#DoubleclicksLive is a free online show the Doubleclicks host on their youtube channel. Put on your favorite pants, put on your headphones and join the Doubleclicks as they play music, join in on the fun in the chat, and meet the special guest!


Tuesday, July 18 at 4pm

4pm PST/ 7pm EST / 12am London/ 9am Sydney, AUS (19/7)
tune in at Youtube.com/thedoubleclicks!

RSVP/request songs on the Facebook event page!

Watch an old show:

WHAT IS DOUBLECLICKSLIVE? Every month, The Doubleclicks host a live online concert & chat show on our YouTube channel. There are songs, we answer advice questions… and there are special guests!

HOW CAN YOU PARTICIPATE? You can request a song for any livestream show on the Facebook event for that show. You can join the chat on the YouTube page to talk to other viewers, and you can participate on twitter by using the #Doubleclickslive hashtag to ask questions or send us photos! It’s fun, it’s easy, and everyone involved can wear pajama pants if they want to!

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