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Seattle concert with Jonathan Coulton this Saturday!


Join us for our February Live-stream Show!


Every month we’ve been hosting a live-stream free show on the Internet with songs, chatting and guests! For February, the show is on Tuesday, February 17 at 12pm Pacific time/8pm GMT! Request a song in the comments below or ON OUR FACEBOOK POLL… and we’ll see you Tuesday!

2014 wrap-up | Clicks of past, present and future

Happy Holidays from Portland, friends. It’s come that time of year again, when I try to get my head around the year that’s ending. A time when I re-read these posts from the end of 2011, 2012 and 2013 and remember what a fool I was in the past, every moment until today. Gosh, past Angela was sure ignorant and silly, wasn’t she? Glad that’s all over.

mlkshk pic
Our hair changed so often this year, I have no current photos of it. QUIRK FACTOR MAXIMUM.

What happened in 2014?

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Press Coverage Round-Up |, Bitch Media, More!


It’s been a cool couple days in Doublelicks-land, link-wise. We keep a running list of press mentions on our press page, but these are cool and note a specific mention:

Superfan note: If you go to these posts and leave a comment about the article, or even just visit, the spike in interest makes The Doubleclicks & our fans look good, and might make them want to cover us again! As a former journalist, I can say that this actually sometimes works.

The Doubleclicks appearances at Emerald City Comic-Con 2014!

ECCC image

Here’s where you can find us at Emerald City Comicon this year: March 28-30, 2014 in Seattle, WA.

We will be sharing a BOOTH 205 with Marian Call and Molly Lewis ALL WEEKEND LONG! Come see us at it! We will have NEW buttons, as well as dice and some t-shirts!


Friday Night, @ 9pmKracklefest 4! The Doubleclicks, Burlesque, Kirby Krackle, and Death*Star Hip-Hop! 21+, Hard Rock Cafe. Tickets $10, online now & $12 at the door!

Friday at 1:10pmWe will be doing “something” at Joseph Scrimshaw’s panel, in Hall B, (Rooms 608-609). He is super funny and this should be a great time.

Friday @ 3pm: mysterious event: you never know what might happen if you show up at the Convention Center Level 2 North Galleria at 3pm. You might see a cello or something. Check in with us, Marian, or Molly at our booth (205) to confirm that mystery is happening.

Also Friday Night, @ 10:30pm: Late Night Nerds (presented by #NerdNightOut): The Doubleclicks, Molly Lewis, Stepto, Joseph Scrimshaw, and Josh A. Cagan! — that’s all our favorite people in one place for stories, music, comedy & more. 21+. Tickets $10—SOLD OUT!.


Saturday at 11:20am: Angela will be on a panel called “It’s Not Too Dangerous To Go Alone” with comics people Dylan Meconis and Erika Moen, moderated by Kenna Conklin of Hall C, (Room 610).

We’ll also be at our booth on & off all day.


Sunday: a panel concert @ 1pm: At the convention in room 3AB, come see us do an all-ages concert with singing along and funtimes! A panel show for everyone with sunday or 3-day passes!

We’ll also be at our booth on & off all day.


See ya at the PAX Concerts!

PAX blog thig

THIS WEEKEND we are playing at PAX, you guys! PAX was one of our very first introductions to Epic Nerd Music In The Wild. And an amazing supergroup cover of Double Rainbow performed by MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm is, to this day, still one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen. Actually doing a mainstage show at PAX is one of those “dreams come true” for us — except it was a crazy dream that we never ever actually expected to happen, so holy crap, we are freaking out a bit, but it’s ok, keep breathing. Where was I?

We are playing the main stage Saturday night concert* at PAX! Come see us play songs from our new album and our old album, and watch us dance nervously, and also we will throw prizes into the audience in an attempt to make them like us. We will be hanging out at Bandland all weekend as well, selling CDs & a limited number of Doubleclicks dice. And please tell your friends!

*the concert starts at 8:30. We are on SECOND, followed by the rapper laureate of PAX, MC Frontalot himself.

PS: Game Designer John Harper (Lady Blackbird, OneSeven Design) made a tabletop RPG called “Lasers and Feelings” inspired by our album!! Find him at Games on Demand at PAX if you want to play or download it from his website!

Free download for Tabletop Day!

Happy Tabletop Day!!!

For this new and most glorious holiday, we’re giving away our Dungeons & Dragons love song, This Fantasy World, for freeeee!!!

D&D was my introduction to the wild world of tabletop games… and once we found the board games, we could not be stopped. We’ve already played Gloom today, and though it is a busy day, in the background of my head I’ll be playing Lords of Waterdeep and Dixit and Revolution.

Speaking of Gloom… designer of Gloom Keith Baker created a special Tabletop expansion pack for today’s festivities, and he invited us & our friend Molly Lewis to play it with him… in front of a camera crew. It was really fun, and you can watch the result below.

You can pick up the special Tabletop Gloom cards from participating game stores today!

We wrote the official theme song for Cards Against Humanity

CAHHave you heard of Cards Against Humanity? It’s a party game for horrible people. Horrible, horrible people. If you’re in to being horrible, and offensive, and laughing a lot – it’s a game you have probably already played.

This year, for PAX, we were asked by the very folks who make Cards Against Humanity to produce for them an “official theme song.” So we did. I should warn you – it’s not safe for work, for young ears, or for “not horrible”-type people.

You can download “A Good Game Of Cards” as a DRM-free mp3, for no money at all, at the Cards Against Humanity website. Scroll down to the FAQ and click on “does Cards Against Humanity have an official theme song?” Or just click here to stream it directly.

Christmastime with us – the EP, the concert, and more!

1. We accidentally made a Holiday EP. It’s got 5 new, original songs by us. You can pre-order it digitally now, and we sold out of physical copies (for now) – but there may be more Real Disks for sale on Sunday. How this came about is a story we should really tell you sometime.

2. We’re playing at the Dammit Liz Holiday Show in Seattle on Saturday! It will be a night of comedy, music, collaborations, and festivity. There are still tickets available! We’ll also be “guest writing” and performing on an upcoming Portland taping of the Live Wire! Radio show, which you should *definitely* attend, if you can!

3. We will be appearing in a Ragnarok-themed streaming concert and video experiment with Molly Lewis during the end of the world (Dec. 21, 7pm-ish Pacific, 10pm-ish Eastern.) You can RSVP on Facebook for that, or just show up at Molly Lewis’ YouTube channel that evening. Perhaps we will survive the end of the world together…. perhaps. (wink)

4. We are working on a West Coast tour with Molly for January! Places we will definitely be: Los Angeles, Oakland, Palo Alto, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento. Get all the details now!

5. We love you!

#NerdNightOut (and we’re home from tour!)

Hello everyone! We have returned from our tour of the East Coast. It was an amazing tour, and if you have not yet, you can see our daily dispatches from the road in this YouTube playlist. We owe you many stories and photos (though you can find a lot by searching for #mollyclicks on Twitter)… and we will be doing our best to share those in blogs and podcasts of our own and others’ publishing.

But now: to the future!

Our Next Big Show is in Portland on November 8! It’s called #NerdNightOut, and we have collected quite a cast for you, thanks to some amazing sponsors who are making the whole darn thing possible. Here we are in a video, telling you all about it!


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