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New song: “Christmas Ain’t About Me” & TWO Portland shows for grown-ups and kids!

This week’s video is a very special Christmas song, dedicated to older siblings everywhere (and the younger siblings that stole their spotlight)

This track can be downloaded in iTunes or Bandcamp (or lots of other places, just search your favorite store.)

And now… Announcement time!

We have not one, but TWO concerts coming up in Portland this January! One of them is a great big #NerdNightOut event with comedy, music, drinking and shenanigans on Friday, January 24 at 7:30pm (doors at 7). The other is an all-ages family-friendly concert on Saturday, January 25 at 3pm. In the afternoon! We’ve made a diagram to help you tell the difference between the two shows:

1497673_666771023373835_1516314796_n (1)

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Holiday Shopping & Thanks!


Guys, NOVEMBER is like.. almost over! I had my birthday (presents pictured above) and now our Big Portland Show is only a few days away (it’s this Saturday (tickets)! bring your crazy family and your flask of leftover pumpkin pie!)

As the year winds down into “holiday” and “wild party” modes, we want to give you a big thanks for supporting our independent art all year long by buying our dinosaur-themed items. We’re not exactly sure how to thank you (other than yelling—THANK YOU!!), so we’ll just keep writing really weird songs until you tell us it’s not working for you.


Doing some shopping? Use the code “DCHOLIDAY” on our Bandcamp store for 10% off music downloads, tote bags, dice, t-shirts until December 4. We have a full catalog of purchasable items listed on our website, but here are some highlights:

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New Video: “Ode To Spot” – Star Trek Halloween special :)

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Lt. Cmdr. Data writes a poem to his cat, Spot. We set that poem to music. Also, dancing. Happy Halloween!

The song is a free download on Bandcamp:

This poem is not ours! It was written by the writing staff of Star Trek (either Brannon Braga or Clay Dale, depending on which part of Wikipedia you believe). And we love it. The music is ours, however.

New Song: “Wonder”, a song for Wonder Woman

People of the Internet are calling for a Wonder Woman movie. They’re speculating on costumes. They’re photoshopping posters & suggesting casting. There is that stunning fan-made trailer by Rainfall Films that showed the Internet that Wonder Woman can really, really, hold her screen time. We support this movement! We thought we’d pitch in to the making-a-Wonder-Woman-movie-seem-like-a-good-idea by writing a song for the Soundtrack. We picture this song (not actually, but how awesome would that be) going on during the credits of the un-planned un-made Wonder Woman movie, sort of Taylor Swift/Hunger Games style.

Here’s the song!

Here’s the excellent album art by Jade Gordon! (Click on it to download the song on Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want) and it’ll be up on iTunes & Amazon and all those places soon.) When the movie is made, they should definitely hire Jade to design the soundtrack album.

wonder woman album art