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Christmastime with us – the EP, the concert, and more!

1. We accidentally made a Holiday EP. It’s got 5 new, original songs by us. You can pre-order it digitally now, and we sold out of physical copies (for now) – but there may be more Real Disks for sale on Sunday. How this came about is a story we should really tell you sometime.

2. We’re playing at the Dammit Liz Holiday Show in Seattle on Saturday! It will be a night of comedy, music, collaborations, and festivity. There are still tickets available! We’ll also be “guest writing” and performing on an upcoming Portland taping of the Live Wire! Radio show, which you should *definitely* attend, if you can!

3. We will be appearing in a Ragnarok-themed streaming concert and video experiment with Molly Lewis during the end of the world (Dec. 21, 7pm-ish Pacific, 10pm-ish Eastern.) You can RSVP on Facebook for that, or just show up at Molly Lewis’ YouTube channel that evening. Perhaps we will survive the end of the world together…. perhaps. (wink)

4. We are working on a West Coast tour with Molly for January! Places we will definitely be: Los Angeles, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento. Get all the details now!

5. We love you!