Make your own Mad Lib Song!

I sat down with the Very Fun nerd parody band “The Library Bards” the other day and we wrote a song together!

This song is based on a “Mad Lib Song” we wrote (first for Periscope, and then for concerts) and we’ve been playing it around on tour! It’s very fun to write a new song that is infused with the personality of the audience of a show.

And here’s awesome news… you can now make your own! Doubleclicks Patreon backer John May made an interactive google form where you can enter all of the words and generate a song—complete with chords, so you can play it if you know how to play an instrument!

Check out the “Doubleclicks Instant Songwriting” page here, and please share your final song with us!! Send it to us on Twitter (@thedoubleclicks, hashtag #madlibsong), post it in our fan Facebook group, or leave a comment right here on the blog!



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