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Hello everyone and welcome to the 2015 year-in-wrap-up post! This may not be interesting to anyone other than me, but I write these every year as an exercise in tracking-the-time-passing, in reflecting on what we’ve done, and as a way for me to have something to look back on to remember how I’ve been thinking. You can read all the previous years (2011201220132014) if you’d like. *I* think it’s interesting.

One of the coolest things about this year was all the neat people we got to work with. You can read all about them here!

I’m gonna give the highlights of each month of 2015, because it was a big year. BIG YEAR, I SAY. And also emotional year. EMOTIONS, I say. Let’s look at things! THERE ARE EMOTIONS IN HERE GET READY. 

2015 by the numbers

– Released our cover of “Mr Blue Sky”—the last cover for 2014’s Kickstarter rewards
– Launched our Patreon, which, thanks to amazing amazing generosity of listeners, reached the “audience vote cover song” goal almost immediately. We then covered the audience choice song “Rainbow Connection.” We got bitten by so many mosquitos filming this video.
– We collaborated with Jonathan Mann to write “Mansplaining,” a song that many many people did not like. And I don’t like those people! It works out.
– Played a few cool shows in Portland—one AMAZING kids show at Red Castle Games, one awesome comedy show (It’s Gonna Be Ok hosted by Barbara Holm), and one cool collaborative Cabaret show where we did some covers and a powerpoint about dinosaurs.
-Got a new accountant! YAYYY!

– Wrote a mini-song for Cards Against Humanity/Roderick On The Line, and submitted a plugs theme that was played on Comedy Bang Bang. Yay Podcasts!
– Played at a feminist comedy show, we were musical guests on a live Dan Savage Lovecast, and we opened for Jonathan Coulton at a college show in Seattle.
-Released our cover of “The Middle” using childhood videos of us! This was fun to edit.

– Spoke at my alma mater on a panel/workshop about independent music. This was way better, and I was way better at it, than I expected to be.
– Recorded a birthday song for a fan and a cello cover for a friend’s wedding. We are helpful!
– CONCERTS KEEP HAPPENING ALWAYS. We opened for Paul and Storm and Patrick Rothfuss and JOEL HODGSON on their Portland tour stop, performed at a few local comedy events, played at Gamestorm and Anomalycon, and I was a guest writer on a local comedy “late night” show. Oh I’m sorry did I gloss over the fact that we MET JOEL HODGSON and he was SUPER NICE AND FRIENDLY and we DID NOT PASS OUT.

– Did interviews/appearances for She’s A Super Geekthe Oregonian, Talking Comics, Nerdgasm Noire, and Giant Fire Breathing Robot.
– Released our Ghostbusters x Uptown Funk cover/mashup and our extremely great tour announcement video.
– Recorded custom song rewards for Patreon backers.

– Toured the west coast with our star-studded #NerdNightOut tour, produced, booked and planned by us and Joseph Scrimshaw! Visited PIXAR on tour. YAY PIXAR. We made vlogs on this tour too!
– Also did a show in Boston while visiting home and a couple fun appearances for TABLETOP DAY in Los Angeles.
– Did interview/appearances on the Heroine’s Journey podcast and Friendshipping!
– Joined periscope and wrote a couple fun “Mad Lib Songs” with the internet on periscope.
– Wrote the song “Tiny Paper Elephants” in collaboration with the Internet. This song is super important to me. Over the last few years, we’ve been trying, and others have been trying, to figure out which “box” we fit into. Nerd music? Comedy? Folk? What?—but a really great quote by Simon Tam of the Slants—“Your UNIQUENESS is your greatest strength, not how well you emulate others”—reminded us that this weirdness, this not-fitting-in-one-box-ness, means that we’re doing something RIGHT. It’s GOOD. This was a big moment for me. It means that the best, strongest move is not toward fitting in some pre-defined career path, but instead in being as honest as possible. Is that painfully obvious in our music? Probably. Thanks for sticking it out while we learn new things.
– Paid taxes with our new accountant and didn’t cry even once! Yayyy!! If you are local to Portland and need an accountant, email me and I will recommend her to you!

– Launched the Kickstarter for our album “President Snakes.” Also, named the album “President Snakes.” Prior to this, we were planning to call the album “It’s Gonna Be Ok,” after the line in “Really Big Chickens” and our friend Barbara Holm’s amazing positive comedy show.
– Worked on our album. This was a lot of work.
– Compiled a mixtape for AppCamp4Girls
– Appeared on the Dork Forest podcast with Jackie Kashian!
– Recorded a special version of our Burrito song for someone’s wedding. We’re helping!
-Went on a 5-show southwest tour and appeared at Denver Comic Con and NW Fanfest in Vancouver BC. At Fanfest we did an Improv show! This was my first live improv show since college and it was really fun to do.
– This isn’t “work-related” per se… but this month we saw Weird Al in concert for the first time and it was AMAZING and inspiring. He’s so cool and hardworking and kind. And smart. Smart as heck.
– Produced and released the video for our song “Why Can’t Every City Be Portland?” at Purrington’s cat lounge. We worked with a director for the first time in years and had a crew for the first time ever! Thanks, Jason Rouse and team!

– Worked on our album. This was a lot of work.
– The Kickstarter ended after reaching 5 stretch goals — $55,535! Holy cow. We talk about this a lot, but crowdfunding by generous people who want to support our music is the reason This Doubleclicks Thing works, and we are thankful every day. We try to make the Art that you are asking for when you back us with your moneys, and we try to make the absolute best, and most honest and genuine music that we can.
– Did some fun shows and appearances—a private birthday show, our friends the Broadsides’ CD release, and an appearance at the OSBridge conference. I also got to be a judge at Portland’s annual Captain Picard Day art show, which was awesome.
– I was a guest on the “Read it and Weep” podcast to talk about C.H.U.D. II: BUD THE CHUD. What a world.
– I started writing and producing the show “Catty B’s”, a comedy talk show on YouTube, with my friend Lucia Fasano, after we both realized we really wanted a new outlet for comedy and fun and “running our own situation with no pressure or expectations.” This was tons of work and a lot of fun, and only possible because of our amazing director, Seattle-based Joseph Erikson, whom you should hire to direct videos for you!

– Worked on our album. This was a lot of work.
– Aubrey also produced 10 live tracks to be released as exclusives on our USB Drive.
– Put together a 6-event “Summer Concert Contest Series” in Portland, because so many musical friends were coming through town all at once. We made it into a game and had some amazing shows with Sarah Donner, Professor Shyguy, the PDX Broadsides, Kieran Strange, Danielle ate the Sandwich, Juliana Finch, and MC Frontalot! We also did a couple mini-tours with some of these folks in Oregon and Washington.
– Played at GEN CON! YAY GEN CON—where we played a bunch of shows including the giant Cards Against Humanity extravaganza. Also went to San Diego for SDCC! Played at a little off-site music event where NERF HERDER was also playing and we got to play on stage with NERF HERDER and dance all night to NERF HERDER (Nerf Herder is a very important band for me.) At SDCC we slept on a boat. That was weird.
– Started working on my forthcoming Fiasco podcast (funded by Kickstarter stretch goal!) and recorded an episode. Realized the structure was going to take a while to get together.
-Aubrey’s birthday!

– Released our new album on Bandcamp/iTunes/Amazon & CDbaby! Released the animated video for the title track “President Snakes,” animated by my high school bestie Ross Doran whom you should hire to make arts for you! The album came out great and I still love listening to it, which is a really big deal. We decided to self-produce President Snakes, which means Aubrey made the whole darn thing. We love love love working with producers and collaborators, but it meant a lot to us that everything on President Snakes was created by us. It makes the feeling of a job-well-done feel very satisfying, and it meant a LOT of work, but I feel like the effort we put in really really paid off. I love every noise on this album and we made the choices that led to all of them. We’ve learned a lot about music and production and choices over the years, really put those to work and it’s extremely satisfying. Aubrey is so good at her job, you guys.
http://www.billboard.biz/bbbiz/charts/search/detailed_chart_disPRESIDENT SNAKES CHARTED ON BILLBOARD for two weeks in a row this month! What does this mean? This means that “President Snakes” was one of the top-selling comedy albums for two weeks in a row, and we jumped through all the hoops so all our sales and pre-sales “counted” toward the official Billboard metric. What does that mean? I don’t know. Billboard is a “thing” that is very impressive, but it’s really just hoops and words. Whether we’re on Billboard or not (Dimetrodon never charted on Billboard because we didn’t jump through the hoops in time) — our albums are things we work hard on and it’s really cool to us that people listen to them them. We hope you listen to them. We hope you like them. Of all the arbitrary metrics (awards, prizes, festival placements, name size on posters, etc)—Billboard is one of the best because it’s just straight-up numbers. But it’s still a little weird for me because it feels relatively arbitrary. Mixed feels! You know them now!
– Made a commercial for Totino’s Pizza Rolls in collaboration with Nerdist, and yes it does feel weird typing that. This was the biggest, weirdest project we’ve ever done. We got to write the song and the video and make it whatever we wanted, so we decided to hire all our friends and make something super strange and very “us.” I’m so proud of it. And the documentary that Nerdist made about us making it is really really neat. No one gave us crap for “selling out” with this, which makes me happy. Yeah, it was a commercial—but we worked really hard to make sure we (A) used the money to hire as many friends as possible (B) made a thing we were proud of and expressed “us.” I’m a fan. Commissions and commercials are an important part of our income, and they help us grow as artists—and also, thanks to crowdfunding, we’re able to be super selective about what we do. It’s pretty great.
– Headed up to PAX to play a show on the Cards Against Humanity stage, which was fun fun fun. Seth Boyer did his cover of “All Star” and made everybody die. We also opened for John Scalzi’s Portland tour stop and played at a couple great local comedy shows.
– Outside of Doubleclicks world, I filmed season 2 of “Catty B’s” and saw Taylor Swift in concert. Both of these were great events.

– Toured the East Coast with our NERDNIGHTOUT TOUR thanks to amazing sponsors who allowed this great thing to happen. 7 shows! Our first tour that we didn’t book entirely ourselves—we had a BOOKING AGENT whom we found with the help of Hank Green and an Eagle-eyed Twitter follower. So cooool.
– Made our DRAGON CON DEBUT and played a million shows! I got to do improv with Hal Lublin & Mark Gagliardi. We met Aaron Douglas from BSG. Dragon Con was intense.
– Also performed at Topatocon in Northampton MA which was, to be calm about it, SO MUCH FUN WITH SO MANY COOL PEOPLE. I met so many amazing people but the most important was probably Emily Nagoski whose book is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for all ladies and people who have sex with ladies. And everyone else. Read it. Ok.
– I wrote and released an essay called “Your Feelings Aren’t Fake”, a thing about bisexuality, as part of a beginning of Being Honest and Writing Things In New Ways. I’m proud of it. There’s also a song that goes with it.

– WE WENT TO AUSTRALIA! We did a three show mini-tour and then played at PAX Australia. This was the coolest. We made a vlog about it, so I won’t repeat myself, but it was GREAT.
– Released our video for the song “At the Fair” and recorded a bonus music video for Patreon backers.
– Played at the delightful wonderful Zappcon in Fresno, where we also taught a ukulele class. That was intimidating. Also, a photographer fell and hurt himself right before our concert, and while he was waiting for the EMTs we wrote a song for him, and he seemed to enjoy that. What a weird day.
– Recorded a collaboration song with Peter from Rock Paper Cynic (coming out soon!)
– I got a tattoo! And I wrote an essay called “How To Be Single” which I released as an online book, as part of my continuing effort to Be Honest “Funny” and Write Things In New Ways.

– Released a song about the Kilogram Standard and made a music video with the help of the Internet! Thanks for coloring, everyone! Also finally released the video for our song “Can’t You See The World Is Ending,” which we really like.
– Finally celebrated our CD release with two big NerdNightOut shows in Seattle and Portland with the amazing JACKIE KASHIAN whose jokes are hilarious and important and great, and the wonderful wonderful Molly Lewis. The Portland show turned into my birthday dance party, which was something I really needed. Thank you, Doug Fir, for being the best place to play and also having a delightful staff who let us dance all night to TMBG and Jonathan Coulton. And Taylor Swift.
– Played at the wonderful Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival, a FREE convention in Las Vegas. Really neat and different.
– Recorded a song about how John Scalzi is terrible. Because he asked us to. It’s a long story.
– I wrote a new comedy essay called “How To Be A Normal Girlfriend” (as part of my continuing effort to Be Funny and Write Things In New Ways) and read it at Barbara Holm’s comedy show. Maybe I’ll put it on the Internet soon! I should. I just need to illustrate it first.
(feelings warning) (not Doubleclicks related) Started THERAPY after finally getting to a “hey girl you really need to get therapy” point with some shitty stuff in my past. Therapy is the best, you guys. Please seek the help you need. Dealing with stuff is SO HARD and sometimes you just wanna repress it forever so you don’t have to think about it (and sometimes you try to repress it but it messes up your whole year anyway) … but having that “stuff” and not processing it or dealing with it makes us sad and angry, and sometimes we take that out on people who don’t deserve it and it continues a terrible cycle and—well, anyway—we don’t always know how to handle it. I certainly didn’t. It’s normal. Thanks to my amazing friends, and a really nice boy who let me cry on him about something big and awful, and my therapist, and some great comedy shows this year in which comedians encouraged me to get therapy (thanks, Paul F. Tompkins and John Hodgman), I’m dealing with some stuff. I HOPE YOU CAN DO THE SAME. Also, please listen to 1080p by Sammus, a song about her experiences and encouraging people to get help. I LOVE SAMMUS. Let’s talk MORE ABOUT SAMMUS!

– Went on our last tour of the year with SAMMUS, an incredibly inspiring hard-working great producer/rapper/PhD student/happy lady from Ithaca. We planned and booked this tour, which was 7 stops on the West coast, around GaymerX, the happiest convention on earth. Every show on this tour was full of feelings and honesty and vulnerability and it was a wonderful way to end the year.
– Aubrey covered music from Steven Universe cause she loves that show! Yay Aubrey!
– We were musical guests on the really cool radio variety show Live Wire (aired on many NPR networks) along with John Hodgman! That show is really fun.
– I wrote a 3-million word year in review wrap-up post, which you are very nearly done reading. Good work, you!


Thank you so much for reading our year in review! I hope your year was full of positivity and joy and also growth and all the help you need and friends, and your next year does that even more.

What is our plan for 2016? Fantastic question. The Doubleclicks are due for a year-beginning planning meeting. We’ll let you know when we know!

Love love love to you all, thank you for making our year possible and for being interested in what we do. We will keep making the music and spilling out our brains into the Internets if you keep listening and reading. HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS HUGS.

Angela( & Aubrey, in spirit)
The Doubleclicks

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  1. I find the wrap-up posts very fun and interesting.

    Speaking at your alma mater sounds fantastic. Congratulations!

    The Totinos commercial was great. You clearly had fun making it.

    Very happy you’re able to Deal With Stuff. Glad you have someone you can cry on.

    Hope you’re having a great evening in LA.

    Silly Christmas Hats Forever!


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