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Note: This page was designed to help out managers/owners of game, book & comic stores plan a show with us, for one of our tours.. If you don’t own a game store, please send this page to the people who run the one in your town! And tell *us* what city and stores to play in by filling out this form.

We’re the Doubleclicks, a nerd-folk band from Portland, Oregon. When we travel around performing for nerds across the country, one of our favorite things to do is to meet nerds where they already like to be: their local game store or comic book shop. Many of our songs are about nerdy topics: grammar, dinosaurs, Star Trek, and Dungeons and Dragons – and it works so very well! If you have room for comic artist signings or Magic: The Gathering tournaments – and even if you don’t – we can come set up to play a concert there for a couple hours one evening. And it will be very, very fun! Your regulars will be entertained, and our fans from the community may discover your store for the first time! The owners of stores we visit give us tons of positive feedback and ask us back every time.

There are photos, videos, and more links below, along with a list of our requirements.

If you’re interested, please drop us an email at:, and we can discuss what a show might look like!

Photos of these events:

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Our requirements:

  • We will need: a place to play, a table to sell merchandise and collect tips, and your help setting up the area for the show. Many stores set us up in a “game room,” where there are already chairs and some flexible space, or in an area where comic artists do signings.
  • We ask that there not be gaming happening in the same space, at the same time as where we’re playing: no one is happy when we are all having to compete for attention, and our shows involve a lot of lyrics and comedy that really require the audience to be involved in the show.
  • We will also need chairs for the audience. Depending on the city, your community, and the amount of promotion we do, our “draw” is between 25-200 people.
  • We will need time. We like to arrive at least an hour before the show and set up our equipment, so we can check our sound before an “audience” arrives. Our show will be about 1 and 1/2 hours long, with a break, though we can talk about what works best for you in terms of format. Usually we will show up around 6, and start our show at 7, and the show will be over by 8:30.
  • We will need your help getting the word out to your community, by hanging up posters we send you, telling your customers about us, and spreading the information on your social media accounts or e-mail list.
  • Financial arrangements can be made several different ways, depending on the show. Let us know what you’re most comfortable with, or we can provide you with options.
  • If you are interested in booking us for a convention, a fund-raiser, or another event with a specific date, we will have to discuss covering our travel, lodging, and appearance fee costs. It is much easier to book shows when we’re on a tour, which happens 2-3 times a year. If you message us, we’ll keep you in mind for when we’re touring your region.

If you’d like, you can sell or provide food and drinks for the audience.

USUALLY we can provide our own PA system and microphone stands: but sometimes this is not the case. Please discuss with us on a case-by-case basis.

Where we’ve played:

These are some of the awesome stores we’ve visited and performed in! Click the names for reviews, photos, or videos from selected shows: Illusive Comics & Games, Santa Clara, CA; Guardian Games, Portland, OR;  Pandemonium Books, Cambridge, MA; Modern Myths, Northampton, MA; Pegasus Games, Madison, WI; Challenger’s Comics, Chicago, IL; Arsenal Game Room, Indianapolis, IN; PackRat Comics, Columbus, OH; Bridge City Comics, Portland, OR, Things From Another World, Portland, OR; EndGame, Oakland, CA.

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