Dog Songs!

I know you think of us as cat people, but we like dogs too. And this week we got to share that love with a group of amazing musicians who came together to create “Dog Songs,” an album of songs about dogs to benefit the ASPCA (and especially their work helping animals displaced in Hurricane Harvey).

We wrote a song called “Clifford is not Too Big,” about Clifford the Big Red Dog, who is relatable as heck. Clifford’s so big. He doesn’t fit into anything. But everyone loves him. And that’s a body-positivity song waiting to happen. Well… it’s happened. So, no longer waiting.

Check out our song about Clifford and all the other incredible music on “DOG SONGS!” It’s only $8!

Other musicians on the album include:

  • Mark Hoppus (from Blink-182)
  • Jonah Ray (MST3K, Hidden America)
  • Nerf Herder (our faves and friends) – writing about Carrie Fisher’s dog
  • Lucia Fasano (friend of the band!) – writing about the “This Is Fine” dog
  • Adam Busch (musician, producer & actor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer!)
  • Allie Goertz (who put it together!)
  • Casey Boyd (who also put it together!)
  • Chantal Claret
  • Mike Krol
  • S. A. Back
  • Dan Bern
  • Jenny’s Midnight Screamatorium


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