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This weekend we’ll be in Ohio & Indianapolis!

midwest tour image

OHIO 2/27 @ Miami University (free!) 

We are playing an hour-long set at Miami University’s annual League of Geeks big weekend extravaganza!  The show is open to the public and the concert will take place February 27 at 9 pm at the Armstrong Student Center at Miami University! 550 E. Spring St., Oxford, OH 45056. Info

Information will be available at the League of Geeks website!

INDIANAPOLIS 2/28 @ Indy Reads Books ($5/$10)

On Sunday , the Doubleclicks RETURN to Indy Reads Books for a Sunday Afternoon Concert! Seating will start around 2:30pm, and the Doubleclicks will play from 3pm-4pm. All ages welcome! Tickets available at the door: $10 for adults, $5 for kids under 15. Indy Reads Books is located at 911 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Info

Gosh Darn Fiasco Podcast FIRST EPISODE!


The first episode of our NEW PODCAST is up and it’s soooo goood!

The podcast is GOSH DARN FIASCO. My friends and I improvise a movie-length story using prompts from the game Fiasco. It’s super easy to get into for gamers and non-gamers alike.

“In this episode, our players head to CAMP DEATH, a playset written by James Gabrielsen all about a haunted camp with a mysterious past and lots of problems. The counselors come early to set up and are greeted by a bus driver who loves PBJs, a messed up squirrel corpse, and a forest that takes impressionable youths and turns them into experienced hunters. What does it all mean? That’s a wonderful question. Please call in if you know this answer.”

You can listen on Simplecast or subscribe on iTunes, Overcast, Pocketcasts, whatever by just searching “Gosh Darn.”

<3 Thank you for listening!

5 new things for 5 years of the Doubleclicks

anniversary calendar-reorganize

Hello friends and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This year we are officially celebrating 5 YEARS of the Doubleclicks. It’s been an unexpected journey with y’all from a couple of weird sisters playing a song about D&D in a bar while people ignore us—to a couple of weird sisters playing a song about D&D in a game store while people sing along. 2015 was amazing, for example—you can read all about what happened last year on our blog. It’s wonderful wonderful wonderful and we are so thankful that you’ve joined us for the ride!

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we have put together 5 COOL THINGS for all of us to do together. Two of them are in Portland but the rest can be enjoyed by all people everywhere (through the Internet). So let’s begin!! Continue reading 5 new things for 5 years of the Doubleclicks

We’re going to PAX South! San Antonio, TX!

PAX south

We are playing at PAX SOUTH at the end of this month, January 29-Feb 1! So if you are in San Antonio/Austin/the “South” and you like video games, we highly recommend checking out PAX and coming to see our concert! Get passes and information at

And RSVP to our event on Facebook and we’ll update you if updates happen!

Our concert is scheduled for SATURDAY night. We’re scheduled to go on at 9pm, but it could be earlier or later so act accordingly! Continue reading We’re going to PAX South! San Antonio, TX!

2015 in The Doubleclicks

live wire 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2015 year-in-wrap-up post! This may not be interesting to anyone other than me, but I write these every year as an exercise in tracking-the-time-passing, in reflecting on what we’ve done, and as a way for me to have something to look back on to remember how I’ve been thinking. You can read all the previous years (2011201220132014) if you’d like. *I* think it’s interesting.

One of the coolest things about this year was all the neat people we got to work with. You can read all about them here!

I’m gonna give the highlights of each month of 2015, because it was a big year. BIG YEAR, I SAY. And also emotional year. EMOTIONS, I say. Let’s look at things! THERE ARE EMOTIONS IN HERE GET READY.  Continue reading 2015 in The Doubleclicks

Wonderful People We Played With This Year

2015 was a BIG YEAR for the Doubleclicks! This is the first post of 2 or maybe 3 where we wrap up the year. HOORAY!

Thanks to the NerdNightOut tour, our monthly online shows, and other things we put together (and some we didn’t), we were able to meet and produce events with a bunch of new people this year. They are inspiring and wonderful and fantastic and I want to tell you about them.

In case they are new to you, we made a playlist for you of some of our favorite songs from these folks. It’s on YouTube at and below!

We also made a Twitter list so you can go check everybody out real fast because we RECOMMEND IT.

HERE IS SOME INFORMATION ABOUT ALL OF THESE PEOPLE: Continue reading Wonderful People We Played With This Year

Hear us on NPR on Live Wire Radio!


We returned to Portland’s best local radio variety show, LIVE WIRE RADIO, to help celebrate their 300th Episode! Live Wire airs on lots of public radio stations around the country—you can see their broadcast schedule on their website!

We played our song about growing up and dinosaurs, Really Big Chickens, as well as our party anthem song Cats at Parties!

You can listen to the whole show, which includes an interview with the wonderful JOHN HODGMAN, on the Live Wire website!

You can also watch videos of our performance below!

Thanks so much to our friends at Live Wire for having us back!

NEW SONG: “Kilogram”

Did you know scientists are working on replacing the International Prototype Kilogram standard with a mathematical formula? Do those words mean nothing to you? Either way, hey, we wrote a break-up song about it. We’re really proud of it and you can hear it now!

Watch it on YouTube, share it if you like it, and if you’d like to download the song, consider supporting us on Patreon, where you can get all of our songs like this automagically for a pledge of $1 per video.