We Made A Doubleclicks Fiasco Playset!


What is this? The Museum is a FIASCO PLAYSET based on the songs of the Doubleclicks! Now, you can play a fun tabletop role playing game and tell a fun story in the world of Doubleclicks songs–specifically, set in a wacky museum with Dimetrodons, Velociraptors, super villains, and more!

The playset was written by me (Angela) and Richard Malena, co-hosts of the Gosh Darn Fiasco podcast. It was edited by the amazing and brilliant Will Hindmarch (who really nailed this) and art is by the delightful and talented Matthew Bogart!

Download the playset at BULLY PULPIT GAMES for free!

And LISTEN to us play a game using this playset on our podcast Gosh Darn Fiasco!


“Should that statue be moving? Should that skeleton be moving? Should the walls be moving?”

It’s a busy day at the Portland Science, History, Space and Time Institute and Museum. Research projects are coming to a head, important artifacts are going missing, investors are visiting for an important inspection and—of course—it’s time for another one of those darn Campfire Scout lock-ins.

Employees, visitors, and uninvited guests are all part of the mix tonight and, like you learn at those chemistry exhibits, just one wrong ingredient could make the whole thing blow up in your face, embedding shards of glass just everywhere. Metaphorically. (Metaphorically? Yeah, let’s go with that.)

WHAT IS A FIASCO PLAYSET? A playset is a SETTING, a set of rules, a “skin” if you will – a location, a place, in which you can play the game FIASCO. To play this setting, you need the game FIASCO, which is a rad, simple, one session 3-hour storytelling game for 3-5 players. It’s like D&D, easy-and-short mode. One good way to figure out what fiasco is, is to listen to our podcast: Gosh Darn Fiasco (also funded by our 2015 Kickstarter!). It will give you an idea of what playing fiasco is like… and it’s also just a fun romp, listening to very funny people make up stories! Our podcast had 20 wonderful episodes last year and we’re looking into ways to keep it going into 2017.

The creation of this playset was funded by the backers of our President Snakes Kickstarter!

PS:  if you want to back a Kickstarter right now, our friend Richard Malena, co-author of that Fiasco playset and co-host of the podcast, just launched the PUZZLE KEYRING, a wonderful reference tool for experienced puzzlers and introductory educational tool for people who want to get into the world of Escape Rooms, puzzles, and more! We’ve helped Rich a little with that project and I can tell you it’s going to be amazing. It’s his first project after YEARS of backing projects and analyzing, supporting, and interviewing project creators on his podcast, and it’s really really neat that he is making his own thing. CHECK IT OUT!

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