New Song: Piper Perish / Now Is The Time!

Try everything, do everything, be everything! That’s the message of our new song, based on an interview with the delightful Kayla Cagan, author of YA novel Piper Perish. Read on to find out more!

Today is the day for a new edition of “You Should Write A Song About That”—a project in which we interview an awesome person and then write a song based on our conversation.

For this episode, I interviewed author Kayla Cagan about her forthcoming novel PIPER PERISH! Piper Perish is a YA novel following the tale of high school senior Piper Perish and her wish to move from Houston to New York to attend art school. Piper Perish will come out March 7 on Chronicle Books, and you can pre-order it now!

In this podcast, we talked to Kayla about her inspiration for the book, the setting of Houston, outtakes from the novel-writing process, and her (and Piper’s) affinity for inspirational quotes. We also talked about how Cagan, and Piper, and we, the Doubleclicks, all face roadblocks when wanting to make new things, and Kayla gave an amazing pep talk about why it’s important to keep creating. And THAT is what we wrote a song about!

You can listen to the whole interview and the song below, on iTunes, Overcast, and wherever podcasts are served!

And you can watch a video for the song on the MARY SUE!

This song will be on our new album, Love Problems, which will be funded by a Kickstarter campaign going on now! We’ve already reached our initial goal, but we have more things we’d like to make… including more episodes of “You Should Write A Song About That!”

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