Contact & FAQ

Booking/press/business email:

Please include relevant links in your message. Note that it may take a couple weeks for us to respond at times when we are fulfilling previous obligations.

Many common questions and requests are addressed in the FAQ, please read that before contacting us. You can also check out our press clippings page for many interviews.

Mailing Address, for old-school delivery

we don’t have a PO box right now! if you need to send us something, get in touch and we’ll let you know where to send it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you play in (Ohio, Dublin, etc)?

There are lots of reasons! But you can help! If you think we should play in your town, tell us where to go by filling out this form! And make sure you’re on our e-mail list so that you don’t miss us in your city!

Will you be on my podcast / can I interview you for __?

Usually we will try! Please send us an email, including why you what to interview us, what your podcast/article is about, how long it will take for us and when you typically record. Send us a link to your website & twitter profile. And also let us know who else you have interviewed! If you have already interviewed people we like, that’s a nice quick shortcut endorsement for us. We don’t have a lot of time to do research so we appreciate you being as thorough as possible.

How do you plan your tours/do crowdfunding/etc?

We’ve put together a few big posts to help other indie artists and explain our process!

  1. How to plan, book & promote your own tours
  2. How to use kickstarter/Patreon/crowdfunding
  3. How to make things even if you’re depressed
  4. How to host a house concert
  5. How to host a game store/comic shop concert

Can I play Doubleclicks songs on my podcast/twitch stream?

People are welcome to play our songs on their podcasts or on streams. We ask that you credit us on air as well as in the show notes with a link to our website:
We prefer you use the versions of the songs available to purchase in our albums on bandcamp: (or iTunes, Amazon, and so on.)
Bio information for us (great place for accurate info on us, our CD releases and other projects):
Please send a link to the episode to us at: leftclick @, and let us know if you’d like to be on our press list for future releases.

I have an idea for a song you should write! How do I contact you?

The Doubleclicks do not accept song or lyric ideas or song submissions. But we do encourage you to get a ukulele and a YouTube channel—it’s easier than you think! That great idea you have will mean a lot more coming from you than it would from us, because YOU came up with it! Don’t sing? Try a comic or story! We write about stuff we feel strongly about, and those ideas come from our own brains and experiences. And we know “you should write a song about” is sometimes a joke, but it’s an old one for us. We sincerely thank you for your interest. :D

How do I set up a Doubleclicks show at my game store?:

We have a whole FAQ page for comic and game store owners interested in hosting concerts! It mostly applies to shows on our tour route, not private, individually scheduled, or party shows. But there is some useful information, so please read that & e-mail us if you’re interested!

Can I have lyrics/chords/sheet music?

We’ve put up most of the lyrics for our songs on Bandcamp. If they aren’t there and you need them, bug us. Also, thanks to the hard work of some awesome listeners, we now have a page with some chords to a few of our songs. Feel free to request more or donate your time to the cause of other musicians on that page. Sheet music does not exist for our music, but there is some information on the chords page.

How do I get a cat keyboard?

You can get one at Target or Amazon, search for “Meowsic!” Our keyboard has been specially modified by our friend Cary, and he wrote about how he modified it here:

If there’s just one of you, is it a singleclick?