New music video: “Nothing To Prove”

This whole “fake geek girl” situation, and the wider “geek elitism” situation, has been a stupid thing stuck in our craw for a while now. There have been many great arts and commentaries on the subject — our particular favorites coming in the comics of John Kovalic and the blog of John Scalzi. Our new song “Nothing to Prove,” (download/read the lyrics on Bandcamp) and the music video, which we conceptualized with brilliant screenwriter Josh A. Cagan, is our contribution to the discussion. Here it is (or watch it on YouTube):

UPDATE: “No fake geeks/Only real jerks” t-shirts (to benefit AppCamp4Girls) are now available!!

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We took videos for this project on our last nationwide #velociraptour, and then asked for submissions last month. We received somewhere between 150-250 videos. Only about 70 of those videos fit into the final music video (that is enough, by the way, to crash Final Cut Pro even on the very nice computer our friend Ben lent us to finish the project. Thanks Ben!)

Too many submissions, not enough RAM in our computers or time in one 4-minute music video— that’s the problem that faced us. And many of you told us that you wanted to see all of the submissions. And we want you to! And now you can! Anyone can submit a photo (and story, if you’d like) to, or just check out the awesome ladies already on there. We’ve added a few signs that didn’t make it into the video (with permission) up there already. We won’t post all of them, because we did not get permission to do this when we collected the video, but we’re hoping that people will submit their own (and some already have!).



“Lasers and Feelings” debuted on the Billboard comedy album chart at number 7 last week. This is a crazy but also true thing that happened thanks to YOU, amazing fans who support independent music. We don’t expect to be sticking around on the charts very long, because there are many awesome & hilarious people on there, and in order to be there again we would need to sell *more* albums now than we did during launch day. However, there are some awesome people trying to make this happen for us, and if you’d like to help and perhaps have not already done so, you can purchase our album on Bandcamp or iTunes, both of which count towards the Billboard numbers.

We are wrapping up our summer tours right now – just some Oregon & Seattle shows and a couple conventions left (oh, by the way, WE ARE PLAYING A MAINSTAGE SHOW AT PAX), but we will be touring more in the future! If you would like us to come to your town, there are a couple things you can do. NUMBER ONE: Please update your information on the email list & enter your zip code. We map out our mailing list and use that to decide where we are going to tour, so having that info is extremely useful. We also use that to target emails so we don’t spam you about shows far away. NUMBER TWO: tell us about local coffee shops, game stores, conventions on our “Suggest a City” form – which we use liberally to plan our tours.

That’s all for now, friends! We’re working on more videos & will tell you about those as they happen! Stay in touch! THANK YOU for putting us on the Billboard charts! xoxoxo!

-Angela and Aubrey (The Doubleclicks)

PS: Our long-time-friend Kevin Cole is Kickstarting a neato video game that we are writing a song for. It’s a “narrative focused puzzle-platformer where you must lose your powers to survive.” – with a female main character & really cool-looking art. Check out Project Maiden!

19 thoughts on “New music video: “Nothing To Prove”

  1. I became a geek in 1971 when I opened a box of Avalon Hill’s Afrika Corps and realized people who are odd can be people who are fun. I learned to play D&D in the Navy.
    My wife doesn’t get it, but my daughter, studying to be a lawyer, loves MMORPGs, Star Wars and Trek and plays Heroclix. My granddaughter, at 3, loves Batman and can sing the theme to The Big Bang Theory. She also tends to yell “bazinga” at inappropriate times.
    Thank you for a song to celebrate them. I laughed and cried.

  2. Thank you SO much for this. I cried a lot when i watched the video. I’d like to add that I hate the word tomboy. People often call my daughter, age 5, a tomboy because she plays the drums, likes Legos and zombies, and doesn’t wear dresses. She’s not a boy of any sort. She’s herself!

  3. In 1965 they didn’t have a word for a 10 yr old girl who wanted to be an astronaut, read scifi, comic books & novels, loved Star Trek, Lost in Space and The Addams Family and who thought science was cool. Thank You!! for Nothing to Prove from me and my equally geeky daughter who introduced me to anime and MMOs.

  4. Love it! As I said on Facebook, I met my wife playing D+D (the original, not this new fangled AD&D stuff ), and I’m raising a daughter who is the programming lead on the all girls robotics team of the Bronx HS of Science, the SciBorgs (2265)(PROUD to be one of their mentors – and the guys team too). Girls can be geeks, nerds, or whatever.
    As for nothing to prove, the only person you have to worry about proving things to is YOURSELF
    Geeks (Girls and guys – my son is a geek, but not as geeky as my daughter) rule

  5. Outstanding!!! Where was this song & video in 1962 or as late as 1988, when my baby sister could have used it? Or 1976, when my wife could have used it? Come to think of it, it was a female type person who introduced us both to the little brown books of original D&D.

    For more than fifty years, male fans were wondering aloud why there weren’t more female fans – and now there are boys who complain about it? The quality of stupidity astounds me! Thank God my daughters and granddaughters are oblivious to this sort of sexism. Our oldest daughter, who at 38, STILL thinks she’s a ninja, would just obliterate critics.

  6. Just saw this video attached to one of the CSTS screenings this year. I loved it and decided to check out your site. Going to mosey on over to the store and buy some of your CDs now, carry on.

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