We wrote some songs for Live Wire Radio!

Did you turn on the some NPR station last weekend and think you might have heard a familiar ukulele and cello sister-folk duo? Well… you may be right, because we were on Live Wire Radio last week, and we will be again this weekend!

The Doubleclicks performing on LiveWire. Photo by Jennie Baker.
The Doubleclicks performing on Live Wire. Photo by Jennie Baker.

Live Wire is a radio variety show, which records in front of a live audience in Portland, Oregon, where we live. They asked us to be “guest writers” for their holiday shows this year, and of course, we accepted. (We’ve played for LiveWire before – we were musical guests on this episode.)

Our song/sketch called “Reply To All” was aired on episode 204, which is a free podcast download. You can’t get that song anywhere else.

And this weekend, you can hear us on episode 205 with another brand-new song – something about fiscal something, I think. :)

The show airs on public radio stations lots of places: in Portland, of course: and Seattle, Pittsburgh, WBEZ Chicago at 2pm, and Austin – there’s a list on their website of broadcast times.

Please leave a comment if you hear us on the radio! And if you heard us for the first time on LiveWire, thanks for checking us out! If you want to hear more, this is a good place to get started!

Happy Almost New Year’s Eve!

3 thoughts on “We wrote some songs for Live Wire Radio!

  1. On 12/27/12, to no avail, I wrote a letter to WBEZ, Chicago’s PRI station, searching for your song after hearing it on 12/24/12. I came across the email today again and was so happy to find this page. I guess I could listen to the whole thing, but… If someone knows…
    When does “Reply To All” start in episode 204?

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