New Song: Cats and Netflix!

We’ve got a new song about that beautiful time of year when the sun goes away! This is week three of Weekly Song Wednesday, which has been really fun so far.

Get the song as a pay-what-you want download on Bandcamp! (It’ll be up on iTunes & all that stuff soon!)

New song: “Internet Troll” & announcing Weekly Song Wednesday!


For the rest of 2013, we will be releasing a new song every Wednesday. This is called “Weekly Song Wednesday.” Like it? It’s alliterative. The first song is already up: check out INTERNET TROLL on YouTube, and buy the mp3 (pay-what-you-want) on Bandcamp!

Find the songs every week on: YouTube (with videos! Subscribe! Please!) Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want!) iTunes (soon!) Tumblr (it’s like a blog) (it is a blog!) and RSS (for nerds!)

We asked Twitter for questions about the project, and here are our answers: Continue reading

Video roundup: Our Velociraptor song & full concert!

Video 1: VELOCIRAPTOR! The good word about body image, Hollywood, and velociraptors has been getting out, particularly through this video, which was posted by our friends at Live Wire Radio:

Our Jurassic Park/Velociraptor song is called “Clever Girl” (silly us with our jokey song titles) and it was on our last album “Chainmail and Cello.” That’s on iTunes, Amazon, and Bandcamp (there are lyrics on Bandcamp.)

Video 2: A CONCERT! Our entire mainstage concert at the Paramount in Seattle was recorded by wonderful camera and sound people, and they provided the footage to us! So we uploaded it to youtube! So  you can watch a full 50-minute Doubleclicks set right from your computer, including singing-alongs, swaying, and feedback (it goes away after the first song, promise.)

That’s all for now! xoxo -the Doubleclicks

See ya at the PAX Concerts!

PAX blog thig

THIS WEEKEND we are playing at PAX, you guys! PAX was one of our very first introductions to Epic Nerd Music In The Wild. And an amazing supergroup cover of Double Rainbow performed by MC Frontalot, Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm is, to this day, still one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen. Actually doing a mainstage show at PAX is one of those “dreams come true” for us — except it was a crazy dream that we never ever actually expected to happen, so holy crap, we are freaking out a bit, but it’s ok, keep breathing. Where was I?

We are playing the main stage Saturday night concert* at PAX! Come see us play songs from our new album and our old album, and watch us dance nervously, and also we will throw prizes into the audience in an attempt to make them like us. We will be hanging out at Bandland all weekend as well, selling CDs & a limited number of Doubleclicks dice. And please tell your friends!

*the concert starts at 8:30. We are on SECOND, followed by the rapper laureate of PAX, MC Frontalot himself.

PS: Game Designer John Harper (Lady Blackbird, OneSeven Design) made a tabletop RPG called ”Lasers and Feelings” inspired by our album!! Find him at Games on Demand at PAX if you want to play or download it from his website!

New music video: “Nothing To Prove”

This whole “fake geek girl” situation, and the wider “geek elitism” situation, has been a stupid thing stuck in our craw for a while now. There have been many great arts and commentaries on the subject — our particular favorites coming in the comics of John Kovalic and the blog of John Scalzi. Our new song “Nothing to Prove,” (download/read the lyrics on Bandcamp) and the music video, which we conceptualized with brilliant screenwriter Josh A. Cagan, is our contribution to the discussion. Here it is (or watch it on YouTube):

UPDATE: “No fake geeks/Only real jerks” t-shirts (to benefit AppCamp4Girls) are now available!!

shirts copy

We took videos for this project on our last nationwide #velociraptour, and then asked for submissions last month. We received somewhere between 150-250 videos. Only about 70 of those videos fit into the final music video (that is enough, by the way, to crash Final Cut Pro even on the very nice computer our friend Ben lent us to finish the project. Thanks Ben!)

Too many submissions, not enough RAM in our computers or time in one 4-minute music video— that’s the problem that faced us. And many of you told us that you wanted to see all of the submissions. And we want you to! And now you can! Anyone can submit a photo (and story, if you’d like) to, or just check out the awesome ladies already on there. We’ve added a few signs that didn’t make it into the video (with permission) up there already. We won’t post all of them, because we did not get permission to do this when we collected the video, but we’re hoping that people will submit their own (and some already have!).


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Lasers & Feelings is out now!

Hello lovely velociraptors!

CD_SelfieI CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Our new CD, Lasers and Feelings, is *out*! The album has dropped! The music is in the world! You can get it now on iTunes, Amazon, and all those places, or you can buy it directly from us on Bandcamp, where you can also get real-life-CDs and Very Pretty Art Posters.

The album is done! And so now we take it on a mini-tour to Seattle, Portland, Albany (Corvallis) Oregon, San Francisco, Oakland, and we will be at SDCC in San Diego and at GenCon!!

This is crazy. Thank you guys so much. I’m trying to figure out how all this wonderfulness happened, other than that nerds are awesome and I have one amazing sister, and I am still confused and just so grateful. Confateful? Here is a little part of the story…  Continue reading

Be in our Geek Girl Music Video!

THANK YOU TO ALL who submitted videos. Submissions are now closed. The video will be out on or around July 23!

Hello friends! We are working on a project that we are very, very excited about. We collected some of the video we needed on tour, but we need some more geek girls to help us out.

We are crowdsourcing a video for our song “Nothing To Prove” off of our forthcoming album. It is a song about being a geek girl despite what the “haters” have to say about it. We want to collect stories from excellent geek girls to share in this video and show how awesome geek girls are. Read on to find out how you can help!

We need short videos (about 5 seconds) of you holding up a sign answering one or two of the below questions. Note: we need VIDEO, NOT PHOTOS. Take a look at the questions and PLEASE READ THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before submitting! You only need to answer one (or maybe 2) of the questions below, so if you don’t have an answer for all of them, you can still be a huge help! Note: currently our biggest need is for answers to questions #3 & 4. Thanks! Continue reading