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T-shirts and totes available right now!

We’re on tour right now, but when we get home we will ship out more t-shirts and tote bags and dice!

Ladies & Men’s sizes, totes and dice:

gildan purple



Kids shirts are also available!!

Kid’s Velociraptor Shirts:

Kid’s Dimetrodon Clothes:

Kid’s shirts:

On Paul and Storm, our first big break, and our show next week!

10632682_10152665477574917_6926322678937134950_nIn February 2011, we emailed Paul and Storm in the middle of the night with a message starting: “Dear Misters Paul and Storm”, mentioning their upcoming show in PDX, and ending with this: “If you are looking for some girls to play a love song about gaming at a show sometime, we may be your gals. It’s a long shot, but I wanted to try.”

What I didn’t say in that e-mail was that their songs, in their current band and their former one, were by far my most-played tracks of all time (especially “Title of The Song”, by their old band Da Vinci’s notebook, which was on a CD of a local a capella group I stole from my sister in high school, and the “Pillsbury Cookie Dough” Jingle). I didn’t say that I’d seen them in concert 3 times, listened to all their podcasts, and watched all their YouTube videos.

Probably a lack of mentioning those things helped a great deal—and though that email SHOULD NOT HAVE WORKED, it did (they even said we had “very funny stuff!”)—and we opened for  Paul and Storm in Portland for our largest audience ever, probably still one of our best shows ever, and at that show we met amazing friends and our very first in-real-life geeky fans.

I was wearing my work clothes from my old dayjob + my worst haircut ever. Good work, me.
I was wearing my work clothes from my old dayjob + my worst haircut ever. Good work, me.

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Wanna be in our video this week? Here’s how!

LET’S MAKE A MUSIC VIDEO TOGETHER, FRIENDS! Why not? It’ll be fun! Being involved is a two-step process. and the DEADLINE IS MONDAY, JUNE 2!


1. Take a short (7 seconds or less) video of yourself dancing with a container of jam or jelly. Fruit jam, fruit jelly. Or toast. ANY dance you want! Fun dance!

2. Send us the video following these specific instructions (If the video doesn’t fit these requirements, we just aren’t going to use it. Sorry.)

  • PLEASE make sure your video is horizontal, not vertical (turn your phone!)iphonetutorial
  • Send us 7 seconds or less of video. Don’t give us the set-up, just give us the good part. Trim it! Send us ONLY ONE video!
  • Formats: 3GP, AVI, MP4 and Quicktime. And don’t make the final over a gig, that’d be silly.
  • send the video via google drive or dropbox to If you do not know how to use these free services, please look it up! They’re both great and keeping it simple is the only way we’ll be able to make this video happen.
  • Once you submit your video, go to this google form and give us your name for the credits:
  • Send your video BEFORE Monday, June 2 at 8pm PDT. After that point, we aren’t accepting any more jam.
  • Don’t take a photo of someone who doesn’t know what’s happening! Please! Don’t rope your sister into it or something. That makes everyone feel weird! Dance your own beautiful self! (Or get a baby or dog to do it, that’s just adorable.)

Jammily yours,

The Doubleclicks.

The Dimetrodon Album & Tour!

DIMETRODON released on Jun 10: GET IT NOW!

on ITUNES or on BANDCAMP or (physical CD) CDBaby

(or google, amazon, all of those other places you like)

doubleclicks-album-art-final web copy

We are SUPER proud of this CD. It was produced by Mike Phirman and sounds awesome. Dimetrodon TOUR DATES are on OUR TOUR CALENDAR… Make sure you’re on our email list so when we come back to the east coast, midwest & more you won’t miss it!

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Weekly Song Wednesday starts May 7

Last fall, we wrote and released a song on YouTube every week for 14 weeks. It was fun and great and terrible and awesome. You can watch those videos on a YouTube playlist.

This February, we Kickstarted an opportunity to do it again… bigger, better, faster, stronger. That Kickstarter succeeded, and even enabled us to both make The Doubleclicks our full-time job all year long so we can work on projects like this.
So now, we have an announcement…

wsw announcementThis summer, we present Weekly Song Wednesday Season 2. For 10 weeks, from May 7 to July 9, we’ll release a new music video every wednesday. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to tune in!