New song: “Internet Troll” & announcing Weekly Song Wednesday!


For the rest of 2013, we will be releasing a new song every Wednesday. This is called “Weekly Song Wednesday.” Like it? It’s alliterative. The first song is already up: check out INTERNET TROLL on YouTube, and buy the mp3 (pay-what-you-want) on Bandcamp!

Find the songs every week on: YouTube (with videos! Subscribe! Please!) Bandcamp (pay-what-you-want!) iTunes (soon!) Tumblr (it’s like a blog) (it is a blog!) and RSS (for nerds!)

We asked Twitter for questions about the project, and here are our answers:

Rob B. asks: Is this like Thing A Week?

Yes. It’s exactly like Jonathan Coulton’s thing-a-week project — down to the fact that we will releasing the songs with a Creative Commons license, so you can make videos, arts, covers, costumes, macrame, etc based on the songs and, as long as you aren’t selling those things, they are totally approved. The difference from Coulton’s project that we’ll also be releasing our own videos along with the songs, and we aren’t going to do this for an entire year (probably?) because we are not insane (or are we?)

Josh C. asks: What can I, Random Doubleclicks Fan at Large, do to help?

Subscribe to our YouTube page! If you like a song, share it on your Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and e-mail it to your mom! If you want to support our expensive “paying-rent-and-buying-food” habits, buy the song on Bandcamp! Special thanks on this project go to the magical people who sponsored our last album, because that money went toward buying video editing software. Patrons are named in our hall of honors and love and so on.

Len P. asks: Will you ever consider writing a song about Solomon Grundy?

We do not have plans to write a song about that… or most of the things that people have that we write songs about. BUT! We do have some ideas for some songs for this project that y’all can participate in, so please stay tuned for when we ask for your suggestions on the Twitter!

Bill C. asks: I fear scientists will soon tell us that velociraptors were EVEN SMALLER. Like, hummingbird-sized. Um, what’s my problem?

Great question, Bill.

Kevin C. asks: how can I accurately and respectfully express my excitement?

Dance. And if you don’t like one week’s song, please forgive us and come back for the next week. We’re going to be trying a lot of new things.

Christian L. asks: How frequent will the songs be? Followup Q: what day will they be available?

The songs will come out every week. On Wednesday. Weekly Song Wednesday. Pay attention.

Ok loves, check out the first song! And thanks, as always, for your support. <3

-Angela and Aubrey

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