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“Talkin Comics” & “Living 4 Crits”: interview & review

We have some fun new press coverage to share with you today!


We spoke with Stephanie at Talking Comics. Stephanie found us when we put a call out on Twitter saying this:

twitter screen copy

We were interested in having a more balanced set of interviews. We love talking to everybody, but we suspected that we might get more out of an interview when talking to a person who was a woman (for example, men tend to ask a lot of the same “what is it like to be a woman” and “since when do geek girls exist” questions, and we’d love to talk about other things). And hey—we were right, at least in Stephanie’s case.

Stephanie is an amazing interviewer and I was super interested in her questions and this conversation. Her podcast is called “Talking Comics” but we talked about a lot more than comics. Procrastination, quitting your job with and without a safety net, Nutella lattes, our future as the Aunts from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which super villain Aubrey wants to be, and our ideal fictional supergroup. Listen to Talking Comics!talkingcomicslogo

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Announcing: The #NerdNightOut tour!

NerdNightOut image-web

Big news, everyone! We are taking our awesome geek-centric variety show ON THE ROAD! Each show is a unique nerd-weird hug, featuring songs by The Doubleclicks, jokes from comedian Joseph Scrimshaw (Wits, Rifftrax), plus guests and games!

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Join us for our February Live-stream Show!


Every month we’ve been hosting a live-stream free show on the Internet with songs, chatting and guests! For February, the show is on Tuesday, February 17 at 12pm Pacific time/8pm GMT! Request a song in the comments below or ON OUR FACEBOOK POLL… and we’ll see you Tuesday!

New Song | “The Mansplainer” | with Jonathan Mann!

We have a new original song for you, written with the amazing Jonathan “Song-a-day” Mann! It’s all about Mansplaining, that horrible buzzword.

You can download the song: Bandcamp (free/name your own price)

We are hearing that the YouTube comments are terrible! Want to read them? Click here!*

We encourage you to follow and support Jonathan online, he is great!
Jonathan’s Links: YouTube | Patreon | Buy his nerdy mixtape!

*don’t read them.

January Portland Shows | So many!

Portland shows january image

It’s a big month for the Doubleclicks in Portland, and these are all really fun, very different-from-each-other shows. We really hope you’ll come out to one or a few of them—they aren’t your regular Doubleclicks-show flavor!

  • 1/16 and 1/6 : The Mont Chris Hubbard Bonus Show: This is a REALLY COOL ONE. We will be the featured guests here, playing fun covers, talking about science, playing games… plus you will be given handbells and a part to PLAY ALONG WITH OUR SONGS. Reservations encouraged. Mazza’s Supper Club. 7:30pm. All ages, $10-15.
  • 1/19: It’s Gonna Be Ok: This is a GREAT comedy showcase, and this month’s is geekier-than-usual! Featuring Barbara Holm, us, and more. Costumes encouraged! EastBurn. 8:30pm. 21+. Free.
  • 1/22: Online Concert: YouTube. 6pm Pacific.
  • 1/24: Night of Nerdiness: Board gaming from 8-9pm, and then music: the PDX Broadsides, The Doubleclicks, and ending with Thundering Asteroids! TARDIS Room. 9pm. 21+. $5 suggested
  • 1/25: FAMILY-FRIENDLY SHOW: You have been asking for another all-ages, kid-friendly show, and here it is!! Red Castle Games. 2pm. $10 per person, $20 per family (half is Red Castle Games credit).

2014 wrap-up | Clicks of past, present and future

Happy Holidays from Portland, friends. It’s come that time of year again, when I try to get my head around the year that’s ending. A time when I re-read these posts from the end of 2011, 2012 and 2013 and remember what a fool I was in the past, every moment until today. Gosh, past Angela was sure ignorant and silly, wasn’t she? Glad that’s all over.

mlkshk pic
Our hair changed so often this year, I have no current photos of it. QUIRK FACTOR MAXIMUM.

What happened in 2014?

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Destination DIY Interview


We had the honor of being interviewed on the Destination DIY podcast! It is a really fun one. We talk about DIYing, and Kickstarter, and that fun stuff, and also The Worst Thing we’ve ever made, touring highs and lows, sexism and trust in the music industry…many, many things. Aubrey also talks a lot in this one, if you’re ever hoping for more Aubrey, this is the show for you!

iTunes | Destination DIY website | Soundcloud