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OUR NEXT ALBUM: President Snakes: CD, release & party information!

CD release poster

Our next album is called PRESIDENT SNAKES! It was funded by a bunch of you in a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN! And it is finally coming out: on AUGUST 11!

You can pre-order President Snakes now on Bandcamp, and it will be delivered to your inbox automatically! (Kickstarter backers will get the album on August 10).  FAQ: yes, iTunes pre-order link is COMING, and we don’t have a preference whether you use Bandcamp or iTunes.

President Snakes is an album about being yourself and dealing with tough times—plus two songs about a group of snakes running for President. It’s not all nerdy, not all folky, not all funny, but definitely a mix of those things. It’s the most honest and personal album we’ve ever created. There is sadness and happiness and a cat or two. It’s the next step for us and it is full of songs we are extremely proud of, many of which we have released online over the last year (“This Is My Jam,” “Really Big Chickens,” “Bad Memories,” and more)—but the album will have polished-up, shiny new versions. Unlike our last two albums, “President Snakes” is primarily produced and performed by the Doubleclicks, because it’s honest and raw and very close to our hearts, and we want it to stay that way. We have learned a lot in 6 years of nerd/folk/music and we were happy to put that all to work on this record!

To celebrate the album, we are having a big CD release show: on the Internet! September 1 on 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, we will stream from our house to yours a live free concert with the songs from the albums, plus we’ll chat with you and answer questions and generally have fun! You can RSVP and invite friends to that show on Facebook!

We look forward to sharing our latest piece of art with you! Love and hugs!


The Doubleclicks at Gen Con 2015!

gen con 2015

Yes we are coming back to GEN CON!
Wednesday @ 5pm-6pm, Outdoor free concert at Beer Tapping Party on Georgia Street

Thursday @ 7pm-9pm, Angela guests at an improv/D&D event. Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Stn C. $8 Gen Con tix

Friday @ 4pm, Full Doubleclicks show in Westin Grand Ballroom V, $6 Gen Con tix
(Sarah Donner at 3pm, same room!)

Friday @ 7pm, guests at epic comedy/music show: Tix $20 with code ‘indywelcomesall’

3pm, Full Doubleclicks show in Westin Grand Ballroom V, $6 Gen Con tix
(Molly Lewis at 2pm, same room!)

#NerdNightOut East Coast Tour and PAX!

#NerdNightOut is our fun variety show and we are bringing it ON TOUR this fall: first up to PAX in Seattle on August 29 and then across the country to all sorts of places! We hope you’ll join us! And if you can’t we do need some help to make the tour happen: it’s an expensive show with guests and travel and so on, and we’d love to bring you along IN A SORT OF WAY.  For $50, we will send you a POSTCARD FROM THE ROAD!  For $100, we will send you a SOUVENIR FROM A TRUCK STOP!

nno twitter uare) v2

Keep reading for the details!

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NEWSLETTER: Cat video, free download PLUS PDX, Seattle, Bend Australia & more!

Here’s a copy of our latest e-mail newsletter!

for better formatting, view it on fanbridge!

Hello awesome nerds!Things are going pretty awesome in Doubleclicksland. We just wrapped our Kickstarter, which, thanks to you, raised over $55,000 for our next album! We’re going to be working on that album this summer, but we’ve got LOTS of shows planned as well, including Portland, Eugene, Bend, Seattle, and conventions from CA to MA to GA to AUSTRALIA.  Scroll to the end for a full schedule of  shows! Continue reading NEWSLETTER: Cat video, free download PLUS PDX, Seattle, Bend Australia & more!

Portland Summer Fun Concerts/Contest!

PORTLAND, ORE.: We have a whole series of awesome shows with touring national acts coming up in Portland this summer! Pick up a rewards-sticker-art card at any show to get entered into our contest! The more shows you attend, the more entries into the awesome prize raffle you will earn, plus you will be able to finish the sticker card’s MYSTERY PICTURE! It’s a game and an activity! And it starts tomorrow!

summer concert series punch card-2-picture

Friday, 6/5 @ The TARDIS Room. 9pm! The PDX Broadsides CD Release Party! Doubleclicks opening. (FREE) (FACEBOOK) Continue reading Portland Summer Fun Concerts/Contest!

We will be in Denver, CO this weekend for ANOMALYCON!

dwnver poster

We love Denver and we’ll be there this weekend at AnomalyCon​ @ the Denver Tech Center Hyatt! The concert is free with convention pass, which will be available at the hotel only—$20 for a Saturday badge or $35 for the whole weekend!! Children under 8 are free and ages 8-13 are half price with a registered adult.


CONCERT: Saturday night 3/28 at 9pm in room Grand Mesa ABC (the main events room)

PANEL: Sunday 3/29, 11am: “Kickstarting with Passion” in room “Wind River A”!

And look for us around the con, you may see us signing and selling in the dealer’s hall and probably taking lots of pictures of people in costumes! :D

“Talkin Comics” & “Living 4 Crits”: interview & review

We have some fun new press coverage to share with you today!


We spoke with Stephanie at Talking Comics. Stephanie found us when we put a call out on Twitter saying this:

twitter screen copy

We were interested in having a more balanced set of interviews. We love talking to everybody, but we suspected that we might get more out of an interview when talking to a person who was a woman (for example, men tend to ask a lot of the same “what is it like to be a woman” and “since when do geek girls exist” questions, and we’d love to talk about other things). And hey—we were right, at least in Stephanie’s case.

Stephanie is an amazing interviewer and I was super interested in her questions and this conversation. Her podcast is called “Talking Comics” but we talked about a lot more than comics. Procrastination, quitting your job with and without a safety net, Nutella lattes, our future as the Aunts from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which super villain Aubrey wants to be, and our ideal fictional supergroup. Listen to Talking Comics!talkingcomicslogo

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