Doubleclicks Records Signs Juliana Finch!

Hello everyone—Angela here. I am very excited to announce the newest addition to the Doubleclicks Records family: Juliana Finch!

Juliana has signed with Doubleclicks Records for her next album project: Way Down, and we are thrilled to be able to work with her to make this incredible music  a reality.

We created Doubleclicks Records as a way to help other bands create successful music careers on the Internet. The Doubleclicks have found great success on Kickstarter, Patreon, and more over the past six years. Not only is our album funding crowdsourced, so is our tour planning, our promotions, and many of our videos! The Internet provides a variety of opportunities for bands to connect directly with their audiences in ways that weren’t possible before, and we have benefited from many of them. Doubleclicks Records is a way to share that knowledge and experience with other artists.

Juliana Finch is a folk-rock singer-songwriter in Durham, North Carolina. She writes beautiful songs with heart, fight, and harmonies. One of my favorites is “The Other Girls”—you can see the Doubleclicks sing that song with her in this video, or stream her entire previous album on Bandcamp. This new album is a fearless, loud response to folks who told her to “shut up and sing” after the election. It’s not all political music: these are songs about hope, perseverance, and being our best selves.

Doubleclicks Records also manages singer-songwriter Lucia Fasano, whose debut album Radio Silence came out last fall, and the PDX Broadsides, who just released their record Trust Issues this summer.

Juliana’s new album is on Kickstarter right now. She’s not going to shut up and sing—she’s going to shout her feelings (through beautiful songs)—and you can help her! The project funded in less than 12 hours (holy cow!) and we’re looking to expand instrumentation to make this album truly incredible.

Welcome to the label, Juliana Finch! We are thrilled to have you. And everyone else: check out the campaign!


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