2012: The Doubleclicks-en-ing

2011 was awesome

In 2011, we came up with our band name, did 6 months of song-a-week, played tons of shows, went out of town for the first time, and met a bunch of people I prefer to not call “fans,” many of whom are now our friends. The Doubleclicks project has gone from “a thing” to “A THING” over the past 12 months. It’s really weird–as in unusual–not everyone gets to do the things we get to do now. We get to create things and share them with people that like them. We get to go to a heck of a lot of nerdy events. Best of all, we get to play shows in front of the kind of people we’d like to walk off the stage and play Zombie Dice with. It is weird. And great.

For a lot of this, we must thank Paul and Storm. They have advocated for us and connected us with most of the awesome stuff we did in 2011 and some of what we’ll be doing in 2012. At the “w00tstock presents” show in November, Paul and Storm told a little bit of the story of how we got hooked up with them: we sent them an e-mail, “WHICH NEVER WORKS,” and told them we would like to play a show with them. They would like to emphasize, and often do, to us and others, that sending them an e-mail “NEVER WORKS.” They say that it worked for us because our e-mail was short – and I just looked at it – it was 84 words. Their response, inviting us to do a set at “Nerds and Music,” was only 78 words. We’re glad it worked (THOUGH IT NEVER DOES). We’re glad they made Marian tour with us and pushed us to play at GeekGirlCon and brought us on stage at PAX. We’re also glad they’re nice to us. If y’all haven’t figured it out yet from their podcast, Paul and Storm actually run the world. We’re just glad we’re on their good side.

We also have to thank Brad Jonas, who made our music video and is the funniest person in the world.

2012 is the time

2011 was a set of circumstances that were very odd and awesome. We did things, we worked hard–but it sometimes felt like things were “happening to” us. 2012 is the year where we work hard enough to earn it – the year that we “happen” all on our own. Once this blog post is up, I have to go on to the next thing on my to-do list, which is to get the eff back to writing songs.

Song-a-week was great for this. It was probably the best thing we’ve done, but it was also a relatively miserable thing to be doing while also being employed full-time. But guess what? I’m not employed full-time anymore! I’m not employed at all! Haha!*

This year we’ll be back on deadline for some songwriting (not weekly, but you’ll see…). We’ll be recording our album in the next few months, as well as, when financially possible, playing in different parts of the country. Norwescon – in Seattle. We are also in serious talks for shows in LA and Vancouver, BC. If you want to host a house show or have us play somewhere in your town, always get in touch with us.

And lastly, thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you to the Pirates, to the “This Fantasy World” DnD group, to everyone who has interviewed us or played us or talked about us on your podcast or blog, to everyone that told their friends/wives/sons/daughters about us, everyone who follows us on Twitter (there are 1,000 of you now!), everyone who talks to us on Twitter and other social medias, people who send us emails, people who got us Christmas presents and made us feel like rock stars, folks who play games with us and make us more nerdy by the day, and the people that agree to hang out with us and call us the Doubleclicks as if being the Doubleclicks makes it famous. I don’t know what “deserving” the amazing positive energy you guys give us would feel like, but I don’t think we really do. Y’all are too great.

We know “THIS NEVER HAPPENS.” This year, we’ll keep trying to earn it.



*If you are interested in why Angela is unemployed and what that means, check this website for an update coming soon.

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  1. All of the pirates of PDXYAR are super proud of you and to know you. Your music makes me smile and reminds me of why I’m proud to be a geek girl. Thank you for being two of the very best people I met in 2011. We <3 you!

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