LOVE PROBLEMS is out today!

Hello wonderful friends. Our new album is out today.

LOVE PROBLEMS is an album that talks about space, science, love (benefits and negatives), bisexuality, anxiety, gender, and Juneau, Alaska. It took a long time to write and a longer time to make, but it’s out now!

You can get it these places (and more, probably, search your favorite music app!)

We are celebrating the launch of our album with a video for one of the songs: our collaboration with Jonathan Coulton (do you have his new album yet?), who sang on this, and J Brooks, who made this amazing video.

But that’s not all! We’re talking about our album around the Internet. Today I’m on the podcast “We Got This!” on Maximum Fun with Hal Lublin & Mark Gagliardi! We were both on the Frogpants podcast Current Geek last week!


I would like to give some shout-outs and thanks on this album release day!!

To Aubrey, for engineering, producing, and hosting the whole album-making process in her house while also running a household and having fantastic hair. And for playing a million hours of cello. And for singing. And for more things, emotional and professional, that I can’t really ever thank you enough for.

To Danielle Ate The Sandwich for helping us produce this album. We asked Danielle to come in because we absolutely adore her album, her songwriting style, her vocal arrangements, her attitude, her fashions, and more things less relevant to this project. Danielle worked so hard and made so many incredible things possible for this record.

To our instrumentalists, Adam Hanson and Megumi Sasaki, for helping us achieve our goal of an acoustic and beautiful album sound, and for working fast, hard, and beautifully. To Jonathan Coulton, for music that was sent to me before I even picked up a guitar, which made me understand you can make personal, emotional songs that are also whatever the heck your music is. Nerdy? But, you know. Not in a bad way. And also, for singing on this album, and making your part more beautiful than I wrote it.

To Lucia Fasano for being my confidant and support system during this album. She is the most enthusiastic audience and has the most beautiful voice, which she lent to two tracks on the album as well! Richard Malena-Webber, my spouse, (who also sings on the album), for listening, too, and for making dinner and breakfast, and for being fantastic and inspirational and smarter than I am. To Fletcher Lanning, the PDX Broadsides, Megathruster, Curtis Chen, Ben Coleman and Sara Spoon-Waffle for singing backup and acting in our Extra Gin video, and for each individually being amazing creators in Portland who make our city and our lives rich with culture, creation, and humor.

To Amanda Etches (collage) and Beth Olsen (photos) for creating our album art, which captures exactly what we were going for.

To Kayla Cagan for writing the book Piper Perish, upon which the song “Now Is The Time” is based, and for talking to me about inspiration and motivation and art. You are awesome, Kayla. I am so thankful for you.

And of course, to all of our Kickstarter backers who funded this album and made it possible for us to hire people and spend the time we wanted to spend. That’s magic af.

Please enjoy the album if you’d like to, world! Thank you for listening.

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