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Lasers and Feelings Is Almost Sold Out!

lasers and feelings

Physical media! Some people love it! Do YOU? Are you collecting our CDs for some reason? Do you have awesome friends and loved ones who appreciate thoughtful presents? We have a suggestion/warning: we are down to our last handful of copies of our 2013 album Lasers and Feelings, and you can buy one now before they’re gone!

We have a lot of feelings about Lasers and Feelings–it has many of our best-loved songs on it, like “Nothing to Prove,” “The Guy Who Yelled Freebird,” and this little ditty, below:

Find The Last Few Copies Of Lasers and Feelings Here:

Of course if physical CDs aren’t your thing, you can always find us on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, and most places where music exists!

Love to you!

Come See Us Online This Week

Hey folks. We’re still collecting our thoughts and planning our actions after last week’s events, as we’re sure all of you are, but we’ve got some shows coming up online this week and we’d love for you to join us if it feels right!


November 17 at 6 pm, #DoubleclicksLive – Free Online YouTube Show: We’ll be hosting our monthly online show on our YouTube channel Thursday evening! Pull on your favorite pants, put on your headphones, and join us for music, chat, and special guest Peter from Rock, Paper, Cynic! There’s still time to request songs on the Facebook poll.

PLUS tomorrow:

November 15 at 11 am – Desert Bus Fundraiser Benefiting Child’s Play: Desert Bus is the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $3.1 million for Child’s Play, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games. It’s a great example of what happens when people from all over the world–organizers, volunteers, crafters and viewers–come together to achieve a common goal, and we’re so proud to be a part of it. We’ll be calling in and chatting and playing a few songs on Tuesday, so check it out at!


Wednesday, November 16 at 7 pm: If you’re in Portland, we’d love to see your faces. You can find us at Kickstand Comedy Space at the Siren Theater Wednesday, November 16 for a live recording of our comedy/role-playing game podcast, Gosh Darn Fiasco, at 7 pm. This month we’re featuring Lucia Fasano (singer-songwriter, comedian, Portlandia) and bestselling author Chelsea Cain (Heartsick, Mockingbird). Find tickets here and RSVP on Facebook. 17+ recommended.

Monday, November 21 at 8 pm: We’re also playing a short set at It’s Gonna Be Okay, Barbara Holm’s weekly feminist safe-space comedy show, November 21 at Eastburn. The show is free and starts at 8:30 pm, but you’ll want to get there by 8 pm to get a seat. 21+.

Hugs and love to everyone!

Time Cops!

We’ve got corrupt time cops. We’ve got body-switching roommates. We’ve got a guy who is not Doc Brown or Einstein. And we’re going to STEAL THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Are you ready?

This live episode of our podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco was recorded at Rose City Comic-Con with our friends/special guests Lucia Fasano, Kyle McCormick, Rich Malena, and Kevin M. Arnold!

Gosh Darn Fiasco

Check out this and all episodes of our gaming/improv podacst on iTunes or Simplecast (or wherever you listen to podcasts!)

And catch a live episode as well! We’re doing a live recording NOVEMBER 16 in Portland with special Guest CHELSEA CAIN and Lucia Fasano! 7pm a Kickstand comedy theater. Tickets $5, available now! And then, March 4-11, 2017, We’re bringing GDF ON THE OPEN OCEAN! Join us on the JoCoCruise for a live recording with some amazing guests! Cruise tickets are still available!

New Video: “The Universe” by Danielle Ate The Sandwich

Hello friends! We have a new video for you: a cover of “The Universe,” a beautiful song by Danielle Ate The Sandwich. This song is incredibly great and I knew as soon as I heard it that I wanted to play it sometime. Aubrey put on an incredible string quartet of cellos and I’m really happy with how it turned out! If you like it, please share it!

Danielle’s new album The Terrible Dinner Guest is incredible—if you haven’t yet gotten into Danielle’s stuff, I recommend checking out this music video, which is amazing and funny and SO DARN RELATABLE.

Thank you as always to our Patreon backers for making our videos possible!

Video Games, Vampires & Satan: Doubleclicks Variety Show 10/27

Doubleclicks Variety ShowPortland! The Doubleclicks Variety Show is this Thursday at Kickstand Comedy Space at the Siren Theater–have you gotten your tickets yet? Our monthly show will be going on hiatus for the holidays, so don’t miss this one!

Here’s what you’ll get for the low, low price of $5 (well, $6.30 with fees):

We just had an amazing rehearsal (see headline for hints what we’ll be up to), and we can’t wait to get on stage! Last month’s show sold out, so make sure to get your tickets ahead of time.

Note: This show has swears and sexual content. If it were a movie it would be rated R. Please consider this when bringing humans under 17. Unless, you know, they’re cool. But probably leave the kids at home.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and the show starts at 7:30–hope to see you there!

We Wrote for Betrayal at the House on the Hill!

Last year the wonderful Mike Selinker at Lone Shark Games reached out to us with an exciting proposition: an expansion—the first in 11 years—for his game Betrayal at the House on the Hill. He asked us to write for Widow’s Walk, which we did, with help from Richard Malena (our partner in tour, games, and his show Atomic Game Theory)! Ours is a very special haunt where you can betray your friends . . . with cats. No more spoilers, but we’re very proud.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

The whole expansion is amazing. There are new rooms, new omens, and a lot of great content by amazing contributors like Zoë Quinn (Depression Quest), Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), Max Temkin and Eli Halpern (Cards Against Humanity), Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), and more!

It was a real treat to get in on helping to design (and playtest, a little!) this game, and it’s been hard keeping the secret for so long . . .

But now you can finally get Betrayal at the House On the Hill: Widow’s Walk—with a haunt by Angela Webber (that’s me!) and Richard Malena—at your friendly local game store or on Amazon! Let us know if you play our haunt, I want to know what you name your cat!

New Podcast Episode: INDIANA JONES!

Our role-playing game/comedy-improv podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco has a new episode this week!

Gosh Darn Fiasco

Join Josh A. Cagan (screenwriter, the DUFF), Joseph Scrimshaw (Obsessed Podcast, writer for Rifftrax), and Lucia Fasano (comedian, Portlandia, singer-songwriter) for a trip into an archaeological dig where we try to make a movie and discover a forbidden holy artifact in a cave full of traps, spirits, and crystals!

Listen on the web:

On iTunes:

On Google Play:

and on all the podcast apps, just search “Gosh Darn Fiasco!”

You Should Write A Song About That! Episode 1: Sam Maggs talks about Anandibai Joshi

Today we are debuting a new project called “You Should Write A Song About That,” in which we interview a fascinating person about something that fascinates them and write a song about that!

In our first segment we talk to author Sam Maggs about Anandibai Joshi—the first Indian woman to get a degree in Western Medicine—and then we wrote a song about her! Read more about Anandibai and 24 other amazing women in “WONDER WOMEN” – the new book by Sam Maggs, it’s really, really great!


Full Interview:

This project is made possible by our backers on Patreon who pay $1 or more for each new video we post! Thank you, Patreon backers! You can join them at:

Lucia Fasano’s Radio Silence CD release party is this weekend!!


Lucia Fasano is a wonderful human – we have worked with her on several projects over the last couple years, and we are thrilled to say her album is the first not-us album that we have released with our new indie-artist-crowdfunding label that we started, creatively called “Doubleclicks Records!” The album was produced by Jackpot Recording/Larry Crane, who amazingly generously gave Lucia a shot on this debut solo release. The album is great and we are happy to be even a little involved!

If you’re in Portland, Come hear Lucia’s amazing music as well as comedy and music from us and a bunch of dear friends this weekend: Saturday night, 7pm at Books with Pictures!

We’re celebrity sock judges!


Some neat opportunities have come our way since we started this band, but I have to say the biggest “WE MADE IT!!” moment came for me earlier this year when we were asked to be “celebrity judges” for Sock It To Me’s annual design contest. “What?” you ask… well… yes.

Sock It To Me makes amazing songs. There are dinosaurs, cats, and space—my three favorite things. And I own lots of their socks. It’s part of who I am. They run a contest every year where anyone can design a sock, and the winner gets $2,000 and their sock design is produced. I think it’s rad. I think we should have interesting socks and we should all celebrate art at all levels.

ANYWAY— the designs are in and you can vote now! Aubrey and I (and other celebrity judges including Lucy Knisley and Lil Bub) voted in the previous round to narrow down to the finalists. We love socks, friends. And we are officially celebrities. So deal with THAT.

The Ghastlytrump Tinies: we recorded the audiobook!

Register to vote! Put voting on your calendar! Then vote. Promise? Good. Damn this damn election. Game design kingpin Mike Selinker got us involved in a really neat political project he put together this fall, here’s the pitch:


The Ghastlytrump Tinies is a parody of Edward Gorey’s classic alphabet book The Gashlycrumb Tinies, but with the children representing what we’d lose in a hypothetical (we hope!) Trump administration. It is written by game designer Mike Selinker, illustrated by 26 of the best artists on the planet, and published by Basket of Adorables.

A mere 1,000 copies of this softcover book are available for $25 (plus $10 shipping) – but you can pay that $25 (or more!) as a donation to the Clinton campaign or the Southern Poverty Law Center and only send us ONE PENNY (plus the shipping). If you do that, just email us a copy of your receipt from Hillary Clinton’s donation page or the SPLC donation page. But act now. Once it’s gone, it’s gone like the things in this book will be if we elect Trump.

We recorded the audiobook for “The Ghastlytrump Tinies” – and you can listen to it – and get your copy of the book – at