Lasers & Feelings is out now!

Hello lovely velociraptors!

CD_SelfieI CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Our new CD, Lasers and Feelings, is *out*! The album has dropped! The music is in the world! You can get it now on iTunes, Amazon, and all those places, or you can buy it directly from us on Bandcamp, where you can also get real-life-CDs and Very Pretty Art Posters.

The album is done! And so now we take it on a mini-tour to Seattle, Portland, Albany (Corvallis) Oregon, San Francisco, Oakland, and we will be at SDCC in San Diego and at GenCon!!

This is crazy. Thank you guys so much. I’m trying to figure out how all this wonderfulness happened, other than that nerds are awesome and I have one amazing sister, and I am still confused and just so grateful. Confateful? Here is a little part of the story… 

summer tour moreDuring the summer of 2008, I was living in a house near my college campus with a vegan, an artist, and an Alaskan. I was working two IT jobs, and I had a lot of feelings. My sister had just moved to Portland from our hometown outside Boston, and she was playing her cello at open mics all around the city. As everyone’s uncle often says, there is always room for cello–and that is more true in Portland than anywhere else.

Aubrey encouraged me to set my feelings to music, and I did. Over the next couple years, I encountered a terrible British guy, I broke up with a poet, and I fell in love, finally, over a game of Dungeons and Dragons… And out of those songs The Doubleclicks was born.

Poster by Caitlin Hansen!
This is the official album poster by Caitlin Hansen!

We have toured, made CDs, and done some of those “actual band” things like making music videos and taking photos of ourselves in a field. And Lasers & Feelings is another one of those “actual band” things: we wrote new songs, some nerdy, some funny, and some (gasp) about feelings, and we set them to music. Music: With A Full Band!

With great sound comes great responsibility, and we have to thank the awesome producer, musicians, engineers and others who made this album possible and patiently dealt with We Internet Musicians and Our Weird Needs. We also would like to thank Mom Doubleclick (aka Mamaclick) for hosting and feeding all of us. Mamaclick makes wonderful chocolate cake, you guys. It’s delicious.

We also want to sincerely thank you: the listeners, the concert hosts, the Internet friends & the collaborators for being such a huge and important part of the Doubleclicks project.

Thank you for checking out our album & for your support!!
Angela (and Aubrey) Webber
The Doubleclicks

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  1. I just discovered your songs and I really like your sound! I first heard “Nothing to Prove” which is an amazing video, but I like the rest of the album too and I’ll be listening to it more (on Spotify). I may buy some merchandise, too, wanna spread the word about your stuff :)

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