The Doubleclicks: 2012 TOTALLY HAPPENED you guys!

Happy Christmas from our parents’ house in Massachusetts! It’s time to get all reflective up in here!


2012. It seems like the year went so fast, and so slow – you know that feeling? Like, you set a bunch of fitness goals and “I should really figure out how dry cleaning works” goals and “I should know how to cook” goals – and then 12 months pass like no time at all…. but at the same time… well, let’s just look at a few things that happened in 2012.

  • We released an album, a kid’s CD, a 11-track Song Fu challenge thing, a free EP, an EP about pirates, and a EP about Christmas.
  • We played for the very first time in: Los Angeles, Canada, the midwest…
  • We played a concert with Amanda Effing Palmer, another with the Rifftrax guys, and another-at w00tstock!-with Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton and LEVAR BURTON!
  • We wrote the theme song for Cards Against Humanity.

All in a year’s work, right team?

I don’t know how to thank you, and thank the goodness of the divine geeky world, that I’ve gotten through this year with amazing experiences, without too much increasing my negative dollar value as a human, with making more friends – not less – and with still having my sister as my best friend. There’s got to be something going on that I don’t get, because no matter how much work I do, I certainly don’t deserve this much happiness.

But New Year’s is not a time for Impostor Syndrome – it’s a time for cheer! Drinking! And looking forward to next year! And while I have my own New Year’s resolutions – related to fitness, and dry cleaning, and my marketing/event planning projects – this is the time and place to think about…

2013: The Doubleclicks-en-ing.

2013 is going to start out amazing: we’re touring with Molly Lewis for 2 weeks, then we’re going on a cruise. Dutiful stalkers will already know that much. So what’s next?

In March and April we’re going “in to the studio” – a REAL studio this time, with padded walls and a great big board with knobs on it – to work on a new album. I don’t know when that’s going to come out, but we plan to work extremely hard on it and stretch ourselves waaaaay out of our comfort zone. Eep. After that? Cons! Tours! Adventures! A New Web Video Project! A Portland Nerd Evenings Event Series! Friends! Games! Love! Europe! Danger! Novels! Dragons! Hot-air balloon trips around the world! Ok, so I’m not sure, exactly. Most of those things probably won’t happen.

I am hoping for some long road-trip-tours with my sister to places where we’ve never been and some musical collaborations with people we respect (this is so scary to think of, yet so awesome). What will the Doubleclicks look like one year from now? Will we be funnier? Geekier? Will we be all tattooed and have different hairstyles? I don’t know, you guys, we are already so far above and beyond “the plan” that I can only speculate. I do know, though, that I hope to see you there.

7 thoughts on “The Doubleclicks: 2012 TOTALLY HAPPENED you guys!

  1. Finding your music has been one of the highlights of 2012 in my geek world. Your music is constantly on in my car, and the house concert in NJ was just a blast. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you guys, but I’m ready wallet in hand to enjoy it!

  2. It was an amazing Doubleclicks year. Looking forward to seeing you next time you pass this way. We’ll feed you, if you’d like. :

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