New song: Scatter, Adapt & Remember!

Annalee Newitz, awesome human, Dimetrodon fan, and editor-in-chief of io9, asked us to help her make a book trailer for her book “Scatter Adapt and Remember,” a book about mass extinctions. Along with fantastic animator Leigh Lahav, this is what happened:

We like it. :). ALSO:

tour small pic

That’s right, friends, we’re going on tour!! Starting NOW! There are still tickets/seats available for all these shows and we’d like to fill ‘em up, so please come out—we will play music for you and compliment your geeky jewelry/children/t-shirts!

New song & video: TableTop games!

We got to be guests on TableTop, Wil Wheaton’s webseries about games on Geek & Sundry, and this seemed like the kind of thing we should write a song about. So we did! We tried to include the names of every game played on the show. This has got a lot of new things for us in it, including a special appearance and verse by the amazing Adam WarRock!!

UPDATE: you can now watch our episode of TableTop!

New song: “Internet Troll” & announcing Weekly Song Wednesday!


For the rest of 2013, we will be releasing a new song every Wednesday. This is called “Weekly Song Wednesday.” Like it? It’s alliterative. The first song is already up: check out INTERNET TROLL on YouTube, and buy the mp3 (pay-what-you-want) on Bandcamp!

Find the songs every week on: YouTube (with videos! Subscribe! Please!) Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want!) iTunes (soon!) Tumblr (it’s like a blog) (it is a blog!) and RSS (for nerds!)

We asked Twitter for questions about the project, and here are our answers: Continue reading

We wrote the official theme song for Cards Against Humanity

CAHHave you heard of Cards Against Humanity? It’s a party game for horrible people. Horrible, horrible people. If you’re in to being horrible, and offensive, and laughing a lot – it’s a game you have probably already played.

This year, for PAX, we were asked by the very folks who make Cards Against Humanity to produce for them an “official theme song.” So we did. I should warn you – it’s not safe for work, for young ears, or for “not horrible”-type people.

You can download “A Good Game Of Cards” as a DRM-free mp3, for no money at all, at the Cards Against Humanity website. Scroll down to the FAQ and click on “does Cards Against Humanity have an official theme song?” Or just click here to stream it directly.

Our song was played on Comedy Bang Bang!!

cbbComedy Bang Bang is one of our favorite podcasts, or pieces of media, forever for all time. And not just because of Paul F. Tompkins’ Andrew Lloyd Webber impersonation, which is Hilarious.

At the end of each episode of Comedy Bang Bang, host Scott Aukerman introduces a new, fan-submitted “theme song” for the “plugs” segment – the part of the show where his guests, comedians and artists, plug their latest projects, TV shows, and so on. On the latest episode of CBB, Scott played a song that we submitted!! And ROB CORDDRY heard it!!! Yesssss!

Our plugs theme was actually played once before on CBB, and Tig Notaro was there, which is awesome. If you’re a fan of comedy and podcasts, take a listen to those podcasts! And if you aren’t, but would still like to hear the song we wrote (though it may be sort of confusing out of context) – take a listen below. You can also download it free!