Mr. Bear – A children’s song

Other quick updates: We’ve stopped numbering our songs by week. We skipped some weeks, and for copyright reasons we don’t sell the covers on Bandcamp – so… we’ll just post songs when we write them and not keep track of “numbers,” k?

Also: you should check out our Tumblr. Angela (that’s me!) is posting opinions and submitted fan art and other Internetty things we like over there, as well as our songs and lyrics henceforth. Perhaps that is a better blog platform: it is yet to be seen.

One thought on “Mr. Bear – A children’s song

  1. Love your lullaby. My mother sang a totally different Are you there, Mr Bear? song, In that one the bear was coming up the stairs looking for a little girl to eat. Your lovely song is much more re-assuring, perfect for tucking a child in to bed. Thank you.

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