Show report: We played at w00tstock!!!

Hello everyone.

Something very exciting happened to us last week. We played at w00tstock!

It’s the w00tstock 4.0 cast with some unsuspecting fans.

W00tstock is an orgy of excellence masterminded by Paul & Storm of “the best people ever” fame. It brings together the nerds of nerdery and music for a night of whimsy, joy, and references to how much everyone is tired of George Lucas.

It seems now like the show is long ago and far away – the whole experience was entirely surreal. We are lucky and wide-eyed and humbled by the excellent places we get to be.

I’ve read some posts from people who didn’t like SDCC so much because it is big and corporate and overwhelming – and I have no real perspective on that. I can tell you that we were in San Diego for just a little ove two days, never entered the Con itself, and had a great time!

The excellence of our experience is difficult to describe, but perhaps I can give you an idea of what crazy lucky people we are:

  • The author whose books I am reading at this very moment in time, JOHN SCALZI, totally high-fived me.
  • We were snobby elitists and attended an Exclusive Hollywood Party where we were too scared to introduce ourselves to Mythbusters and the awesome lady who produces the Guild (Kim Evey).
  • We performed on the same exact stage, in the same exact show, as LEVAR FRIGGING BURTON.

For your geeking out pleasure: there are some amazing photos floating around from backstage at w00stock. Stepto (of former XBox Live Banhammer fame) & Geek-A-Week artist Len Peralta have a tradition of nabbing a camera from the people with the worst seats in the house and bringing it backstage for all the performers and VIPs to mess with (can you spot Bill Amend, from Foxtrot, Morgan Webb’s eye, and Ed Brubaker?). There are a whole bunch of strange photos in the full album, including this one which should totally be our next album cover:

Hooray for padded elevators! That’s how we know we’ve made it™.

Thankful as always,

Angela (& Aubrey)

4 thoughts on “Show report: We played at w00tstock!!!

  1. Thank you for making Worst Power Ever. It was great seeing you at my first ever WOOTstock. I own a childcare where I have been playing your CD for the kids from the first day I got back. I also play Ukulele and would like to know if you could send me the cord chart for the song on the CD. I would love to play them. I live in the San Francisco bay area and would love to come out and see you when your in the area next. Thank you so much for music I can relate to.

    Live long and prosper,

  2. I gotta say, any of the photos of the dead mouse with you two looking on from the mirror on the top left would be a great insert, too. That is a story, right there.

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