondering how it’s going, we included a pic of us with Molly Lewis, above. Let’s just say it’s been the latest in a series of amazing adventures over the past few weeks–including the launch of the Kickstarter for our latest album, Love Problems, which ends March 13! Make sure to check out our rad rewards!

We’ve had a fantastic time promoting our new album and launching a couple new videos along the way–read all about them:

The Math of You: In Episode 025, Lucas Brown welcomes Aubrey to the show to chat about the Beatles’ Rubber Soul and Sesame Street‘s Telly. Plus: secrets of the banana costume! Plus plus: Lucas created a custom cocktail for Aubrey called The Word, which sounds amazing. Someone please make this and enjoy it at home.

Break the Business: We guested on Episode 75 to talk about our unique and lovely fan base, how to diversify revenue streams (do not cross the streams, jk!), and effective crowdfunding.

The Mary Sue: Jessica Lachenal debuted our latest video, “Now Is the Time,” based on Kayla Cagan’s upcoming YA novel from Chronicle Books, Piper Perish. (PS: check out our podcast, You Should Write a Song About That, in which we interview Kayla!)

Promoting Secular Feminism: Host Ms. Bea Haven featured our other new song, “Women Know Math,” and interviewed us about the evolution of the Doubleclicks, feminism, gender roles, and more!

Bitch Media: Katie Presley wrote that “Women Know Math” is a “sweet celebration of a song” and that we “write and sing songs that are as direct and relatable as a long phone call to your best friend.” Which is pretty rad.

GeekDad: Jonathan H. Liu posted a nice writeup of our Kickstarter!

Antemortem Arts: Artist Amy Crook is offering “I Am Not Here to Please You,” her original piece for “Women Know Math,” for sale!

Thanks again to everyone who backed our Kickstarter and shared our music and videos. We’re so excited to have raised more than $50,000 and are ready to make more cool stuff for you!

Guest Post: Kayla Cagan talks about “Piper Perish!”

Our latest song “Now Is The Time, Piper Perish” is based on our interview with author Kayla Cagan about her book, Piper Perish. We asked Kayla to tell us how she feels about the song and how it relates to the message of her book!

by Kayla Cagan

Oh my gosh! This song brings up so many of the things I think in my head on a daily basis. I want to encourage artists, makers, and creators (and myself!) – to express ourselves and make the things that we want to see in the world and that the world needs to see; to be brave enough to make the things that might scare us, or that we think we aren’t good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to tackle. 

It’s so easy to doubt ourselves out of creation because MAKING IS HARD sometimes and who doesn’t want an excuse to quit occasionally? We can tell ourselves it’s not important, we can tell ourselves there are bigger problems at hand (and there definitely are, but there is also room for creation!), we can tell ourselves it’s all a waste of time because one day we’re all going to slip into the ocean, never to be heard of again. 

But parts of the act of creating can also be playful and fun and exhilarating and most importantly, life affirming, for ourselves and our audiences. In a time when we are heavy with the recognition and reckoning of wars, famines, inequalities, poverty, crime, environmental destruction, and disease, life affirming actions through art are not just important, but vital. We own our fears but we must also gather our fearlessness and faith to keep going. Can a piece of art save the world? Maybe. Can it reflect it, poke at it, beautify it, and make us pause? Certainly. And if we pause long enough to see and hear what’s going on around us, we can make different decisions, better mistakes, leave a better footprint for us all. We can empathize with others and examine ourselves more closely.  So we have to shake the fear and hate and guilt and shame out of ourselves. We have to remind ourselves that creators gonna create – and we have every right to do so.

I truly believe the effects of art are contagious. Energy breeds energy, work breeds work. The more you do, the more you will do. The more people see or hear or taste what you make, the more you move them or change them or help them do their work. The transfer of energy isn’t visible, but it’s obvious as creations appear next to each other. I wrote a book. You guys wrote a song. See how that works?

Art is an energy, just like water or solar or nuclear. So to create is to change and to be able to change anything is a power. I believe creating art is a power for good, and it’s one of my favorite parts about being a human. If you are drawn (pun intended!) to make something: music, poetry, art, dance, crafts – do it! Don’t back away from it. We should never back away from bringing beauty to this world. We all need it. I need to see what you make. I need to be lifted up by you. Example: a friend of ours, Brandi, shares her watercolors and urban sketches online. She has no idea how much she inspires me each time I see one, whether they are in process, finished, or somewhere in-between. Her creative work has a very positive effect on my well being and general outlook. She’s not responsible for me, but because she shows up for her art, she has unknowingly shared her energy with me and changed my mood. Her art is my happiness boost. Sometimes that’s enough to help get me through a tough day.

When you deprive yourself of making art, you deprive all of us of your understanding and our understandings of the world. Art can bring enlightenment and education and provocation and encouragement. Art is communication. Art is responsibility.   As Voltaire (maybe) and Uncle Ben Parker (definitely) once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  I remember that when I write. And I hope that young creators and emerging artists will remember that too when they are looking for a reason to continue, a boost for their morale, or when they are simply lost and scared and have something inside of them that yearns to be made and they aren’t sure how to make it or why they should do it or where to start. Listen to this song or read my book (or another one) or get up and dance. Pump yourself up. Believe in yourself and your art. 

We’re right here and we’re ready for you.

You can listen to my interview with Kayla, and hear the song we wrote about this, on our podcast, “You Should Write A Song About That!” And check out Kayla’s work and new book on Amazon, from Chronicle books, or at!

New Song: Piper Perish / Now Is The Time!

Try everything, do everything, be everything! That’s the message of our new song, based on an interview with the delightful Kayla Cagan, author of YA novel Piper Perish. Read on to find out more!

Today is the day for a new edition of “You Should Write A Song About That”—a project in which we interview an awesome person and then write a song based on our conversation.

For this episode, I interviewed author Kayla Cagan about her forthcoming novel PIPER PERISH! Piper Perish is a YA novel following the tale of high school senior Piper Perish and her wish to move from Houston to New York to attend art school. Piper Perish will come out March 7 on Chronicle Books, and you can pre-order it now!

In this podcast, we talked to Kayla about her inspiration for the book, the setting of Houston, outtakes from the novel-writing process, and her (and Piper’s) affinity for inspirational quotes. We also talked about how Cagan, and Piper, and we, the Doubleclicks, all face roadblocks when wanting to make new things, and Kayla gave an amazing pep talk about why it’s important to keep creating. And THAT is what we wrote a song about!

You can listen to the whole interview and the song below, on iTunes, Overcast, and wherever podcasts are served!

And you can watch a video for the song on the MARY SUE!

This song will be on our new album, Love Problems, which will be funded by a Kickstarter campaign going on now! We’ve already reached our initial goal, but we have more things we’d like to make… including more episodes of “You Should Write A Song About That!”

Find Doubleclicks Interviews & More–With Drinks!

The Exquisite Dead Guy: tequila, mandarin juice, sweet ’n’ sour, and Cointreau!

The launch of our Kickstarter for our upcoming album, Love Problems, has given us the opportunity to talk with all kinds of rad podcasts–and our newest video, “Women Know Math,” has been featured on a lot of cool sites, too! Here’s where you can find our videos and interviews this month, including two Doubleclicks-themed cocktails!

The Math of You: In Episode 024, Angela and host Lucas Brown discuss They Might Be Giants and American Girl dolls. Plus! Lucas created a signature cocktail for her called the Exquisite Dead Guy. If you make it at your next party send us a picture!

Also: in Episode 025, which will go live March 1, Aubrey joins the fun to talk about the Beatles’ Rubber Soul. Her cocktail? You’ll have to wait and see!

Beyond the Playlist With JHammondC: Host Hammond Chamberlain chats with us about our work, how we got started, our writing process, and more!

MBSing: In Episode 193, we join host Mary Beth Smith to talk about our favorite comedy duos–which include Fozzie and Kermit and R2-D2 and C-3PO, of course.

The Mary Sue: Teresa Jusino did an in-depth interview with Angela about “Women Know Math” and why gender is an “everything problem.”

The Unheard Nerd: Will Harrison wrote a great feature on “Women Know Math” and our Kickstarter–check it out!

Geek & Sundry: Teri Litorco did a wonderful feature on our latest video, “Women Know Math,” and our Kickstarter! She included “Lord of the Rings,” too.

Comicon: Comicon wrote an insightful review of “Women Know Math” and talked about our cool Kickstarter rewards!

FEMMUSIC: We are so excited to see”Women Know Math” featured here!

Thank you to everyone who wrote about us, interviewed us, or shared our video and Kickstarter! We funded Love Problems in just two days (we broke $43,000 yesterday!) and have added some amazing stretch goals: be sure to check it out now.




Women Know Math & Love Problems Kickstarter!!

We have two huge pieces of news this morning!

1. WOMEN KNOW MATH is our new song!

I like being a lady and I don’t need/
to be the picture of what someone thinks that means/
though it might help you know just what to do with me/
and you say, in turn, that would help me succeed/
who cares?

The song is about gender and problems, and the video was made by 50 different artists and illustrators. You can watch it on YouTube and above! If you like it, please share it!

2. We’re making a new album!!

We want to record our fifth full-length studio album. It’s called “Love Problems,” and it’s got songs about love and problems, as well as strength, friends, music, and space. “Women Know Math” will be on it!

To make this album, we are asking for your help. The Doubleclicks are a crowd-funded operation. With no external label, agent, or manager, we depend completely on our audience to help us make our art. The advantage of that – and this is huge – is that there is nothing between us. Our music goes straight from our hearts to your ears. We love it. It means so much to us to be able to make just the thing we want and just the thing you want, too.

Your support on Kickstarter will help us make this record possible!

Nine Albums to Buy on Bandcamp & Benefit the ACLU Today

Bandcamp, a wonderful platform for indie artists to sell music and audio, is donating 100% of their share of the proceeds from their sales today to the ACLU, to help in their work defending immigrants and human rights issues. Bandcamp is a wonderful platform–without them, I don’t think we would have been able to start our band the way we did. It’s so valuable. And this donation idea is awesome, I think you’ll agree.

But perhaps you don’t know what to buy on Bandcamp today? Maybe you already have all of our music? Here are nine recommendations of albums to buy today, by our friends, tourmates, and a few people we’re just big fans of!!

  1. APARNA NANCHERLA’s “Just Putting It Out There” – A comedy album full of insecurity, whimsical depression jokes, and body problems.
  2. DR. SOMETHING’S “Rustic Machinery” – Dr. Something was my favorite new find of 2016. Her songwriting is deeply sad and deeply beautiful and deeply hilarious.
  3. KITTENS SLAY DRAGONS’ “Big Big Heart” – This band was inspired to form by a foster kitten. It’s electronic dance music with pure, beautiful vocals. My favorite track is “Queer and Square” Currently, this album is all that plays in my car.
  4. SARAH DONNER’S “Black Hole Heart” – Same singer, different band – Sarah Donner’s voice, in songwriting and in singing, is gorgeous. Plus, Space and Catan.
  5. PAUL AND STORM’s “Ball Pit” – Paul and Storm are our comedy music heroes. This album has some very funny songs, many of them you won’t see in a P&S set – and a wonderful sad song “Incompetent’s Lament,” which I love, because I love sad things.
  6. JOSEPH SCRIMSHAW’S “Rebel Scum” – This comedy album is a set about Star Wars and Social Justice and it is beautiful and good. Joseph did this set when we toured with him and we loved it every night, which is sort of a big deal.
  7. SAMMUS’ “Pieces in Space” – Another tourmate of ours, Sammus, makes absolutely beautiful, wonderful music. Honestly, nothing we can say is enough to describe her art, but I’ll try: Heartbreaking. Groundbreaking. Honest. The feelings we have, in a whole new way.
  8. DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH’s “Terrible Dinner Guest” – This album was on a loop in my car for months. Honest, clever, ukulele-driven tunes with unexpected and wonderful vocal harmony. Danielle has a bunch of stuff on Bandcamp, so if you have this one, check in for new albums because she is constantly making high-quality wonders.
  9. AMANDA PALMER’s “Bigger On The Inside” – Amanda Palmer has been making a lot of amazing things recently, and this track (though it’s a few years old at this point) is stuck in my mind right now. Check out all her stuff, if you don’t already.

Leave us a comment and tell us if you buy any of these or something else on Bandcamp today!

Find The Doubleclicks in February: Interviews, Shows & More

NerdNightOut FebruaryHello everyone! We’ve got a lot going on in February (and even more coming up in the near future–stay tuned), so we thought we’d put together a handy guide to where you can listen to us, both in person and online!

The Mary Sue: I wrote a piece about hopelessness and politics and it was published by The Mary Sue! I tried to motivate myself into action–perhaps it will help some of you as well.

BJ Shea’s Geek Nation: We visited Seattle podcast BJ Shea’s Geek Nation to chat about music, gaming, finding our way into the arms of the geek community (it was magical), and why you shouldn’t necessarily be impressed by a boyfriend who plays guitar. We’re just saying.

Online Show: In case you missed our latest online show, featuring the fantastic Library Bards, check it out below!

Upcoming Shows in the Pacific Northwest!
We have three (three!) shows coming up in Portland and Seattle this month:

2/2 – Do What You Love Comedy Series: Come see us at the WeWork Custom House from 5:30-8:00 pm alongside amazing comedians Phil Schallberger (SF Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Festival), Katie Nguyen (Undisputable Geniuses of Comedy), Jeremiah Coughlan (Hudson Valley Comedy Festival, The Idaho Laugh Festival), and more! Tickets $15-25, 21+, no drink minimum.

2/11 – #NerdNightOut Seattle with The Doubleclicks, Joseph Scrimshaw & Molly Lewis: Advance tickets for our show at the Jewelbox Theater are sold out, but there will be a few available at the door. Also, you can enter to win two tickets at Seattle Pipeline! Doors at 6:30 pm, tickets $12, 21+.

2/12 – #NerdNightOut Portland with The Doubleclicks, Joseph Scrimshaw & Dr. Something: Advance tickets for our huge Doug Fir Lounge show at the  are not sold out quite yet, so go ahead and reserve yours now! We don’t do a lot of big shows in Portland, so we’re so excited to take the stage for a night of music and comedy with LA’s Joseph Scrimshaw and Portland’s Dr. Something! PDX Pipeline is running a contest to win two tickets–check out the details here! Doors at 7:00 pm, tickets $15-17, 21+.

There’s a lot of anxiety floating around in the world right now–hope you’re all dealing with it as best as you can, and that you have resources to help. We’d love to see you–have a great February!

We Made A Doubleclicks Fiasco Playset!


What is this? The Museum is a FIASCO PLAYSET based on the songs of the Doubleclicks! Now, you can play a fun tabletop role playing game and tell a fun story in the world of Doubleclicks songs–specifically, set in a wacky museum with Dimetrodons, Velociraptors, super villains, and more!

The playset was written by me (Angela) and Richard Malena, co-hosts of the Gosh Darn Fiasco podcast. It was edited by the amazing and brilliant Will Hindmarch (who really nailed this) and art is by the delightful and talented Matthew Bogart!

Download the playset at BULLY PULPIT GAMES for free!

And LISTEN to us play a game using this playset on our podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco!

Continue reading We Made A Doubleclicks Fiasco Playset!