Some of the wonderful people who listen to our music are also great musicians, and many of you have asked us for chords to our songs! Our songs are generally pretty easy to play on ukulele or guitar (especially the ones you guys tend to request). Here are some chord sheets for some of the songs, thanks to the generous transcription help of Alice Lee. Right-click to download the PDFs.

If you have requests for specific chords, feel free to leave a comment below! No promises that we’ll get to it soon, but we and our awesome talented listeners will take a look at follow-up on frequently requested songs.

SHEET MUSIC: Sheet music doesn’t exist. Sometimes if we have time (not currently), you can buy sheet music from us at a ridiculously high price (we have to make it for you so this is like, hundreds of dollars), you can drop us an e-mail if you want to try that at It will probably be easier for you to figure it out yourself or check the comments below to see if someone has made chords already for the song you’re looking for.

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    1. DADG :)

      and then it switches in the chorus, but it’s similar. hopefully someone will get a full chord chart up soon.

  1. “Nothing to Prove” would be awesome because I’ve got some people I want to aggressively perform that song at.

    1. that song is capo’d up two frets on guitar, and chords are something like:
      G Am C-C7 G D
      C Em A D7
C Am G Am C D

    1. that song is capo’d up two frets on guitar, and chords are something like:
      G Am C-C7 G D
      C Em A D7
C Am G Am C D

    1. Verse and chorus:

      G Em D C

      you are cool and smart and nice

      you’re the beans to my rice

      you don’t have to ask me twice

      D C G

      I love you so much

      I love you like a burrito

      G Em D C

      oh oh oh oh oh oh

      Bridgey sections:

      Am C G

      like a space-age food pod made of magic and dreams

      Am C D

      I am a happy girl because you’re on my team

  2. I would love to play Ennui and Unstoppable Force! This Is My Jam would be pretty sweet too, but I don’t want to be too greedy. ;)

  3. I work in a game store, and I’d love to be able to play Tabletop at the front counter!

    (I’d also love the chords for Where’d You Go?, but if I have to choose one, let it be Tabletop!)

  4. Can anyone help me get the chords for “Mystery’s Gone”, in this part?

    Real Life disappointed me
    Like raisins in an oatmeal cookie
    Like an airplane I thought was a shooting star
    Thinking it’s a parking spot, but there’s a smart car

    To me, the rest of the song sounds like:
    F Am, F Am, B F, C C
    F Am, F Am, B F, C C
    B F, C F, B F, C C F

    1. I think it’s something like this:

      F / Bb / F / Bb
      F / Bb / F / Bb Eb F

      Bb F / Bb F / Bb F / Bb C

      (I’m not 100% certain about the Eb.)

  5. I love you all so much. I just started playing guitar and had this sudden moment of clarity when I realized I might be able to learn to play Doubleclicks songs. Thank you!!!!

  6. Can anyone help with Really Big Chickens? So far I’ve learned The Middle and Clever Girl. They are both only 3 chords, yay!

    1. Really Big Chickens is a bit unusual from a structural standpoint, and I keep changing my mind as to whether a couple of chords are actually Am, D, or something else, but I think it goes something like this:

      G Am / D C (repeat as needed)

      G Am C / D C G (or possibly G D C / D C G ?)

      1) The bridge-y bit starting with “But I still like fun…” is: D / C / G / D
      2) The other bridge-y bit starting “did / Covered in feathers, weird…” is: D / C / D / C

    1. I’ll post a better answer later, but it appears to be in the key of B, with the chords being B, Dbm, Abm, and Gb.

      (I can’t speak for the guitar, but this is a challenging set of chords on the ukulele. If you can sing it one half-step higher—or eleven lower—the chords become C, Dm, Am, G, which is much easier. Or you can put a capo on the first fret and play Bb, Cm, Gm, F, which is somewhere between the two in difficulty.)

      1. …actually, that pretty much sums it up. Repeat the following repeatedly:
        B / Dbm / Abm / Dbm / B / Dbm / Abm / Gb

        Twice per verse, once per chorus, once per bridge.

        (There might be exceptions for the last chord of the chorus, and maybe a bit of the bridge, I’m not certain, but if that progression isn’t right 100% of the way through, it’s darned close. Emendations or confirmation would be welcome!)

  7. Does anyone know the chords to Thank God It’s Over? I’m graduating high school soon and wanted to do it at my talent show, but I’m having a hard time figuring it out.

    1. So there are two types of verses in this song and I don’t really know how to label them, but in order of appearance:

      Bb Eb F Eb Bb (x2)

      Eb Bb D Eb
      Eb Bb D G

      and then there’s the very ending:

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