Week 23: Nightgown of the Sullen Moon – & update

Welcome to your periodic update from the Doubleclicks! Here’s your outline:

1. Shows! We has them!
2. EP! We made a free one for you!
3. Serial Number! You can have one!
4. Our lives/PAX – an update!
Ready, class?

1. Shows
Most Weeks: The Internet: we still write songs most weeks! Aubrey is on her way over right now to record something. Keep tabs on the Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to get updated when those songs are posted.
Sept 4: St Helens, OR: We will be attending the Portland Pirate Festival this weekend: Mostly on Sunday. We will be hanging out with PDXYar, Portland’s professional pirates. There will likely be shanties and possible a debut of “How Not To Touch a Pirate,” which is just as awesome as it sounds. No official show, just things happening.
Oct 7: Seattle, WA: GeekGirlCon: Save the date for GeekGirlCONcert – with Marian Call, Molly Lewis, and The Doubleclicks. More updates will be on the GeekGirlCon website.
Nov 12(?): Portland, OR: Alter Egos Society fundraiser – more updates to come… but generally, I am under the impression that there will be superheroes at this event.
December 4: Lynwood, WA: GeekFest is an event to raise money for the Seattle Browncoats Charities. We will be playing. More info here.
2. Free EP!
This weekend we released “Blatant Pandering,” a CD of mostly nerdy things. There are new recordings of Worst Super Power Ever, Hollywood Raptor, and No Easy Way. There is also an extended version of Spock Impersonator, and a free download of This Fantasy World (Dungeons and Dragons). Name your own price-including free-on the bandcamp page.
3. Get your serial number here!
Join the Doubleclick’s stakeholders club by registering for a Serial Number. These will be given out according to your “knew us when” status. Fill out this form and you will be a member of an elite society that currently has tens of members.
It’s possible that our stakeholders club is going to be called “The Doubleclique.” You can weigh in on that name as well.
4. The Lives and Times of The Doubleclicks:
Thanks 100% TO YOU, the people who listen to our music and watch our videos and come to our shows and share us with our friends, and also our Mom–the Doubleclicks enterprise is doing amazing. This weekend, we went to PAX (the Penny Arcade Expo gaming convention in Seattle). We played an unofficial show on the PAX floor, until R2D2 came up behind us and attracted his own crowd, which honestly, is quite understandable.
We also sang backup for Paul and Storm. In front of multiple thousands of people at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. We got to meet MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton and Molly Lewis and many other wonders. We sang with them!
Also, backstage during that show, I was accompanied to the restroom by an Enforcer. He took me down a flight of stairs and showed me where the bathroom was. And then when I came out he was there holding the elevator door for me. I felt so powerful!
So, thank you for that opportunity.
As you can tell by the show listings above, we have some awesome stuff coming up. Probably even more to be announced. We’ll keep you updated.
– Angela (& Aubrey)

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