Wrong About Gender: The Doubleclicks Scavenger Hunt Music Video

Hello everyone. We have a video scavenger hunt to do together. It’s our most ambitious crowd-created video yet, and I’m really, really excited.

We want to make a video for our song “Wrong About Gender” that is a collage of footage from you and us. The song is about gay rights, and high school, and learning, and not learning. I love it. You can listen to it here:

So how does this work? I’ll tell you!

We need people (like you!) to film tiny videos for each line of the song. For example, there’s a party where I say “Bicycle,” and I’d like to have a bicycle in that place.  There’s a line that says “in a love carousel,” and I’d like to have people on a carousel, who are happy. Some lines have very specific needs (like a hand-drawn picture of Hugh Grant, a carousel, the Lincoln Memorial, a catholic church), and some are more open to interpretation. Everybody who participates will be given one or two or a few things to find, and then we put all those things together, we’ll have a video?

Make sense?

We have a list of things we need, and you can find some of them, and at the end it’s a video. Here are instructions! You need to complete step 2 by Sept 12 (Tuesday at 12pm Pacific)


  1. Read the lyrics and all the “suggested video ideas” in this spreadsheet.
  2. Then go to this FORM and tell me which lyric you’d like to demonstrate in video! Pick a few options, and tell me whether you can make one, two, or more videos! We encourage you to get a group of folks together if you can to make bigger, more energetic mini-videos!
  3. I will email you with your assignment as soon as I get enough participants signed up (my plan is Sept 13 or earlier). Don’t film until you have your assignment!!
  4. You will go make your videos!!! Go to that carousel, or party. Get costumes and go wild or film something inanimate! The more different places this video can be filmed, the better (so, many of us will have to leave our houses, I know.)
  5. Send your video to/share it with “wonderclicksvideo@gmail.com.” The deadline to send in footage will be September 25!

Like with all our crowd-created videos, you don’t need to have professional equipment to participate, a relatively up-to-date phone camera will be just fine (most webcams on computers, unfortunately, are not quite good enough)! We just need you to fit a couple requirements:

  • HORIZONTAL FOOTAGE: hold your phone sideways so it’s widescreen instead of tallscreen! This is so important
  • HIGH QUALITY FOOTAGE: send me something around 720-1080p. This means, if you’re sharing from your camera, don’t select “small video”—give me the biggest video your phone can take. If it’s from a very fancy camera, on the other hand, if you can compress it to be a couple GB or less, that would be awesome.
  • SEND FILES USING: Google Drive, Dropbox, or Hightail!
  • WE DO NOT WANT: written words, literal representations of the “plot” of the song, or ANY copywritten items that might get us in trouble with youtube (a coke t-shirt, a hulk funko-pop)-please try to go logo-less when you film.  We don’t want TOO MUCH ACTION—remember, your footage will only last as long as the lyric plays, which is 2, 3, 4, maybe 10 seconds. so please don’t give us a whole bunch of stuff, we won’t be able to see it! However, bonus footage of people dancing and rainbows is very welcome.

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