This fall in the Northeast & Midwest: Ladies of Ragnarok tour with Molly Lewis! & Fundraiser

We have been working so hard on this thing, and I am so happy to finally announce it!

This fall, we are hitting the road and heading to: MA, NY, DC, PA, IL, OH, WI, IN, CT, & MN. So many places we have never played before!

And we’re bringing MOLLY LEWIS!

The dates & everything are finally announced. There are details on our shows page, on the tour website, and there are also Facebook events through our page for a lot of the shows for RSVP & discussion funtimes.

We’re also doing a fundraiser for the tour. Because we want to rent a van, we have to fly across the country, and we’re going to be on the road so long, there are going to be quite a few costs. To offset these… we’re selling exclusive sponsor t-shirts! We’ll also be selling a limited number of personally-written postcards from the tour van! If you think we should suck it up and absorb the costs of our tour ourselves, that’s totally chill! You totally don’t have to buy a t-shirt! For those that do, that would be awesome. You will get out of it a neat shirt, we will get to play our music for people who have not been able to see us live before. Everyone wins! Maybe? Yes?

This is going to be a crazy endeavor, it has been a lot of work and there is a lot left to do. However, it’s going to be awesome. Thank you all for making this possible! Tell your friends so we can spread the joy of music to everyone!

PS: How badass is the apocalypse-y art in that banner? That’s thanks to designer Adam Levermore and photographer Dabe Alan. If you need to hire artists for anything, hire them. They are professionals, they are talented, and they are super funsauce.

PPS: We just sent out an e-mail newsletter with all this information and more.

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