We’re planning a Northeast Tour! And we need your help!

Update: This tour is booked and ready to go! All of the information is on the tour website, click the awesome banner below to go there!


We are going to the East/Midwest – and we’re bringing Molly Lewis! Here’s some information about what we’ve worked out so far. E-mail leftclick@thedoubleclicks.com with questions, ideas or offers!

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Ladies and Ukes across America!!! (the route)


Check out our new informational post: “So You Want to Host a House Concert!”

What’s going on with this list, you ask? The bolded dates on this list are shows that are not yet booked. Italicized shows are confirmed/nearly confirmed.

  • Wed. September 26: Cambridge, MA (Special Game Store Show!)
  • Thurs. September 27: New York City (Special Big Venue Show!)
  • Fri. September 28: Washington, DC (Special Big Venue Show!)
  • Sat. Sept 29: Elizabethtown, PA (House show!)
  • Mon, Oct 1: Cleveland, OH (Venue show!)
  • Tuesday, Oct 2: Chicago, IL (Comic Store Show!)
  • Wed. Oct 3: Evanston, IL (Special Big Venue Show produced by Dammit Liz!)
  • Thurs, Oct 4: Minneapolis  (Special Big Venue Show produced by Dammit Liz!)
  • Fri, Oct 5: Minneapolis (podcast appearance)
  • Saturday, Oct 6: Madison (?)
  • Sun. Oct 7: Indianapolis, IN (Game Store Show!)
  • Mon. Oct 8: Columbus, OH (House show!)
  • Wed. Oct 10th: Philadelphia, PA (House show!)
  • Thurs. Oct 11th: North Brunswick, NJ (House Show!)
  • Friday-Sat Oct 12-13: New York (Comic-Con)
  • Sun Oct 14: New Haven, CT
  • Mon, Oct 15: Amherst/Northampton, MA (Game Store Show!)
  • Tues, Oct 16: Watertown (house show)

 (We will also need floors/couches to crash on in most of these locations – a great way to help the independent musician keep down costs!)

If you want to send an intro e-mail between us and your local venue or game store (which would be awesome – personal connections are the best!), you can copy/paste this link-embedded bio to spread the word:

The Doubleclicks perform delightfully geeky songs in a way only a pair of sisters can – using their cello, ukulele and sweet harmonies. Since hopping on to the scene in 2011 with a weekly new-song YouTube project and the music video for their Dungeons & Dragons love song – “This Fantasy World,” The Doubleclicks have headlined from Portland to Seattle and beyond, performing at w00tstock shows with Paul & Storm and Wil Wheaton, and entertaining audiences at pop culture, gaming and sci-fi conventions.

The duo’s first full-length album “Chainmail and Cello” (2012) intones the life and loves of the geek girl – with references to Velociraptors, Pride & Prejudice, Star Trek and Cthulu.



34 thoughts on “We’re planning a Northeast Tour! And we need your help!

    1. Sweet! We will probably be in the NY area for a few days (I think we have family there?) – so we should TOTALLY make this happen!!!

  1. forwarded the email to my sister, drab jonsa, lil, Kathryn (Chicago), and Kathleen (Boston/Maine). If you want me to follow up more aggressively on any of that, let me know I’d be happy to.

    1. Yay! Chicago is looking like it is definitely going to happen, thanks to some dedicated street-teamers. stay tuned!

      1. Was going to reccomend Dave Fogel as a host but see he has already posted – but he may not have crash space – we are friends of Andy A & Karen (from indy) and have a guest room that you are welcome to

  2. I live halfway between J and K on the Mississippi. Looks like you’re booked for those days but if you cross the bridge at mealtime and want to hang out, we’d be happy to feed you!

  3. i told laugh track matt to let you play in his bathroom on tinychat (in chicago). that will also be the perfect place to premiere your new cactus song which you hopefully already wrote. if this will not be happening, my understanding of the world is askew.

  4. Why does everyone always ignore Missouri? There are at least 7 or 8 people here who would be extremely interested in seeing the Doubleclicks, especially in KC. Doesn’t really fit in the schedule, but Columbus doesn’t have any plans yet so it could be replaced with KC, MO.

  5. I may be able to get you something for the 6th in the Quad Cities. House show or proper gig. I’ll look into some things and email you.

    1. Cool! I like to communicate with “proper venues” myself – but let me know if you have venue ideas, can rally an audience or (better!) a house show venue!

  6. I live in Dayton OH about an hour west of Columbus OH. I am a once and future Seamonkey and would gladly host you!

  7. Excited to see you’re coming to Madison. Wish I could remember the place where JoCo performed the first time he came to town. Nowadays he and Paul and Storm regularly perform at the Majestic, but I have no idea if the economics of it work for you. All I remember about that first place was being seated around tables (I think it’s a restaurant or at least a bar as well). Can’t wait for more information.

  8. Please, please, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to help when you’re in Indianapolis.

    Molly Lewis is the reason I went on JCCC1.

    1. Andy: you can come to our show! And maybe help hang up posters/invite friends! Just stay tuned for the tour announcement :)

      1. Cool. Also, if for any reason you need an alternate place to play, please give a shout. I’ve arranged a house concert before and have also arranged game demos at many of the local game stores.

  9. … So you’re coming through Pittsburgh twice, and you’re not playing there? Try the Rex Theatre. JoCo and Frontalot play there a lot, and I’m sure it’s relatively cheap.

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