Wonderful People We Played With This Year

2015 was a BIG YEAR for the Doubleclicks! This is the first post of 2 or maybe 3 where we wrap up the year. HOORAY!

Thanks to the NerdNightOut tour, our monthly online shows, and other things we put together (and some we didn’t), we were able to meet and produce events with a bunch of new people this year. They are inspiring and wonderful and fantastic and I want to tell you about them.

In case they are new to you, we made a playlist for you of some of our favorite songs from these folks. It’s on YouTube at http://bit.ly/dcfriends and below!

We also made a Twitter list so you can go check everybody out real fast because we RECOMMEND IT.


  • Helen Arney—Someone sent us one of Helen’s geeky love songs a few years ago and since then she has WORKED HARD AND MADE IT HAPPEN and is a TV presenter and is in an amazing show called “Festival of the Spoken Nerd” and does all kinds of things. We asked her to sing on our online show this year and she was charming and amazing. Hooray Helen!
  • Sammus—We just got home from a week of touring with Sammus and came back even more impressed and inspired by her amazingness than when we left. We played with Sammus at GeekGirlCon 2014 and then had her on our online show. Her next album is going to have so many feelings on it, and you will love it. Follow her everywhere.
  • Danielle Ate The Sandwich—Danielle is another person we’ve been following for a while and finally got up the guts to invite on our livestream this year, and then played a show with her when she was touring over on our coast. She has been doing the YouTube thing for a few years, opened for Pomplamoose on tour, tours all the time, and is genius at the hustle of independent music. Plus her ukulele songs are beautiful and her dance tunes are FUN AS HECK. Go like her on Facebook and be impressed forever.
  • Juliana Finch—We’ve been running in the same circles as Juliana for a few years but finally got together when she toured the West Coast this year, and we put together a tall-girls-of-folk-music show with Danielle Ate The Sandwich and her which was beautiful as heck. Juliana has the voice I wish I had and plays the songs I wish I could write. She’s wonderful.
  • Allie Goertz—We’ve played shows with Allie Goertz for the last few years in LA and Oregon and she is brilliant. Her voice is beautiful, she’s hilarious, and her lyrics are sad and meaningful. I’m really excited to call her my friend. She just released a Rick & Morty concept album and her last album is brilliant also. Yep.
  • Professor Shyguy—Yes, we’ve played with Professor Shyguy for a few years also but this year we got to do a few shows on the NerdNightOut East tour and fell more in love with him. His bleeps are surpassed only by his bloops and both are surpassed by his voice and his fantastic charisma. Love this guy.
  • Seth Boyer—SETH BOYER IS AMAZING. I don’t wanna talk about it I just want you to go listen to his album and then send it to that one friend you have that works for a music magazine. Thanks!
  • Jonathan Mann—If you exist on the Internet, you have seen one of Jonathan Mann’s 2,000+ songs covering topics from anything to everything—like the board game The Resistance, or Mansplaining. Oh yeah, we’re on that last track—Jonathan is great and I’m really glad we were able to follow through on that collaboration (so many of them fall apart for lack of follow-through, but Jonathan is GREAT.) He’s an inspiration doing lots of cool stuff.
  • Meri Amber—DID WE MENTION WE WENT TO AUSTRALIA. We did! And there we finally met Meri Amber, who makes amazing songs that are nerdy and also full of feelings. That’s my favorite!

And now some “not just musicians” are you ready—

  • Jackie Kashian—JACKIE KASHIAN IS THE BEST AND YOU DON’T NEED ME TO TELL YOU THIS BUT JUST IN CASE YOU HADN’T HEARD PLEASE KNOW THAT SHE IS THE BEST. Her stand-up specials are GREAT and her podcast is TOP NOTCH. Her jokes are funny and different and, importantly, empowering and enriching and make the world a better place. It is astounding to me that Jackie does shows with us. She’s so great. Don’t tell her that we’re huge fans, I don’t want it to get weird.
  • Lucia Fasano—Lucia’s comedy is new to my life but I immediately fell deeply in love with her talent so we’ve made tons of stuff together this year, including our show Catty B’s. Lucia has an album coming out soon, she makes great comics, and her comedy is great—just follow her on Twitter and you’ll find out all the great things coming from her.
  • Barbara Holm—In my next post about this year, I will talk a lot about all the things Babs does and why they are so important to me… but let it be said to start that she is brilliant. She has a webcomic, a few great blogs full of both jokes and feelings, and a great twitter. Her comedy is important and she loves X-men more than anyone I know.

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