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New Song: C-3PO’s Lament

A couple months ago, I was at dinner with friends and we were discussing Star Wars (duh). The conversation turned to C-3PO and how everyone hates C-3PO and how he’s terrible in every way. So annoying! So unkind! So oblivious! And I thought to myself: “Oh gosh, this is how people talk about me when I’m not around I bet.”  On the way home, I wrote this song about FEELINGS.

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NEW SONG: “Kilogram”

Did you know scientists are working on replacing the International Prototype Kilogram standard with a mathematical formula? Do those words mean nothing to you? Either way, hey, we wrote a break-up song about it. We’re really proud of it and you can hear it now!

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New song | Sexist Bullshit

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The nice folks at Cards Against Humanity commissioned a new holiday song from us this year, and the result is this song called “Sexist Bullshit” (NSFW: swearing, heresy). Watch it at (Day 7), where you can also find lots of other hilarious videos from people like Paul and Storm, Marian Call, Molly Lewis, Loading Ready Run and more! Download the track from our bandcamp page.

Update: posted on and Huffington Post!

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New song & video: TableTop games!

We got to be guests on TableTop, Wil Wheaton’s webseries about games on Geek & Sundry, and this seemed like the kind of thing we should write a song about. So we did! We tried to include the names of every game played on the show. This has got a lot of new things for us in it, including a special appearance and verse by the amazing Adam WarRock!!

UPDATE: you can now watch our episode of TableTop!

New song: “Internet Troll” & announcing Weekly Song Wednesday!


For the rest of 2013, we will be releasing a new song every Wednesday. This is called “Weekly Song Wednesday.” Like it? It’s alliterative. The first song is already up: check out INTERNET TROLL on YouTube, and buy the mp3 (pay-what-you-want) on Bandcamp!

Find the songs every week on: YouTube (with videos! Subscribe! Please!) Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want!) iTunes (soon!) Tumblr (it’s like a blog) (it is a blog!) and RSS (for nerds!)

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