5 new things for 5 years of the Doubleclicks

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Hello friends and HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This year we are officially celebrating 5 YEARS of the Doubleclicks. It’s been an unexpected journey with y’all from a couple of weird sisters playing a song about D&D in a bar while people ignore us—to a couple of weird sisters playing a song about D&D in a game store while people sing along. 2015 was amazing, for example—you can read all about what happened last year on our blog. It’s wonderful wonderful wonderful and we are so thankful that you’ve joined us for the ride!

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, we have put together 5 COOL THINGS for all of us to do together. Two of them are in Portland but the rest can be enjoyed by all people everywhere (through the Internet). So let’s begin!!


February 14 – 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 11pm London / 10am Sydney

Sunday, February 14 is Valentine’s Day, I guess, but it’s also the day when we are celebrating our 5-year anniversary with a big party on the Internet! Tune into our YouTube channel as we reflect on our years, play songs from all the Doubleclicks eras and chat with you live!

Request a song on Facebook / Tune in directly on YouTube on the 14th!


We are launching a new podcast! In this podcast, I, Angela, play a game of “Fiasco” (a fun storytelling/dice game like Dungeons and Dragons) with my gaming and comedy buddies. It’s real real funny and real real great. We have four episodes already recorded and more coming up. We just posted a preview episode that tells you all about what to expect, and we will be posting the first full episode on FEBRUARY 1. You can already Subscribe on iTunes/PocketCasts/Stitcher/your local podcast app, so please do that and help us launch strong!

Listen to the first episode / Subscribe on iTunes (please subscribe!)


February 8 – 9:30pm – The Brody Theater, 16 NW Broadway

 Other than the podcast, our big project for 2016 is THE DOUBLECLICKS SHOW, a monthly event in Portland where we create a NEW show with sketch, musical and comedy elements. The first show is going to be like “The Doubleclicks: the musical”—something fun and experimental and hopefully wonderful. We hope you’ll join us for our new adventure! There will be new songs and new jokes!

Get tickets now for $5 or $10 / RSVP & invite friends on Facebook


We discontinued the “Doubleclicks Mouses Logo” shirt design a few years ago, but people have been asking us to so we are BRINGING IT BACK for a limited time to celebrate our 5 year anniversary—and we are putting it on nicer, softer shirts in new colors for just a month, only “to order!” Orders are open until February 15. YAYYY!! GET IT ITS LIKE DOUBLE-CLICKING WHICH IS OUR BAND NAME (it’s a fun shirt). Yay shirts!


You can also get ALL OF THE MUSIC we’ve released in our five years as a band, including our out-of-print First Demo Album and Christmas CD, on a Discography USB drive. We printed these things up as part of our Kickstarter last year and they are SUPER NEAT. We sold all of our first shipment and just got the reorder in, so you can order ’em up! The USB also includes bonus exclusive live tracks, photos and video.

Order the t-shirt | Order the Discography USB Drive


February 13 – 2pm – Red Castle Games, 6406 SE Foster Rd

This is a rare kid-friendly concert in Portland! We know, we should do it more! Families are welcome, we will provide music and coloring pages. This show was an amazing amount of fun last year and we are so excited to come back! Tickets are $10 per person or $20 per family, and you’ll get half of that amount in store credit at Red Castle. Buy tickets at the register on the day of the show.

RSVP & invite friends on Facebook / Tickets at the door

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