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NEW SONG: “Kilogram”

Did you know scientists are working on replacing the International Prototype Kilogram standard with a mathematical formula? Do those words mean nothing to you? Either way, hey, we wrote a break-up song about it. We’re really proud of it and you can hear it now!

Watch it on YouTube, share it if you like it, and if you’d like to download the song, consider supporting us on Patreon, where you can get all of our songs like this automagically for a pledge of $1 per video.

This Winter: We’re touring with Sammus!

tour plug december cat copysmall

This December, Portland nerd-folk duo The Doubleclicks and Producer/rapper/geekette Sammus are touring the west coast!Clicks_Sammus_4x6

12/8 – Seattle, WA @ Funhouse at El Corazon @ 9pm
w/ Shubzilla
$8 / $10 tickets –
21+ – RSVP & invite friends on Facebook 

12/9 – Portland, OR @ Analog Cafe Downstairs @ 8pm
w/ Lucia Fasano
$8 tickets –
All Ages til 10pm (not kids music) – RSVP & invite friends on Facebook

12/10 – Eugene, OR @ The Boreal @ 7:30pm
$8 at the door – All Ages (not kids music) –
RSVP & invite friends on Facebook –

12/11 – San Jose @ Gx3 concert @ 8pm
w/ 2 Mello & Super Soul Bros
$30 – $80 convention passes
RSVP & invite friends on Facebook

12/13 – Santa Cruz @ Crepe Place @ 9pm
$10 tickets –
All Ages(not kids music)
RSVP & invite friends on Facebook

12/14 – Santa Barbara @ Avalon Comics and Games @ 7pm
All Ages (not kids music)
RSVP & invite friends on Facebook –

12/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Genghis Cohen @ 8:30
$10 tickets –
RSVP & invite friends on Facebook

Be in our next video about KILOGRAMS! Color a picture!

kilogram header

You know how sometimes we make videos with your help? We’re doing it again!! This time, we’re asking you to color a picture. All of you! Our next song is about THE KILOGRAM STANDARD. It’s fascinating and we’ll tell you all about it in the song. Here is what you have to do to be in the video.

Update Oct 31, 6 am PDT: We have all the pictures we need, thank you!

1. Print and color this picture of THE KILOGRAM STANDARD. Get creative with your colors – realistic, fantastic – magical – just don’t write any words or anything, just color! Feel free to ask your kids/partner/parents to color one too!


2. Scan* the final picture and send it to

3. Go fill out this form with your name for the credits (fill it out once per page you submit!)

4. Share this link with your friends so they can participate, too!

(thank you Natalie Metzger for creating the amazing coloring page for us!!)


*Feel free to color digitally if you’d like, just don’t cover up the original picture or change the aspect ratio, since we’ll be sizing the images to all be the same size in the video. Here are some examples. Thanks to these great early-picture-turn-inners!


OK guys, here’s a thing that happened: Nerdist approached us to work with them to make a song for Totinos pizza rolls. And we made this thing, and we are SUPER PROUD OF IT.

Here’s the background (also a really good mini documentary about us):

And HERE’s the video!

Love from us!

PS did you know we’re going on tour?

9/8 Greensboro, NC @ The Blind Tiger
Doors at 7. $10 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 16+

9/9 Pittsburgh, PA @ Thunderbird Cafe
Doors 7pm, Show 8pm. $12 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 21+ show

9/10 Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java
Doors 6pm, Show 7:30pm. $12 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 16+ show
w/ a special appearance by Professor Shyguy!

9/11 Philadelphia (Ardmore), PA @ Melodies Cafe
Doors 7, Show 8pm. $12 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 16+ show

9/12 Brooklyn, NY @ The Bell House
Doors 6pm, Show 7pm. $12 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 21+ show
with special guest comedian MIKE DRUCKER!

9/14 Boston, MA @ The Middle East
7pm Doors. $12 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 16+ show

9/15 Washington, DC @ The Black Cat
7:30pm doors, 8pm show. $12 pre-sale tickets!
RSVP/Invite friends on Facebook! 16+ show
w/ a special appearance by Professor Shyguy!

11/9 Seattle, WA @ The Triple Door
6:00pm doors, 7:30pm show. $20 pre-sale tickets!
w/ Molly Lewis & Jackie Kashian! All Ages

11/10 Portland, OR @ The Doug Fir
7:30pm doors, 8pm show. $12 pre-sale tickets!
w/ Molly Lewis & Jackie Kashian! 21+

The Doubleclicks at Dragon Con 2015

We are coming to DRAGONCON for the very first time, this weekend Sept 4-8! And we’re doing so many shows! Our schedule is here for your reference!!!

dragon con schedule
Notes: The big show is SATURDAY NIGHT AT 8pm—we’re doing a 20 minute set in this show that also has SO MANY GREAT PERFORMERS!
The “Doubleclicks Concert!” events will all be our hour-long, family-friendly set (these are the only shows we KNOW will be all-ages-friendly). We’re doing that show three times! And we’re also doing LOTS of other things!


Friday 4pm: Music & Talking with Molly Lewis & The Doubleclicks! Sheraton – Valdosta
Friday 5:30pm: – Gonzo Quiz Show & Celebrity Improv – Angela participates in the post-quiz-show celebrity improv, which starts at 7pm and includes AMAZING GUESTS from Doctor Who, MST3K and more, hosted by Ken Plume and Joseph Scrimshaw! Marriott Imperial Ballroom

Saturday 1pm: Doubleclicks Concert! Full hour of Doubleclicks music thanks to the Filk track! Hyatt Baker
Saturday 4pm: Doubleclicks Concert! Hyatt Concourse Stage (Exhibit Level of the Hyatt Regency)
Saturday 8pm – Gonzaroo III GREAT BIG GREAT WONDERFUL SHOW! with Paul and Storm, Ken Plume, Mike Phirman, Joseph Scrimshaw, Molly Lewis, The Doubleclicks, Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, Aaron Fever, Doc Hammer, Scott Adsit, James Urbaniak, Frank Conniff!!! – Marriott Atrium Ballroom

Sunday 1pm: Doubleclicks Concert! Hyatt Concourse Stage (Exhibit Level of the Hyatt Regency)
Sunday 5:30pm: Parsec Awards! We’re playing and presenting at this! – Hyatt Regency V
Sunday 8:30pm: Quiz Show! We’re both celebrity guests on a fun quiz show with Doc Hammer, Mike Phirman Joseph Scrimshaw & hosted by Ken Plume & Aaron Fever!! Hyatt Regency VI-VII

Find out about Dragon Con at

New Album& upcoming events of interest to Portlanders!


Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 4.33.37 PM

We are in Portland! We’re home! We’ve been home a lot this summer! It’s—to be honest—really, really nice. We aren’t touring as much as last year, mostly because we’ve been completely overwhelmed with other pursuits: Kickstarter, video, new projects, and some personal stress things have just taken up the time we would spend planning and being on tours. We’re working with some nice people who are booking things for us so we can do Everything At Once—but the net result so far is that we’re home more. And it’s nice. It’s real nice. Because we are doing so many great things here! Here are events that might be of interest to locals!

TOMORROW: Wednesday August 12—PICKLES Comedy Show— if you follow me (@angelamwebber) on twitter, you may have noticed I’m doing some Solo Comedy Things lately, and this is one of them. Free comedy show, tomorrow at 7pm, with me and a lot of great locals and touring acts! Information on Facebook.

NEXT WEEK: Tuesday August 18—JOHN SCALZI Reading at Powell’s! 7pm! John Scalzi is my favorite author in the world and he asked us to do a little music to “warm up” for him at his Portland book tour stop! Come to this because he is the greatest, stay because we are also there. Details on his website.

AND LATER: August 31—THE MOVIE QUIZ—9:30pm. We aren’t performing at this, but it’s a really fun trivia night and they’re having a Doubleclicks-themed round! You should go so that when he says “this round is themed around The Doubleclicks!” there is some applause. You should also go because it is seriously a super fun evening of trivia, even if you don’t know anything about movies. Mark (the host) puts a TON of work into it. Details on Facebook.

OUR NEXT ALBUM: President Snakes: CD, release & party information!

CD release poster

Our next album is called PRESIDENT SNAKES! It was funded by a bunch of you in a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN! And it is finally coming out: on AUGUST 11!

You can pre-order President Snakes now on Bandcamp, and it will be delivered to your inbox automatically! (Kickstarter backers will get the album on August 10).  FAQ: yes, iTunes pre-order link is COMING, and we don’t have a preference whether you use Bandcamp or iTunes.

President Snakes is an album about being yourself and dealing with tough times—plus two songs about a group of snakes running for President. It’s not all nerdy, not all folky, not all funny, but definitely a mix of those things. It’s the most honest and personal album we’ve ever created. There is sadness and happiness and a cat or two. It’s the next step for us and it is full of songs we are extremely proud of, many of which we have released online over the last year (“This Is My Jam,” “Really Big Chickens,” “Bad Memories,” and more)—but the album will have polished-up, shiny new versions. Unlike our last two albums, “President Snakes” is primarily produced and performed by the Doubleclicks, because it’s honest and raw and very close to our hearts, and we want it to stay that way. We have learned a lot in 6 years of nerd/folk/music and we were happy to put that all to work on this record!

To celebrate the album, we are having a big CD release show: on the Internet! September 1 on 6pm PDT/9pm EDT, we will stream from our house to yours a live free concert with the songs from the albums, plus we’ll chat with you and answer questions and generally have fun! You can RSVP and invite friends to that show on Facebook!

We look forward to sharing our latest piece of art with you! Love and hugs!


The Doubleclicks at Gen Con 2015!

gen con 2015

Yes we are coming back to GEN CON!
Wednesday @ 5pm-6pm, Outdoor free concert at Beer Tapping Party on Georgia Street

Thursday @ 7pm-9pm, Angela guests at an improv/D&D event. Crowne Plaza Pennsylvania Stn C. $8 Gen Con tix

Friday @ 4pm, Full Doubleclicks show in Westin Grand Ballroom V, $6 Gen Con tix
(Sarah Donner at 3pm, same room!)

Friday @ 7pm, guests at epic comedy/music show: Tix $20 with code ‘indywelcomesall’

3pm, Full Doubleclicks show in Westin Grand Ballroom V, $6 Gen Con tix
(Molly Lewis at 2pm, same room!)

#NerdNightOut East Coast Tour and PAX!

#NerdNightOut is our fun variety show and we are bringing it ON TOUR this fall: first up to PAX in Seattle on August 29 and then across the country to all sorts of places! We hope you’ll join us! And if you can’t we do need some help to make the tour happen: it’s an expensive show with guests and travel and so on, and we’d love to bring you along IN A SORT OF WAY.  For $50, we will send you a POSTCARD FROM THE ROAD!  For $100, we will send you a SOUVENIR FROM A TRUCK STOP!

nno twitter uare) v2

Keep reading for the details!

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