Pay-what-you-want EP: “Not A Meme”

As is our tradition (we’ve done it twice), this Labor Day weekend we released a few tracks on a pay-what-you-want (including free) EP, for all of con-goers looking for new music, students heading back to school, and people who attribute no real significance to this time of year, but still like free music.

The EP is called “Not a Meme”

Feel free to go download it. And if you’d like to share it, there’s a super-easy URL especially for that purpose:

Here’s a little bit about the tracks on the EP:
“Clever Girl,” of course, is the song formerly known as “Hollywood Raptor.” It’s also on our new CD. And our kid’s CD.

“Be My Stalker” is a studio recording of a track we wrote back during our song-every-week era. It’s the first song I ever wrote on ukulele.  We recorded it while we were recording the new CD, but it didn’t fit into the CD. So, here it is!

“In His Honor (Don’t Be A Dick)” is our latest Song Fu track. We wrote it for our friend Wil Wheaton’s birthday.

Hope you enjoy!

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