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#NerdNightOut (and we’re home from tour!)

Hello everyone! We have returned from our tour of the East Coast. It was an amazing tour, and if you have not yet, you can see our daily dispatches from the road in this YouTube playlist. We owe you many stories and photos (though you can find a lot by searching for #mollyclicks on Twitter)… and we will be doing our best to share those in blogs and podcasts of our own and others’ publishing.

But now: to the future!

Our Next Big Show is in Portland on November 8! It’s called #NerdNightOut, and we have collected quite a cast for you, thanks to some amazing sponsors who are making the whole darn thing possible. Here we are in a video, telling you all about it!


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Show Report: Amanda F*#(ing Palmer

Music is beautiful, you guys. So freaking beautiful.

Aubrey declares victory as I try to capture the moment. Photo by Karen Cooke. More on Facebook!

Let me tell you a story.

I will start in fall of 2006. My very first college boyfriend is big into music. I am big into “music,” but by “music,” I mean “They Might Be Giants.” And that’s pretty much it. He introduces me to a lot of bands, and takes me to a number of concerts. The first concert – The Dresden Dolls. Before that concert, he lends me all of their music, and I listen to it. Constantly. By the time we see the show, I know all of their songs. They put on a fantastic show. Cary & I stand in front and see it all. We are moved.

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