Week 10: We do not endorse this unhealthy relationship

Aubrey and I are back at our parents’ house on the East Coast for the weekend. We played a show Friday, where we played our Dungeons and Dragons song with a special appearance by rapper MuZ, of Crossover Kidz. It was great fun. There’s video on our channel.

This week’s song is called “Be My Stalker.” We switched up the instrumentation this week: I’m playing a ukulele! And Aubrey’s doing her adorable dance thing, because she can’t help it. Anyhow, enjoy.

Hope to see you at our show next week, Portland!

One thought on “Week 10: We do not endorse this unhealthy relationship

  1. Hey Aubrey and Angela, So fun to see you Friday night at the PCA. I live in Boston now but go to Westford to get some culture every now and then. What a great show that was. We had a lot of fun.

    And, if you have any interest in a free portrait (limited time only offer), our son Dana is doing some great ones in Portland. Ck his site at: danaoils.blospot.com

    Your lyrics are so clever and hilarious – have fun!!!
    Janis Henderson
    from way back in Westford Teen Arts Council days

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