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How to carry a guitar on a plane | The best airlines & latest rules

We fly with our instruments. We do it a lot. We’ve even written a song about it! And it’s a stressfest every single time. Inconsistent regulations, airline staff who don’t know the rules, overcrowded overhead bins, and grumpy people make it even harder. The world is conspiring against us getting our guitar to our destination in one piece. Fortunately, we have a system down pretty well now. Here’s our strategy, and we hope it helps!

This cart contains everything we bring on a typical airplane trip.
This cart contains everything we bring on a typical airplane trip. The big thing is a cello in a BAM flight case. That’s a whole other monster, and a post for another day.

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BoingBoing, Hypebot, and CDBaby | Oh my!

Our extremely wordy but theoretically helpful posts about Tour Planning and Kickstarter have been picked up by some music business industry blogs recently! This is really cool! Thank you all for reading and sharing, it means a lot to us.

BoingBoing also called us "Beloved nerd troubadours" :)
BoingBoing also called us “Beloved nerd troubadours” :)
hypebot copy
Hypebot covers “the new music business”
cdbaby copy
CDBaby? We love those guys!

Two shows with Patrick Rothfuss | Wrapup post

"Late Night With Alex Falcone" group photo by Pat Moran
“Late Night Action With Alex Falcone” group photo by Pat Moran

We had a pretty amazing couple days last week. On Monday we were invited to be musical guests on “Late Night Action With Alex Falcone“—a live comedy-interview-sketch show in Portland which is really, genuinely, professionally hilarious. It was a fantastic experience for us… and made even more amazing because the other guests included Reggie Aqui and Patrick Rothfuss, who were both the MOST CHARMING in their interviews with the hilarious hosts Bri Pruett and Alex Falcone. If you can make it out to see the show, we highly recommend it. It’s a Portland GEM.

On TUESDAY we had another crazy experience: Patrick Rothfuss invited us to open for him at the HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL AND CLASSY Newmark Theater for his huge official Powell’s reading for his new GREAT NOVELLA. Every part of that sentence is amazing.

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Halloween t-shirt sale!

T-shirts! Get your t-shirts here!
T-shirts! Get your t-shirts here!

We just got in a new order of shirts and tote bags and we will start shipping them to pre-orderers today. If you want to order your own Dimetrodon shirt, Velociraptor T or Velociraptor Tote bag, we have them in sizes S-2XL ladies and S-3XL unisex on our BANDCAMP MERCH STORE. If you order now, they should arrive in less than a week—and you can use the code “Halloween” for 5% off til Friday at midnight!

As always, you can find kid’s tshirts on a different page (Dimetrodon shirts and onesies) (Velociraptor shirts), and our “Nothing to Prove” t-shirts are available as well.

Thank you for clothing yourself in a way that supports independent music!


Our October Livestream Show is Next Thursday, 10/30!

Join us on YouTube for our monthly online concert next Thursday!
Join us on YouTube for our monthly online concert next Thursday!

Every month this year we are putting on a live casual concert/chat show on YouTube—from our house to yours. This month’s event is next Thursday, October 30 at 6pm! We will play songs, we will talk to you and answer your questions, AND we will be joined by JOSEPH SCRIMSHAW and possibly more guests! The link to watch the show is HERE:! Do you have a song request? Leave those in the comments below!

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We’re playing TWO shows with Patrick Rothfuss in Portland next week!

Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, pictured with two weirdos
Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss, pictured with two weirdos

Patrick Rothfuss will be in Portland next week as part of his book tour, and we are doing some things with him!! COME SEE US!

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One weird trick for a successful kickstarter project

Here is our big Kickstarter advice and lessons post! I am writing this for two reasons: (1) We get a lot of email requests for Kickstarter advice, so I am writing this piece to have one big article to link to when we get those messages, and (2) I did a lot of research and work on the Kickstarter, and I want to write down the things I learned, because then it feels DOUBLE WORTH IT. This post may not apply to the general Doubleclicks follower, but perhaps some of you are talented musicians and comedians and authors in the early stages of Kickstarter madness and are desperately seeking advice because you feel so alone and stupid and lost—I remember this feeling well. Maybe we can help!

We used photoshop poorly many times during our Kickstarter!
We used photoshop poorly many times during our Kickstarter, and this is an example!

For those who don’t know us: We are a band called the Doubleclicks, and in February of this year we raised $80,000 on Kickstarter to make an album (and thanks for stretch goal insanity, a lot of other things as well.) You can see our Kickstarter project here. Yes, it went very well. People ask us if we were surprised or overwhelmed by the response. We weren’t, really—mostly we are THANKFUL. We are SO VERY INCREDIBLY ENDLESSLY THANKFUL to the people who supported the project, who make it possible for us to pursue music full-time and work on things we’re passionate about. The reception that our fans gave the campaign was amazing and gave us lots of wonderful good feelings. I don’t really know what made people so generous toward us, but I try not to think about it too hard. Mostly we just try to work to deserve the support our amazing listeners give us. We worked real hard and were prepared for the campaign in the abstract, with numbers and plans and orders and timelines, so we weren’t too overwhelmed by the numbers when they happened. But the feeling of “Wow, people want to support us pursuing our dream”—that was something that we couldn’t really prepare for. People are awesome sometimes.

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