Be in our Geek Girl Music Video!

THANK YOU TO ALL who submitted videos. Submissions are now closed. The video will be out on or around July 23!

Hello friends! We are working on a project that we are very, very excited about. We collected some of the video we needed on tour, but we need some more geek girls to help us out.

We are crowdsourcing a video for our song “Nothing To Prove” off of our forthcoming album. It is a song about being a geek girl despite what the “haters” have to say about it. We want to collect stories from excellent geek girls to share in this video and show how awesome geek girls are. Read on to find out how you can help!

We need short videos (about 5 seconds) of you holding up a sign answering one or two of the below questions. Note: we need VIDEO, NOT PHOTOS. Take a look at the questions and PLEASE READ THE SUBMISSION GUIDELINES before submitting! You only need to answer one (or maybe 2) of the questions below, so if you don’t have an answer for all of them, you can still be a huge help! Note: currently our biggest need is for answers to questions #3 & 4. Thanks!

1. What got you in to geekdom?

2. What kind of geek are you now? (Or just tell us, I’m a geek!)

3. Being a geek girl can be weird and frustrating. If you’ve experienced that, tell us about it.

4. What message would you like to give to the bullies who try to shame women out of the geek community?

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (Content): Answer a question by writing your answer on a sign and having a friend or stationary camera record it & you in a 5-to-8-ish-second video. Please keep the camera and yourself relatively still: but feel free to make faces if you’d like. We will not use the sound in your video. Please make sure that: YOUR SIGN IS LEGIBLE, and it’s on standard printer paper with black ink on white, or something very close. Make sure that: THE CAMERA IS HELD HORIZONTALLY. THE SIGN IS DIRECTLY UNDER YOUR CHIN. THE VIDEO IS NOT SHAKY, AND IT IS IN FOCUS. Please answer only one or two questions & answer each question on a different sign.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (Format) Phone videos are ok, but make sure they are in focus and well-lit: the higher quality the video, the better! Most webcams are NOT high enough quality for us to use – get a friend with a camera or a smartphone with good lighting (maybe outside?) if at all possible. PLEASE look at our examples and follow the format & framing as closely as you can! Send a link to a high-as-you-can-quality (do not compress it much!) video to by midnight on July 8, or earlier, if possible! Notes: Do NOT send us a link to a YouTube video. Upload the video to Google Drive (which is free-just try attaching a video in Gmail), Dropbox, or so we can download it.

Include your name and/or twitter handle in the email for the credits, if you’d like. By sending the video to us you are agreeing that we can, but will not necessarily, use your likeness in our music video with no compensation to you at all. We may email you back to suggest a change that will make your sign clearer or your video easier for us to use. Send all questions related to this project to We may not be able to answer them, and we appreciate you keeping your questions short and limiting your emails! Thank you!

MANY THANKS to screenwriter Josh A. Cagan who came up with the concept for this video. He has a Twitter and a very good podcast.

31 thoughts on “Be in our Geek Girl Music Video!

    1. If you’d prefer to do it as a group, I could definitely see that working – just remember we NEED to be able to read your sign, and the video will probably be shown very small (on iphones and youtube windows). This sounds awesome! Also, please be sure to give us the names of everyone involved.

    1. oh wow there are more of us! Muslim girl who is a Tolkienite/Ringer and all round fantasy nerd here! Live long and prosper!

  1. I’m a geek mom with two geek daughters…AND…I’m black. Kevin Smith says finding a black geek girl is like finding a unicorn, I’M A UNICORN! I’ll try to get a video out too.

  2. I’m a second-generation geek girl with 5 geek sisters and a geek mom and a geek dad, raising 2 geeky kids. I wish I could get us all together to do one mass video, but we are far-flung all over the world. Love this project, I’ll try to figure out an interesting workable submission. Thanks for this!

  3. I write a blog called “Confessions of a Geek Queen.” Would that be something you would want on a sign, or does that smack of advertising to you? My other option is, “I write filk music about my D&D fan-fiction.” Thanks!

  4. wanting to take one with my baby girl, who is already in love with playing game boy at her tender age of 1. Is it ok if in her shot the sign is propped up next to her? She wouldn’t hold it up and if she would I see it being ripped into pieces

  5. Aww, wish I’d heard about this sooner. I’ll try, but doubt I’ll be able to get a video in tonight. ^_^;;

    I’ve been a gamer geek and gaming industry advocate since the NES days — over 25 years. It is my life. I have 3 gaming rooms, lots of friends in the industry, and hundreds and hundreds of games + paraphernalia. Also, D&D tomorrow night!

  6. Is it ok if it’s not by tonight? I only heard about it this evening! I could do one up tomorrow, however…

  7. noooooo, something went wrong with my e-mail – can you still use it? =/
    It’s me in full medieval armour (except the helmet)

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