What are we doing these days?

Hello friends, fans, and families of The Doubleclicks! (This is our most recent e-mail newsletter)

1. Upcoming Shows

We are playing in Portland twice this week. Both shows are free/$5 donation requested.
TOMORROW (Sunday): Portland Songwriters Volume 2 – 6-8 p.m. at this house: 6536 NE Concord, Portland. (Facebook Event Page)
Friday, Sept. 23: The Waypost: 8-10 p.m.: Us! And Portland second-funniest comedian, THE Mr.Tim Hammer! (Facebook Event Page)

In October, we are playing at GeekGirlCon with Molly Lewis & Marian Call (this is what we look like together)
The Concert is: Friday, Oct 7 @ 7:30 p.m. AT: the Great Hall at Green Lake (7220 Woodlawn Avenue NE in Seattle) (tickets are here)

See our future events on our website.

2. Our Life
What have we been doing? Since PAX (we made a vlog about PAX!), Angela has been repairing from a persistant illness that’s kept her from recording vocals (I’m writing about myself in the third person. Hee.). So if you have been monitoring us and wondering where song-a-week went–that’s where. Into my sinuses.
In the meantime, we are, as ever, working on some projects that we’re excited about. One of them involves pirates (yar!) and a video with help from Martin from Galaxy Sailor Productions, who is a really awesome dude.
We’re writing songs. Aubrey wrote a song about teddy bears, which will be premiered at Friday’s show in Portland, and later on the Internet.
Also we are playing games. Have y’all seen Lady Blackbird or Apocalypse World? Indie RPGs are awesome.
And… we were on the NSFWShow Podcast (video here). Those folks are super nice.
Ok, so… see you at a show soon! Or on the Internet – maybe we should do another Google+ Hangout show soon. What do you think?
-Angela & Aubrey

The Doubleclicks

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