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Guest Post: Kayla Cagan talks about “Piper Perish!”

Our latest song “Now Is The Time, Piper Perish” is based on our interview with author Kayla Cagan about her book, Piper Perish. We asked Kayla to tell us how she feels about the song and how it relates to the message of her book!

by Kayla Cagan

Oh my gosh! This song brings up so many of the things I think in my head on a daily basis. I want to encourage artists, makers, and creators (and myself!) – to express ourselves and make the things that we want to see in the world and that the world needs to see; to be brave enough to make the things that might scare us, or that we think we aren’t good enough, smart enough, or strong enough to tackle. 

It’s so easy to doubt ourselves out of creation because MAKING IS HARD sometimes and who doesn’t want an excuse to quit occasionally? We can tell ourselves it’s not important, we can tell ourselves there are bigger problems at hand (and there definitely are, but there is also room for creation!), we can tell ourselves it’s all a waste of time because one day we’re all going to slip into the ocean, never to be heard of again. 

But parts of the act of creating can also be playful and fun and exhilarating and most importantly, life affirming, for ourselves and our audiences. In a time when we are heavy with the recognition and reckoning of wars, famines, inequalities, poverty, crime, environmental destruction, and disease, life affirming actions through art are not just important, but vital. We own our fears but we must also gather our fearlessness and faith to keep going. Can a piece of art save the world? Maybe. Can it reflect it, poke at it, beautify it, and make us pause? Certainly. And if we pause long enough to see and hear what’s going on around us, we can make different decisions, better mistakes, leave a better footprint for us all. We can empathize with others and examine ourselves more closely.  So we have to shake the fear and hate and guilt and shame out of ourselves. We have to remind ourselves that creators gonna create – and we have every right to do so.

I truly believe the effects of art are contagious. Energy breeds energy, work breeds work. The more you do, the more you will do. The more people see or hear or taste what you make, the more you move them or change them or help them do their work. The transfer of energy isn’t visible, but it’s obvious as creations appear next to each other. I wrote a book. You guys wrote a song. See how that works?

Art is an energy, just like water or solar or nuclear. So to create is to change and to be able to change anything is a power. I believe creating art is a power for good, and it’s one of my favorite parts about being a human. If you are drawn (pun intended!) to make something: music, poetry, art, dance, crafts – do it! Don’t back away from it. We should never back away from bringing beauty to this world. We all need it. I need to see what you make. I need to be lifted up by you. Example: a friend of ours, Brandi, shares her watercolors and urban sketches online. She has no idea how much she inspires me each time I see one, whether they are in process, finished, or somewhere in-between. Her creative work has a very positive effect on my well being and general outlook. She’s not responsible for me, but because she shows up for her art, she has unknowingly shared her energy with me and changed my mood. Her art is my happiness boost. Sometimes that’s enough to help get me through a tough day.

When you deprive yourself of making art, you deprive all of us of your understanding and our understandings of the world. Art can bring enlightenment and education and provocation and encouragement. Art is communication. Art is responsibility.   As Voltaire (maybe) and Uncle Ben Parker (definitely) once said, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  I remember that when I write. And I hope that young creators and emerging artists will remember that too when they are looking for a reason to continue, a boost for their morale, or when they are simply lost and scared and have something inside of them that yearns to be made and they aren’t sure how to make it or why they should do it or where to start. Listen to this song or read my book (or another one) or get up and dance. Pump yourself up. Believe in yourself and your art. 

We’re right here and we’re ready for you.

You can listen to my interview with Kayla, and hear the song we wrote about this, on our podcast, “You Should Write A Song About That!” And check out Kayla’s work and new book on Amazon, from Chronicle books, or at!

New Song: Piper Perish / Now Is The Time!

Try everything, do everything, be everything! That’s the message of our new song, based on an interview with the delightful Kayla Cagan, author of YA novel Piper Perish. Read on to find out more!

Today is the day for a new edition of “You Should Write A Song About That”—a project in which we interview an awesome person and then write a song based on our conversation.

For this episode, I interviewed author Kayla Cagan about her forthcoming novel PIPER PERISH! Piper Perish is a YA novel following the tale of high school senior Piper Perish and her wish to move from Houston to New York to attend art school. Piper Perish will come out March 7 on Chronicle Books, and you can pre-order it now!

In this podcast, we talked to Kayla about her inspiration for the book, the setting of Houston, outtakes from the novel-writing process, and her (and Piper’s) affinity for inspirational quotes. We also talked about how Cagan, and Piper, and we, the Doubleclicks, all face roadblocks when wanting to make new things, and Kayla gave an amazing pep talk about why it’s important to keep creating. And THAT is what we wrote a song about!

You can listen to the whole interview and the song below, on iTunes, Overcast, and wherever podcasts are served!

And you can watch a video for the song on the MARY SUE!

This song will be on our new album, Love Problems, which will be funded by a Kickstarter campaign going on now! We’ve already reached our initial goal, but we have more things we’d like to make… including more episodes of “You Should Write A Song About That!”

Women Know Math & Love Problems Kickstarter!!

We have two huge pieces of news this morning!

1. WOMEN KNOW MATH is our new song!

I like being a lady and I don’t need/
to be the picture of what someone thinks that means/
though it might help you know just what to do with me/
and you say, in turn, that would help me succeed/
who cares?

The song is about gender and problems, and the video was made by 50 different artists and illustrators. You can watch it on YouTube and above! If you like it, please share it!

2. We’re making a new album!!

We want to record our fifth full-length studio album. It’s called “Love Problems,” and it’s got songs about love and problems, as well as strength, friends, music, and space. “Women Know Math” will be on it!

To make this album, we are asking for your help. The Doubleclicks are a crowd-funded operation. With no external label, agent, or manager, we depend completely on our audience to help us make our art. The advantage of that – and this is huge – is that there is nothing between us. Our music goes straight from our hearts to your ears. We love it. It means so much to us to be able to make just the thing we want and just the thing you want, too.

Your support on Kickstarter will help us make this record possible!

Nine Albums to Buy on Bandcamp & Benefit the ACLU Today

Bandcamp, a wonderful platform for indie artists to sell music and audio, is donating 100% of their share of the proceeds from their sales today to the ACLU, to help in their work defending immigrants and human rights issues. Bandcamp is a wonderful platform–without them, I don’t think we would have been able to start our band the way we did. It’s so valuable. And this donation idea is awesome, I think you’ll agree.

But perhaps you don’t know what to buy on Bandcamp today? Maybe you already have all of our music? Here are nine recommendations of albums to buy today, by our friends, tourmates, and a few people we’re just big fans of!!

  1. APARNA NANCHERLA’s “Just Putting It Out There” – A comedy album full of insecurity, whimsical depression jokes, and body problems.
  2. DR. SOMETHING’S “Rustic Machinery” – Dr. Something was my favorite new find of 2016. Her songwriting is deeply sad and deeply beautiful and deeply hilarious.
  3. KITTENS SLAY DRAGONS’ “Big Big Heart” – This band was inspired to form by a foster kitten. It’s electronic dance music with pure, beautiful vocals. My favorite track is “Queer and Square” Currently, this album is all that plays in my car.
  4. SARAH DONNER’S “Black Hole Heart” – Same singer, different band – Sarah Donner’s voice, in songwriting and in singing, is gorgeous. Plus, Space and Catan.
  5. PAUL AND STORM’s “Ball Pit” – Paul and Storm are our comedy music heroes. This album has some very funny songs, many of them you won’t see in a P&S set – and a wonderful sad song “Incompetent’s Lament,” which I love, because I love sad things.
  6. JOSEPH SCRIMSHAW’S “Rebel Scum” – This comedy album is a set about Star Wars and Social Justice and it is beautiful and good. Joseph did this set when we toured with him and we loved it every night, which is sort of a big deal.
  7. SAMMUS’ “Pieces in Space” – Another tourmate of ours, Sammus, makes absolutely beautiful, wonderful music. Honestly, nothing we can say is enough to describe her art, but I’ll try: Heartbreaking. Groundbreaking. Honest. The feelings we have, in a whole new way.
  8. DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH’s “Terrible Dinner Guest” – This album was on a loop in my car for months. Honest, clever, ukulele-driven tunes with unexpected and wonderful vocal harmony. Danielle has a bunch of stuff on Bandcamp, so if you have this one, check in for new albums because she is constantly making high-quality wonders.
  9. AMANDA PALMER’s “Bigger On The Inside” – Amanda Palmer has been making a lot of amazing things recently, and this track (though it’s a few years old at this point) is stuck in my mind right now. Check out all her stuff, if you don’t already.

Leave us a comment and tell us if you buy any of these or something else on Bandcamp today!

2016 in the Doubleclicks & What’s Next!

Oh boy. Here we are. The end of 2016, which means it’s time for another of my annual wrap-up posts. (2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011). These are fun for me to remember the things I’ve done and to mark the passage of time, otherwise it can feel like nothing has happened. At this moment, as 2016 ends and the world seems to have already hit the metaphorical iceberg, everything short of major social change can feel like wasted time and flailing, but I’m doing this anyway, because I want to. Let’s get into it.

What Did The Doubleclicks Do In 2016?

By the numbers:
80 concerts
9 conventions
2 countries
2 (very large) tours and one minitour — planned and produced by us
20 podcast episodes released
9 online shows
12 new music videos on our youtube channel (7 originals, 5 covers)
6 variety shows in portland
1 move of the office
lots of therapy Continue reading 2016 in the Doubleclicks & What’s Next!

New Gosh Darn Fiasco: The Museum

Museum Playset

Did you know we have a podcast? It’s a games and comedy podcast! And we’ve put out 20 episodes this year! And today’s episode is a great one—with our new Fiasco playset based on the songs of the Doubleclicks.

It’s lock-in night at the museum! We have an undercover alien looking for scientific proof of the missing link. We have a Spock Impersonator. We have burrito problems. And we’re hoping that nothing goes wrong. Will it? Yes. It will. Find out how when the team plays the new “museum” playset – which is based on the songs of the Doubleclicks! Special guests Will Hindmarch and Lucia Fasano join us for a wonderful story full of mystery and mansplaining!

Listen now on Simplecast, iTunes, or by searching “Gosh Darn Fiasco” on your favorite podcast app!

You will be able to get our Doubleclicks songs-inspired playset “The Museum” very soon, stay tuned here for information to play it yourself!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Doubleclicks!

It’s Thanksgiving (or, as we encourage you to celebrate instead, Wizardsgiving, a holiday based on a better history). For us, it’s a time to gather with family, to think about the year, and give thanks for what we have.

This is feeling pretty important this year, as we seem to be losing lots, and we need to focus on giving, listening, and loving one another.

We are thankful for all of you, for our friends who make music with us, for our friends who let us make music, games, comedy, podcasts, and art with them. For the opportunity to play music across the world and on the Internet.  We wrote this thank you song a few years ago and we’re feeling it pretty hard right now:

I’ve got the sun shining today, and I have shades to make the sunlight go away
I have friends near far and wide, and I’ve got internet so I don’t have to go outside
It’s tough, there are lows—there are times when life just blows
But at some point you realize, that it’s ok to compartmentalize
Once in a while and say—
Thank You! Seriously, Thank You!
I never thought that I knew
People who would selflessly support each other
And make life so breezy
I know this is cheesy,
And I’ll go back to being snarky someday
But I wanna say
Thank You
My family and friends
Thank You
For sharing your smiles
And taking awhile
To make a connection that actually counts
Thank You!

We hope you have a wonderful time this day, this week, and always. If you would like for us to join you, please feel free to put on this video of this month’s livestream show! It’s like we’re doing a concert right in your home!

Thank you, loves!

Time Cops!

We’ve got corrupt time cops. We’ve got body-switching roommates. We’ve got a guy who is not Doc Brown or Einstein. And we’re going to STEAL THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Are you ready?

This live episode of our podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco was recorded at Rose City Comic-Con with our friends/special guests Lucia Fasano, Kyle McCormick, Rich Malena, and Kevin M. Arnold!

Gosh Darn Fiasco

Check out this and all episodes of our gaming/improv podacst on iTunes or Simplecast (or wherever you listen to podcasts!)

And catch a live episode as well! We’re doing a live recording NOVEMBER 16 in Portland with special Guest CHELSEA CAIN and Lucia Fasano! 7pm a Kickstand comedy theater. Tickets $5, available now! And then, March 4-11, 2017, We’re bringing GDF ON THE OPEN OCEAN! Join us on the JoCoCruise for a live recording with some amazing guests! Cruise tickets are still available!

New Video: “The Universe” by Danielle Ate The Sandwich

Hello friends! We have a new video for you: a cover of “The Universe,” a beautiful song by Danielle Ate The Sandwich. This song is incredibly great and I knew as soon as I heard it that I wanted to play it sometime. Aubrey put on an incredible string quartet of cellos and I’m really happy with how it turned out! If you like it, please share it!

Danielle’s new album The Terrible Dinner Guest is incredible—if you haven’t yet gotten into Danielle’s stuff, I recommend checking out this music video, which is amazing and funny and SO DARN RELATABLE.

Thank you as always to our Patreon backers for making our videos possible!

We Wrote for Betrayal at the House on the Hill!

Last year the wonderful Mike Selinker at Lone Shark Games reached out to us with an exciting proposition: an expansion—the first in 11 years—for his game Betrayal at the House on the Hill. He asked us to write for Widow’s Walk, which we did, with help from Richard Malena (our partner in tour, games, and his show Atomic Game Theory)! Ours is a very special haunt where you can betray your friends . . . with cats. No more spoilers, but we’re very proud.

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

The whole expansion is amazing. There are new rooms, new omens, and a lot of great content by amazing contributors like Zoë Quinn (Depression Quest), Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time), Max Temkin and Eli Halpern (Cards Against Humanity), Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), and more!

It was a real treat to get in on helping to design (and playtest, a little!) this game, and it’s been hard keeping the secret for so long . . .

But now you can finally get Betrayal at the House On the Hill: Widow’s Walk—with a haunt by Angela Webber (that’s me!) and Richard Malena—at your friendly local game store or on Amazon! Let us know if you play our haunt, I want to know what you name your cat!

New Podcast Episode: INDIANA JONES!

Our role-playing game/comedy-improv podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco has a new episode this week!

Gosh Darn Fiasco

Join Josh A. Cagan (screenwriter, the DUFF), Joseph Scrimshaw (Obsessed Podcast, writer for Rifftrax), and Lucia Fasano (comedian, Portlandia, singer-songwriter) for a trip into an archaeological dig where we try to make a movie and discover a forbidden holy artifact in a cave full of traps, spirits, and crystals!

Listen on the web:

On iTunes:

On Google Play:

and on all the podcast apps, just search “Gosh Darn Fiasco!”

You Should Write A Song About That! Episode 1: Sam Maggs talks about Anandibai Joshi

Today we are debuting a new project called “You Should Write A Song About That,” in which we interview a fascinating person about something that fascinates them and write a song about that!

In our first segment we talk to author Sam Maggs about Anandibai Joshi—the first Indian woman to get a degree in Western Medicine—and then we wrote a song about her! Read more about Anandibai and 24 other amazing women in “WONDER WOMEN” – the new book by Sam Maggs, it’s really, really great!


Full Interview:

This project is made possible by our backers on Patreon who pay $1 or more for each new video we post! Thank you, Patreon backers! You can join them at: