Gosh Darn Fiasco Podcast FIRST EPISODE!


The first episode of our NEW PODCAST is up and it’s soooo goood!

The podcast is GOSH DARN FIASCO. My friends and I improvise a movie-length story using prompts from the game Fiasco. It’s super easy to get into for gamers and non-gamers alike.

“In this episode, our players head to CAMP DEATH, a playset written by James Gabrielsen all about a haunted camp with a mysterious past and lots of problems. The counselors come early to set up and are greeted by a bus driver who loves PBJs, a messed up squirrel corpse, and a forest that takes impressionable youths and turns them into experienced hunters. What does it all mean? That’s a wonderful question. Please call in if you know this answer.”

You can listen on Simplecast or subscribe on iTunes, Overcast, Pocketcasts, whatever by just searching “Gosh Darn.”

<3 Thank you for listening!

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