We’re going to PAX South! San Antonio, TX!

PAX south

We are playing at PAX SOUTH at the end of this month, January 29-Feb 1! So if you are in San Antonio/Austin/the “South” and you like video games, we highly recommend checking out PAX and coming to see our concert! Get passes and information at south.paxsite.com.

And RSVP to our event on Facebook and we’ll update you if updates happen!

Our concert is scheduled for SATURDAY night. We’re scheduled to go on at 9pm, but it could be earlier or later so act accordingly!

Saturday Night Concerts

We are also involved in THIS EVENT on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 12.29.40 PM

And we’ll be hanging out a lot of the weekend at BANDLAND.

You also should check out the FRIDAY NIGHT CONCERTS—we’ll be stepping on stage to hang with our good friends THE RETURNERS for a bit!!

Oh, and we aren’t involved in this panel but we think it’s gonna be great & it’s Richard Malena (from Gosh Darn Fiasco & friend of the band) so check it out:

game theory

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