We wrote the official theme song for Cards Against Humanity

CAHHave you heard of Cards Against Humanity? It’s a party game for horrible people. Horrible, horrible people. If you’re in to being horrible, and offensive, and laughing a lot – it’s a game you have probably already played.

This year, for PAX, we were asked by the very folks who make Cards Against Humanity to produce for them an “official theme song.” So we did. I should warn you – it’s not safe for work, for young ears, or for “not horrible”-type people.

You can download “A Good Game Of Cards” as a DRM-free mp3, for no money at all, at the Cards Against Humanity website. Scroll down to the FAQ and click on “does Cards Against Humanity have an official theme song?” Or just click here to stream it directly.

7 thoughts on “We wrote the official theme song for Cards Against Humanity

  1. I would love a music video for this song we could put it on youtube and go parasitic(I prefer it to viral).

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  3. I would like to use the song in an IMovie I am making for our vacation where I first played Cards against with family (age range from 21-63). It was a riot. How do I buy or download the song to my ITunes? The mp stream is not working. Thank you

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